Since I shared Arifah, thought I might as well share Auran! I’ve been tweaking his outfit recently too so..

I don’t have much on him, but he is the younger biological kid of Iaeste and Aldll, and was basically a surprise since Aldll did not expect to have a second kid, due to her fertility problems! Very pleasant surprise.

So he has a high rank as well thanks to lineage. He’s soft-spoken and sweet, and also rather shy. He’s good at cheering others up like his older sister, and not much of a physical fighter, though Ormat has been helping him out with that, by training him lightly and sparring. He might have potential with magic though.

He’s also gay, and has a boyfriend from an allied clan, Helios. Their getting together was how the alliance was sealed, and they love each other very much. I don’t have much on Helios, but he is going to be protective of Auran and will be a pretty good fighter to boot.

Idk if Auran will get a weapon, but otherwise his outfit is almost complete I think. He needs Sweetheart Lace Ribbons, and I want to change out his current Wing Tangle with the Pristine one eventually. Idk what else if anything else, besides a possible weapon.

Tweaked her outfit a bit too! I felt like she’d be good in the Green Lace, and being Lord Iaeste’s daughter, a crown makes sense as well! I sniped the Crown last night and it works well for her.. though I almost used the Poisonous one instead. Just glad I found some things to switch out since she was maxed, so she was able to get new things.

She and Auran are the only biological kids of Iaeste and Aldll, since Aldll has fertility problems that make it difficult for her to have kids to begin with. They tried for literal years to have Arifah, and then years later to have Auran, though he was actually unexpected! This gives her a pretty high rank due to lineage alone. However, she also has an adopted brother, Ormat, who was adopted about half a year before they found out they were gonna have her. Ormat’s a complete orphan who was in the middle of a dangerous situation, and Aldll is very motherly, so she didn’t want to leave him in that kind of situation.

She has a mate, Takashi, who she fell for pretty fast after she met him. They didn’t actually get together for a good long time, since he’s oblivious to a point and all that. She also wasn’t really sure how to express her feelings, but after he saved her life with his voice, she finally was able to get herself to express her love. She now has scars on her stomach from the attack that happened, but has no problems or anything from it; Takashi managed to completely heal her (though it left him quite tired afterwards because he had never done anything that big before with his magical voice.). The injury was also caused by complete accident, so she holds no grudge or anything against the individual.

She’s one of the clan’s healers, same with her mom, who both are very good with medical things. She doesn’t like seeing others hurt, and she really doesn’t like it when others try to hide injuries from her or try and act like the injury isn’t as bad as it is. She is a very caring, although strict individual, especially when it comes to that. She’s also very good at keeping others’ chins up, so to speak. This shows in her and Takashi’s relationship quite well, especially before things they were involved with worked out.