June-ish 2013. DARK SOULS 2014 Calendar (Pt.2)

I made this last year as one of our Graphic Design classes major assignments. The task was to make a calendar with 13 20x20cm pages based on whatever we wanted, regardless of copyrighted material since it was a test of our Adobe InDesign skills. Sort of like if we worked for a magazine and were given files etc.

I deep-etched a bunch of Dark Souls bosses and narrowed it down as best I could. Despite my teacher being a HUGE Dragon’s Dogma fan and hating Dark Souls, I scored a 100% for this one. It was a pretty awesome day.

March 1st, 2014. SPACE DANDY! (WIP 2)

Another three hours worth of work. Things are definitely getting there. I’ve managed to wear a dent into my middle finger from my stylus again so it’s time for a break or bed since it’s 4am.

Forgot to re-add the bounce light on Dandy…

March 1st, 2014. SPACE DANDY! (WIP)

Just caught up (mostly) on Space Dandy and I just HAD to do this. It’s such a cool show. There was a drawing under this but ignored it almost right away after getting Dandy’s jacket coloured in favour of a free form style just to have fun with it.

Not sure if I’ll finish it since I have a bunch of ideas that I want to get down on paper digital canvas. Though I’m really liking it so far.