Okay, story time!

So, I usually live in New Hampshire, so I never thought I’d have even a snowball’s chance in hell at meeting thatsthat24. However, I am attending college at UCF, and my move-in date coincided perfectly with Heathers Orlando.

So, long story short, my friend dinoswithsaxopeal talked me into going to see it. I went tonight, and this happened.

The show was amazing. Excellent visuals, stunning vocals, and the theater was so small that there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. Afterwards, I ended up at the very end of the line to see Thomas Sanders, but I wasn’t at all upset because I KNEW he would take the time to meet everyone. And he did - not only that, but he also spoke for several minutes with every person in line. I think there’s something to be said for that.

He’s extremely easy to talk to! I was super proud of how I handled myself. I didn’t mumble or struggle to find things to say, or stumble over my words.

I didn’t say it in person, but Thomas Sanders is an amazing human being who’s just as human as the rest of us. I really admire him for that, and even though I didn’t really say it, I love his work. I hope he could infer that.

A+ performance
A+ person


Harry wrote a letter to Micky Yule, a 2016 Invictus Games competitor, to congratulate him on his success at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. Very sweet! :)


if you’re in love with this man you might like this video…


Nothing, NOTHING will beat that feeling of the purest happiness God its so hard to describe how happy I was! Let me just start from the beginning, so I arrive at the Beacham on Friday to get my wristband at 3:00 and right when I get out of the taxi I start to hear The Killers sound check!!!! that when it really started to hit me I was going to see The Killers in just a few hours! But something was odd about it it was something new, and I was getting really excited I was thinking OH MY GOSH! Maybe they are going to preform a new cover! But then it got to the chorus and Brandon started to repeat the word Runaways and I started srceeeammming!!!!My brother didnt know why but I was just like “THAT'S A NEW SONG THAT'S A NEW SONG!!!!” It sounded soooo good! From the title it sounded like it would be kinda like a slow song but no not at all! Its kinda hard to describe how it sounded but this new album is going to be ridiculous! Once Runaways ended I went in line and there werent many people in front of me thats when I started to look for Brandi,she was actually only like 2 people in front of me haha it was great meeting her! She is seriously one of the best people I have ever met! She is like another me and Im not trying to sound weird but its like I would reference something of TK and she would totally get it! I loved that! I have never talked to anyone like that in person about TK and they would get everything im saying! God, Brandi is sooo cool and awesome! Im so grateful I got to see them twice and just experience everything that happened together :) So me  and Brandi are just talking and waiting in line and we hear more of the sound check! Some of the victims in front of us were so nice and saved our spot while we when to the doors to go listen to them and they were doing Losing Touch, God that was exciting! then they stopped and then we could hear them playing Bling!!!!Their sound check was great! so it seemed like they stopped practicing and we just waited some more then we see a black SUV’s window roll down and Ronnie is waving at us!!!! IT was incredible! they were apparently all going to dinner! My heart was just racing! That was the first TK member I have seen in person ever! So now time passes and we get into the venue, me and Brandi are right in the middle and only 4 people were in front of us we were sooo close!

Man, and just seeing all of the crew from RAH setting up I felt like I was going to pee my pants! TK made great time only like 10 minutes late and they walk on and I have no idea how to react I just stare! But once Brandon goes off on the synth and plays Change Your Mind I belt out every single word like I never ever have before! Tears running down my face, screaming at the top of my lungs! The set list was perfect! And Brandon looked at me soo much because I was smack-dab in the middle! I was jumping non-stop! OH! haha and you know that part in RAH where Brandon claps his hands in Losing Touch? Well I did that dance move and Brandon saw it and smiled :’D oh and also there was a part in the song where Brandon was just ripping off his clothes! I looked at Brandi and couldn't breathe! And then Bones! Before Bones Brandon was being sooo cute telling us the story about how Bones came about :D

