ornament pattern


The Melanin becomes the paint.

Я запускаю новую серию графических работ “ДАМАСК”
Эту линейку я буду дополнять многослойными композициями своих работ.
I start a new series of graphic artworks “DAMASCUS”
I will supplement this art line with multilayered compositions of my art works.
Yury Fadeev© 2017


Alphonse Mucha pattern books 1900s— including Combinaisons Ornementales (Ornamental Combinations) produced in collaboration with Maurice Verneuil (1869–1942) and Georges Auriol. Spread art nouveau design. © Alphonse Mucha Estate-Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York-ADAGP, Paris


$20 per picture

$25 for non pony

Payment is upfront


I do paypal invoices

Available until the end of december (December 31st)

will be lined and shaded

please have a character reference

Characters will be cutesy/chibi

unlimited slots

you get to choose the colour of the ornament and add a pattern if you would like (please have a reference if you want something very specific. A google image is fine)

I will do any species that is non human-like for an added $5 (Dragons, dogs, cats, closed species, rodents, etc.)

Purchasing these will also go towards my computer fundraiser. Please consider reblogging, I would really appreciate it!