orli elbaz

Utterly Perfect

Ziva’s finger tapped each box on the calendar as she counted back from the day that was currently dawning outside the little house. Her mind raced as she flipped the page to the previous month. She swallowed hard as her finger traced the days that he spent with her, a tear slipped from her eye and flashes of him danced in her memory. She could still feel his gentle caress and his whispers in her ear. His pleas for her to join him back home echoed loudly in the house. Her finger pushed past those days until she reached the day she was looking for and her free hand instinctively went to her stomach. Her eyes widened at the realization, she wasn’t just late, but she was very late.

“I cannot be,” she whispered to herself. “I just cannot be!” How was it possible that it had been forty-four days since her last period?! She had been so regular these days. And how had she missed that she was so late until now?

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I took a screenshot of Ziva’s file that appeared on screen during NCIS 13x23, “Dead Letter”. I have more questions than I want to have.

The file says that after she returned to Israel, she rejoined Mossad. This bugs me, considering that it’s the path that she was trying to turn away from when she went back to Israel. But hey, what do I know?

That being said, however, if she is again a Mossad agent, why wouldn’t they have called Orli Elbaz or Adam first thing? Wouldn’t they keep tabs on her? Wouldn’t she be working? Which, hopefully, leads me to believe that perhaps there is a greater chance that she wasn’t in the farmhouse when it blew up.

In any case, I’m sure I’ll be crying like a baby next Tuesday from 8-9pm.

And as a side note, when did they release that Eli was killed in the US???

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I think Ziva had it wrong when she told Tony about Orli, Rivka didn’t leave Eli and take Ziva and Tali because he had an affair. Orli was just the last straw. Rivka left him because ‘she didn’t want her children to grow up to become like their father’. She left him because he used to blindfold them and leave them in the woods to find their way home. And because Ziva was a child who loved her father, and who still refuses to see that a father training his children to be killers from their childhood is wrong, she is only able to see that her parents divorced because her father had an affair.