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Christkindlmarkt AU

Every year there is a christmas market in Gravity Falls. Dipper is forced to work there by Grunkle Stan with Mabel and sell punch to tourists.
It’s the same as every year except that this year there is this one stall with this weird guy who sells cards and ornaments with ciphers on it. One night Dipper goes to check it out and discovers that all the ciphers are actually insults. 
He loves it. 


It’s an ace dragon, the first of my Quiltbag Dragons series! This adorable ornament is currently for sale for $30 (USD), including shipping! Please contact me at thepaperbones@gmail.com if you’d like to purchase it!

Other identities are coming soon! If you’d like a Quiltbag Dragon for your identity RIGHT NOW, instructions for commissions are on my tumblr page!

Follow for more quilling (paper filigree) art or come and commission your own quilling ornaments, figurines, and greeting cards!


Nothing like Hogwarts at Christmastime. Snape, Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange, Mad Eye and Hagrid come bearing gifts. HARRY POTTER Christmas cards now available through shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/CastleMcQuade Inside reads “Harry Holidays!” Luna Lovegood on left warning “Watch out for wrapping paper nargles”. Over 40 Geektastic Xmas cards and ornaments now available. STAR WARS, Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, JAWS, Labyrinth and so so many more. Orders ship quick, stop on by! - PJ

My knitters! Sorry this is not knitting! :D

I recently made some Dragonball Christmas ornaments and a few people were interested in the process. It was super easy and pretty fun. It doesn’t take long to transform a few orange bulbs into dragonballs!

1. Materials: Modgepodge, 2 boxes of orange colored Christmas bulbs, a paintbrush, a tiny star paper punch (.375 size), ornament hooks, and red card stock.
2. Punch out allllll the stars. 28 I believe.
3. Apply Modgepodge.
4. Apply tiny stars.
5. Modgepodge the whole bulb to keep the look consistent.
6. Enjoy your collection of dragon balls, BUT be sad because you were unable to summon Shenron.

YOU COULD….get the really large bulbs and make them from Namek hehe.

The Christmas We Never Had [Part 9/13]

I’m collaborating with @jinglesoldier this December to bring you a slightly interconnected daily drabble series from each of us. Taylen will be posting on the odd days and I’ll be posting on the even days of the month until Christmas day, so we hope you’ll enjoy this little present!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Suggestive themes

Word Count: 1,232 (I’m sorry this is so long)

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Back in the safety of your own home, you two couldn’t stop laughing and teasing Bucky and Valentine as you peeled off your scarf and coat. He immediately turned on the TV for some background noise and made himself comfortable. Feeling extremely happy and still in the mood to party, you made your way to the kitchen and brought two glasses and a bottle of red wine out to the living room. You plopped down next to Steve on the couch, shoulder to shoulder. Handing a full glass to him, you took a long sip and released a satisfied sigh as you threw your head back against the sofa. Thanks to the alcohol from the party and this glass of wine, you were officially pushed over the edge to tipsy mode.

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

ISO 1600 | 63mm | f/5.0 | 1/25 sec

Photo © 2015 Brian R. Fitzgerald (brfphoto.tumblr.com)

Holiday card for @milarca ft kylux of course ❤️❤️

This one was fun to make and to pick out the paper for. Hux is like sorta shiny and Kylo’s sleeves and cowl have a texture on them that I felt imitated the fabric of his actual clothes well (I spent way too much time sorting through paper at joanns hahaaa)

Since cards were sent a bit ago, I feel it’s ok to post this now! It’s a holiday card I drew up to have printed to send to friends this year. First time doing such, so learned a lot, mainly that I need to not shove so much detail into a tiny card. But, yes. 

Those reindeer lawn-ornaments are the inspiration for the piece.

I hope everyone has a wonderful winter, and holiday season. 

The 2017 Godzilla ornament from Carlton Cards is the first to neither make noise nor light up. On the plus side, it is considerably less expensive than usual. 

being best friends with calum would include
  • pillow fights!!!
  • looking at people’s puppies and gushing over how cute they were
  • weird names
  • stupid insults
  • telling you stories on tour and sending daily pictures of places he’s visited o tour
  • lots of hugging
  • cuddles 
  • facetiming whilst he’s on tour and he starts crying because he misses his best friend so much
  • him having a crush on you ( but only michael knows )
  • writing songs in his leather bound notebook with him in a little coffee shop
  • stealing his clothes
  • taking his phone away from him to get him to move faster
  • lots of poking
  • helping him fill in lyrics when he was stuck
  • his heart swelling up when he sees you smile on his phone screen
  • mailing you gifts on tour like little ornaments, post cards or whatever he sees that reminds him of you
  • mailing him his favorite t shirt he left on tour or his favorite necklace
  • him screenshotting every single cute conversations he has with you
  • calum not being able to even take the sight of you out on a date with another boy and after you told him how lovely your date is, he just couldnt wait and he flew home to tell you
  • sososososos much nights spent with you cuddled up under warm blankets
  • equally having so many nights spent comforting you with life 

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Rucas + “You did all of this for me?”

Lucas isn’t expecting much this particular birthday. His parents are out of town, his friends are all beginning to get caught up in the panic of college application deadlines approaching (and he’s been joining them) and for the first time in a long time, he doesn’t even have a girlfriend to go out to a birthday dinner with. 

He’s pretty sure he’s just going to be ordering himself a pizza and allowing himself to blow off his calculus homework. 

But on the day of, Lucas gets to school and finds his locker fully decorated with pictures, balloons, and streamers. Nobody is around to claim credit, but the ornamentation comes with a card and a key, instructing him to meet the giver up on the roof during last period. 

He asks his friends, the guys on the team, and all of the cheerleaders but nobody takes responsibility. Not for decorating the locker, not for the slice of cake the lunch lady hands him (absolutely not a normal part of the school policy) and not for the singing telegram that interrupts Mr. Matthews’ class and thoroughly proves that Mr. Perfect blushes right down to the roots of his hair when he gets embarrassed. 

No, Lucas has to wait until his last period study hall when he sneaks up to the roof and finds a little picnic laid out, with flowers, more balloons, more cake, and Riley sitting there among it all to realize who was responsible for the day feeling special. 

“You did all this for me?”

She smiles. “Everyone deserves to feel important on their birthday, Lucas Friar. And on any day of the year, you’re very important to me.”

Poor little Rex just wanted to put the star on the tree, but his arms were too short.  Thankfully his dino pals helped him out!

This is the 2014 Christmas Card design!  It’s now in stock on Etsy!

I had TOO much fun painting this one :3

Last year’s design:

External image

(Good news if you liked last year’s design!  I found a whole ‘nother box of them, so the last are being sold off this year!)


In addition to our lovely Christmas card and present from Waffles and Mango, we got a fabulous Christmas card and present from Littlefoot the Great! Littlefoot is Santa’s cutest box turtle reindeer! (With such a beautiful shell, too!)

Littlefoot is no longer so little of foot anymore–he sent us an ornament for our tree with his not so little footprint on it in a very pretty, sparkly green. I almost tried to nom it. Mommy and I compared my feet to Littlefoot’s footprint, and we can’t believe how big Littlefoot has grown already! What a champ! :}