Club By Club Analysis - Blackpool

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Last Season: 

Position: 6th (Championship)

Top Scorer: Charlie Adam (16)

FA Cup: 3rd Round

League Cup: 3rd Round

This Season:

The biggest season in Blackpool’s recent history, a return to the top division of English football. It would be nice to say Blackpool have a real chance of staying in the division for more than a year but in truth it would take a footballing miracle. Belief and hard work can only take a team so far and Blackpool can try as best they can and in football anything can happen but the quality in the Premiership is on another level that Blackpool will not be able to handle over 38 games. The goal for this season is to avoid doing as badly as Derby did in their last foray into arguably the best league in world football.

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Michael Ormerod was a British photographer fascinated by the underbelly of the Midwest. His images, often vibrant in colour, capture a strange juxtaposition of an American beauty tainted by a hidden sense of menace and corruption.


Tearsheet- Grangemouth Petrochemicals for the International New York Times..

I was thrilled when towards the end of last year I was asked to spend a couple of days photographing a story on Grangemouth Petrochemicals for the International New York Times.  It was great to be let loose on a topic and location which was so visually rich 

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