orly fowl play

Nails of the Day: Orly Fowl Play

Terrible name puns aside, Orly makes some of the most beautiful polishes in the world. This little beauty is a bitch to photograph, because it’s a grape jelly base with tons of silver shimmer, copper flakes and even tiny blue specks of glitter.

My pic doesn’t make it justice, it looks much better in person. Definitely one of the most unique polishes I own.

NOTD: Orly Fowl Play

Apologies, I didn’t do the greatest job cleaning up my edges here. I had selected Fowl Play as a replacement for the Koh Blue Universe I had bought and gave away in Europe. It’s a similar premise, thought a different color. A plum jelly base with microglitter and red & blue holographic flakies. This is three coats of polish with two layers of topcoat, after two days. It does tend to suck up the topcoat, so you’ll need to be diligent about applying it for that lovely glossy look. This was my first Orly polish, and I liked it well enough. I like the larger capacity bottle, and the brush was easy to hold (although I would have preferred a wider brush, like OPI’s). Dry time was fine, polish consistency was good. YAY.