Another things that happened in VIXX’ First Orlando Showcase (more like personal opinion):

1- I subestimated the chabooty

2- There was a child in the front row and like, Leo couldn’t stop looking at that child and being sassy over that child and omg pls stop

3- Ken and Ravi did aegyo (and Leo and Hongbin tried)

4- It doesn’t how much water Hongbin drinks he will just sweat the double of it

5- Ken got really emotional over Only U & Love letter

6- Ravi talked about Wontaek sub-unit and they promised to come back to Orlando

7- N STARED AT ME LIKE 129Q472498U TIMES I AM SO DONE + he was the last one on the hitouch order so i could hold his hand and tbh fml

8- Hongbin needs to stop.

9- Ok they trying to speak english is the cutest thing

10 - leobin hyukbin nbin and chaken was important

11- Leo Ken and Hongbin did the michael jackson thing but without touching their crotchs and tbh that’s my biggest disappointment in life

12- N Ravi and Hyuk danced a little to beyonce single ladies