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Prompt: Ashlyn will forever remember the moment her heart was pulled from her chest. If it were anyone else the idea alone would terrify her, but with Ali she knew her heart was well protected. They were friends at the time, both enjoying a night out. The two had slipped away, trying to escape the madness. Ali made the first move by initiating the kiss. However, Ashlyn was the one who held on & pulled her even closer. Those decisions forever changed their relationship & reshaped their lives. ♦️

Ashlyn and Ali had only known each other or about a year but they had become thick as thieves in that time. Even though they spent a lot of time apart due to traveling and playing for different teams, they still saw talked to each other everyday. Everyone except for Ashlyn and Ali could tell that they were meant to be together. If they were being honest with themselves, they both knew that they wanted to be with the other bit they were too afraid to say anything. The fear of rejection and heartbreak was holding both of them back from expressing how they truly felt.  

By the time the next national team camp came around, it had been almost seven months since Ali and Ashlyn had seen each other in person. Once everyone was settled in their hotel rooms, Megan decided that they were all going out to celebrate being back at camp. There was a tension between Ashlyn and Ali and everyone could feel it. Normally, Ashlyn would be more than happy to go out and party with her friends, but all she could think about tonight was how she was going to confess her feelings to Ali. She couldn’t go another year, or another way for that matter, without telling Ali the truth. Little did Ashlyn know, Ali was thinking the exact same thing. She had loved getting to know Ashlyn and become friends with her, but she could only deny her feelings for so long before she had to get it off her chest.

The tension had dissipated once everyone arrived at the bar and began interacting with each other. Ashlyn and Ali were attached the hip all night, which wasn’t unusual for them. They had been at the bar for about two hours when Ali leaned over to Ashlyn and whispered, “I need some air, some with me?”

Ashlyn jumped up immediately, worried that Ali was feeling sick. She followed her out of the bar and into the parking lot. Ali leaned up against the rental car that they had driven their. Ashlyn walked up to her and placed her hands on Ali’s shoulders, looking intently into her eyes.

“Al, are you feeling alright?”

Ali sighed, debating weather or not she wanted to give Ashlyn an honest answer or not.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It was just getting kind of hot and crowded in there and I needed a breather.”

Ashlyn visibly relaxed at this statement. She felt better knowing that Ali wasn’t sick or upset. Ashlyn removed her hands from Ali’s shoulders and leaned against the car right next to Ali, so close that their shoulders would brush every time either one of them shifted. There was a long silence between the two of them, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Ashlyn could tell that Ali was thinking very hard about something but she wasn’t going to push her to talk about what was on her mind, that never turned out well.

Ali let out an almost inaudible sigh. “Ash?” Ali waited for Ashlyn to respond before she continued. Ashlyn looked down at her, urging her to say whatever it was that she had on her mind. “Can I talk to you about something?”

“Of course. You can tell me anything, Ali.”

Ali had no clue where to begin. Instead of telling Ashlyn how she felt, she decided that it would be easier to show her. Ashlyn was staring off in the distance, waiting patiently for Ali to continue. Ali took this opportunity to rise onto her tiptoes and press a kiss to Ashlyn’s cheek. She pulled away after a second and looked down at her hands. Ali could feel Ashlyn’s eyes on her but she didn’t want to look up, knowing that if she did the blush on her cheeks would only get darker and more obvious. Ali was still looking down when she felt Ashlyn’s hand grab onto hers.

“You can kiss me if you want to.” Ashlyn whispered.

“Ok.” Ali whispered.

It was then that she looked up at Ashlyn and was met with a smiling face and kind eyes. Ali took a deep breath and places her hand on Ashlyn’s cheek. She felt like she was moving incredibly slow. Ashlyn did nothing to rush her. She let Ali figure things out on her own and move at her own pace. Sure, Ali had kissed boys before, but this was Ashlyn. It was different. Ali’s mind was racing with all the thoughts of what could go wrong, but for the first time in her life, she decided to ignore all of those thoughts and dive head first into what she wanted most. Ali leaned into Ashlyn and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. It was nothing special or heated, but it was easily the best kiss that either one of them had experienced.

Ali was about to pull away when Ashlyn wrapped her arms around her waist and kept her body pressed against hers. Ali’s arms found their way around Ashlyns shoulders as she relaxed into the kiss. They were so caught up in each other that neither one of them heard the door to the bar opening.

“Hey!” Ashlyn and Ali pulled apart with a jump. “If you two are down with your little love fest, maybe you could come back inside and join the party!” Megan shouted from across the parking lot.

Ashlyn shouted back at Megan, her arms never leaving their place around Ali’s waist. “Give is two minutes!”

“I guess our presence is needed.” Ashlyn said.

“Ali hugged Ashlyn closer and nuzzled her face into her neck. “I wanna stay here forever.”

Ashlyn laughed as she pulled away from Ali, guiding her back to the bar by her hand. When they walked in, all eyes were on them.

“So.” Ashlyn said with a shrug. “What’d we miss?”

Gotta say

When I went to the Thorns v. Pride game I wore a Thorns shirt and red bandana and all that, but as soon as I saw Ali and Ash play I was shook. Every time the Thorns missed a shot I’d get all excited while everyone else was like, “Aw, damn.” So I’m literally standing next to a woman beating on a giant drum, right in the thick of Riveters, silently dying at the realization Orlando is actually my main.