I encourage you to read all the way through but in case your at a red light or you’re boss walks in or your infant starts to cry: Wednesday night at 6 I’m teaching my first Spin class in Orlando since having miss Georgia Jane! If you have never taken a class with me before, let me treat you to your first class with ME for FREE even if you’ve taken other kinds of classes! Message, text or comment to reserve your space and get the address if you don’t have it! You don’t have to be a friend or even know what spin is! If you have taken a class than you know the drill!!! Get signed up!! Invite a friend!!

I never get on my bike with the intention of being the same person when I get off and because of that, I never am. Workouts are something different for everyone. Maybe they’re your church. Maybe they’re your hell. Some seek peace, refuge and a place of happiness in an escape at the gym. Some search for the pain, the rush, the crash in their body’s systems to just feel; a reminder of just how alive they are. There are those who show up day after day because they love them self that much. There are those who show up day after day because they hate them self that much. Call it a love hate; it’s a relationship that most if not everyone has explored- even just in their mind, never having the motivation, reason enough or courage to put in play. Whether it’s the first step in your journey or your a master of this marriage between body and mind, I invite you on a date. Let me be your match maker! Take a ride with me, with yourself, with this journey that we are all on. We are all enjoying. We are all struggling with. And we are all surviving. Come play! Find a reason to love yourself even if it begins with something you want to leave behind. Break up with the you that you woke up as today so you can meet the you that you’re capable of being! Let’s grow, infinitely together.



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