Brandon was so adorable when he said “ Tim, Tim’s not here tonight.” so cute! oh gosh and the Shadowplay! that song live is unreal! I wish I knew the right words to describe how insane that song is live! God its so good! the lights and just ugh so good! Oh my God and then A Dustland Fairytale started and I looked at Brandi cause I know its her favorite and she was so happy and so was I! It was so powerful and magical I cried so much! Then Moon River happened and it had never sounded better! Ronnie added some drums on it and it was just even more breathe taking then before! This Is Your Life really got me because it is one of the ones I wanted them to do just because I love how Brandon leads the hand waving Im so glad I was able to be a part of that! And when he sang my favorite line, “And the sky is full of dreams, but you dont know how to fly, I dont have a simple answer but I know that I could answer.” I just lost it then! Once the concert ended I, I didnt know what to do I was so shaky and crying that my dream finally came true but I had to make myself stop because me and Brandi had a plan to try to see or even try to meet them at the back of the venue, we run out and we get to the barrier that was set up right next to the car. It was cold but I didnt care I was determined to at least see them leave. While waitng one of the security gurads came out with pieces of Ronnie’s drumsticks and me and Brandi both got one! Here is me and Brandi’s drum stick pieces put together :D

Well, more time had passed  and while we waited someone noticed it was about to be 11/11/11/ at 11:11pm and all the victims at that time wished for them to come out but the securty guards were trying to convince us to leave like they were saying they arent going to sign anything, they are just going to get right in the car and leave but we didnt listen we stayed anyways hehe, and then FINALLY Brandon came out first surprisingly but he looked like he was in a really great mood! I was on the right side of the barrier and Brandon started out on the left and I couldnt reach him with my pen and D&A booklet so my brother who is taller then me took it and reached out to him

and he got it signed for me :‘Dakjsfhahdfakjsfasjhf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried so much!!!! After that my brother pushed me out of the barrier because we wanted to give other people a chance to get things signed too, man I thought that would never ever happen to me! I've seen Brandon’s autograph in pictures but never in person and I had one for myself for me to keep :’D I was still just in shock watching Dave, Ronnie and Brandon signing and taking pictures oh and Brandi gave brandon the greatest hug ever! I wish I could have taken a picture I was so beautiful!I couldn't reach to Dave or Ronnie though they left but Brandon stayed out and he was moving to the left where no one really was so I decided to move over there and try to hug him or take a picture with him so I just dashed over there and Brandon was so close to me and Im just going to say that, that man is A BILLIONx more handsome in person seriously that man is just ridiculously attractive how does he do it?! and his eyes! OH HIS EYES!!! ARE SOOO GREEN AND HAZEL such a gorgeous color! And I always knew they were tall but man they are hehehe well…TALL XD once Brandon came over I asked “Brandon can I take a picture with you?” and he looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and said “yeah, yeah sure, come on” oh my God! So I give him like a side hug and my brother takes the picture and my hand is on Brandon’s back and its like sweaty and he was so warm! and I was just like *OMG IM TOUCHING BRANDON FLOWERS!!!* I said thank you and then he left I was the last person I think for him to take a picture with.

I still cant believe this happened! Im still trying to process this! I have never been so happy in my entire life! My right hand still feels numb from touching his back, I meet up back with Brandi cause I kinda lost her from all the people and we just hugged each other because we both met our favorite person in the whole world it was such a great feeling! All I could say was just “wow” really! Thats all I could say afterwards! I still cant believe how perfect Friday went I wasnt expecting to get so close,or hear a new song during sound check, or get Brandon’s autograph and get Ronnie’s drum stick, or even meet Brandon Flowers! And that was only Friday I still got to see them the next day!

Now, on Saturday at Orlando Calling I get there at 12pm and actually I was expecting a lot of people to be at the barrier but really there werent I was so lucky!

that's how it looked when I got there! and there was only like 2 people in front of me and I though im pretty sure by when The Killers go on I can squeeze in the barrier.I was at the middle right of the stadium (where my dream spot was all along) I texted Brandi and I told her where I was and that I dont think she should upgrade to VIP because im confident we can get to the barrier and besides we are so close already!

