orly spazmatic


2 Glitter Polishes I’m Loving

It’s not in time for 4th of July, but I’ve been absolutely loving layering large-sized hexagon glitter polishes over dark polishes.

1. “Deep Space” Look:  Orly Spazmatic Polish over black

This is a glitter polish that’s different from others because it’s made up of not just glitter pailettes but also a fine, shimmery blue mica pigment so it catches the light and looks like the night sky when you apply it over a black base.

2. “Pink and Dotty” Look: OPI Minnie’s Style Polish over deep red metallic

This is a simple blend of fuchsia and white flecks. Nothing spectacular as far as mixes go, but SO girly on the nails with the spots of opaque white. There aren’t too many “mainstream” polishes with opaque non-metallic glitter bits, which was why I snapped this up.