Once she got there it was exciting cause now we started to play the waitng game watching all of these bands that we werent interested in but at least we got to sit down after every performance I thought we would have to be standing the whole time which was not the case thank goodness :D It was getting harder and harder to wait though it was getting exhausting but I just had to remember Im doing this for TK this is all for them XD just after every performance I took little power naps and those helped a lot. Once the Raconteurs finished I was super awake! And one of the girls right in front of us left because she was there for the Raconteurs so Brandi was at the barrier now thats was so exciting! But we remembered that I had my Nevada state flag so she let me be at the barrier instead which was super nice of her, see I told you Brandi is the best! The security wouldn't let us hang it down on the barrier so we just decided to hold it up folded so they could at least see it :) Once they started to pull out the K I started to get that same feeling I got from Friday those butterflies started fluttering again. HAhaha oh and then me and Brandi saw 'Handsome’ Rob on stage and me and Brandi decided to at 3 we were going to scream “WE LOVE YOU ROOOOOOBBB!!!!!” We did it! But he did hear us :/ but oh well it was still fun XD Oh God then that feeling came  back again once they started to walk out! I started screaming my lungs out! ( and I lost my voice the night before but gained it back during the night but then lost it again hehe) But this time I see Brandon wearing the Leather Jacket from the GQ photo shoot and I felt like I was going to collapse! I literally could not handle it! thank god for that barrier being there to catch my fall! He looked so bad ass with it on!  Once he came over to our side me and Brandi held up the flag and bent over like he was flattered I will look for a video later and see If I can find the part where he did that :D that was during Spaceman which is what they opened with and after the Brandon said “We are called The Killers, brought to you by way of Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!” so yeah I think he saw our flag :’D I actually cried more  this time then at the show on Friday I think because It was like the “last show” for me that weekend and I knew that  the next day I would have to be going home and that was at Moon River when I was just crying like a baby!

Oh and then at All These Things they had the confetti machines and those were amazing! We were right in from of one of the many machines and we saw it go off and once it went off it was every where! The whole sky was white and I cried even more!

This Is Your Life was so much fun!Waving at the same time with the audience was so exhilarating and powerful! WYWY was the last song :’( And I cried and cried screaming every word and then with the fire in the back ground I just couldnt believe all of the things that have happened to me in just those 2 days! I wasnt ready for it to be over but it had to end I guess I didnt think Saturday would have been as great as Friday because I met Brandon but it really was just as great! Wow! Everything I wanted to happen, happened!It all turned out even more perfect then I have ever dreamed it would have! Im so glad I got to see TK with Brandi as well, I hope we will be able to do that again together in the near future :)

On another note,Sunday was kinda depressing because everything was over you know? So me and my brother just got to the airport early so we could eat and we got there like 3 hours early! So we are just sitting around you know talking and then my brother spots Steve Carell! YES! THE STEVE CARELL! I couldnt believe this! I was just like are you kidding me right now!? seriously?!

He is the guy right in the middle with the glasses. He was there just hanging out too in the lobby for like 30 min just minding his won business! Me and my brother are just staring at him like he was some sort of zoo animal though, I wanted to go up to him but then I thought no I actually find it kind of in bad taste to meet a celebrity in an airport because you remember they are just like us too, and I respect Steve to much to bother him. He looked at me though for a long time because I was just smiling at him and I froze, I think he was waiting for me to wave at him but I lost control in my arms, stupid me! once he left me and my brother tried to calm down and once we did well guess who I saw?!?! I saw Jake and The guy that does Karate in the RAH dvd walking together in one of the stores! AND then I saw “the wizard” AND then I saw “handsome Rob walk right across me! Right in front of me! I couldnt take it anymore I had to leave that airport I saw to many good people in that airport that make me happy I had to go! lol! and once I got home I tweeted Rob and this happened…