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Today ended the three days visit of the U.S. Female Soccer Team Captain & Goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris and Coach Jill Ellis to Liberia on what was their first visit to Africa. The duo had several high level meetings and played soccer with students of the Monrovia Football Academy (an academic & soccer module program) amongst several other activities. They also did motivational sections with young students and athletes as well. Imagine growing up as a young woman and playing soccer was a taboo. Many years down the line you are handed a World Cup Trophy as a winning Team and captian- This is the story of both Coach Ellis & Captain Harris. Our office coordinated the motivational talks sessions. We like to thank everyone for the support especially the team at the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia. #makingitwork


Not that anyone cares or anything but I finally had my photoshoot in my beautiful exact replica dress from Cinderella. The dress is becoming a bit small on me and my nana wanted so bad to have photos done so I finally did with my best friend. This dress and movie mean the absolute world to me.



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5. Universal Studios Chooses You

Hey - did any of you pick up on the product placement this episode? It was pretty subtle so it’s possible you blinked and missed it. But if you were paying super close attention, you might have noticed how this episode was basically one big commercial for Universal Studios, with some modeling thrown into the spare moments.

Having also seen contestants on Project Runway and Celebrity Apprentice make unnecessary trips to Universal Studios in the past few months, it seems that the theme park has given an open invitation to all reality TV shows to film there in exchange for free promotion.

It’s funny because we’re at the point in the competition where the Top Model contestants usually get to travel abroad to some exciting fashion destination. This cycle, however, it looks like the farthest any of the girls is going to travel is Orlando, Florida. And most of the contestants aren’t even invited!

Courtney wins this week’s challenge, and her prize is that coveted trip to Universal Studios. Drew tells her to “pick a friend” to join her, though he might as well have asked her to “make a friend,” since who in the house likes Courtney?

The choice for Courtney is easy: India. Courtney explains that while India is her biggest competition, she’s also the only lady in the house who’s not mean to her.

The funny thing is that the other girls feel like they won the prize, too. An overnight trip for Courtney means some peace and quiet back at the house for the rest of them.

The girls predict that India will get tired of having to be fake nice to Courtney for that long of a trip. I think India’s niceness comes naturally to her, so it won’t be a real chore, but do I think India actually considers Courtney a friend? Ehhhh… look at how she describes their relationship:

“I like that [Courtney] can turn to me for advice,” says India. “Or if she needs to talk about anything, I like being that one person in the house that she can do that with because she gets some crap in the house.”

Notice how it’s not like, “She’s a great person, I like spending time with her” - the focus is on what India is able to do for Courtney, and as a nice person, India is glad she can be that support system for someone else.

Whatever, though; India loves amusement parks and is excited for the trip.

Could she be any cuter?

The girls arrive at Universal and seem to spend most of their time at Harry Potter World. We see a lot of stock footage of people on rides, but never Courtney and India enjoying the rides because production couldn’t be bothered to set up a proper shot with a camera. Lame.

Instead we see the girls doing Harry Potter impressions, browsing at a gift shop, and drinking at a restaurant. This would probably be a good opportunity for me to make some funny Harry Potter references, but I have neither read the books nor seen the films, so I don’t have anything to contribute. But Courtney’s such a Ravenclaw, am I right?! (I genuinely don’t know what that means.)

Over a round of butterbeers - do I want to know what’s in that? - the girls discuss the dwindling competition. India, cute as ever, is happy the judges have started to notice her:

Meanwhile, Courtney has to go and ruin the moment by bringing up fucking karma again.

Is it possible that an aspiring wizard like Courtney knows that uttering “karma” again is what it will take to second Tash home a second time? Because I can’t deny that it works.

In all honesty, it’s nice to see the lighter side of Courtney for once. She’s a big Potter nerd and we don’t see her complain about a damn thing the whole trip. 

Back at the hotel, rather than mints on their pillows, Courtney and India find cloaks on their bed. They look like they’re in some weird cult that worships at the altar of Rita Ora and the only thing that could make the scene feel more uncomfortable would be for the only two Caucasian models remaining to be in white robes instead.

Okay now stare into this circle and repeat after me:

I will buy tickets to Universal Studios.
I will enjoy all of the fun attractions that Universal Studios offers.
I will buy plenty of souvenirs from the Universal Studios gift shops.
I will book a trip to Universal Studios immediately or face karmic repercussions.
I will never become a top model unless I take a vacation to Universal Studios.

I told you the promotion was subtle. We’re not all lucky enough to have Bali summon us, but the good news is that Universal Studios chooses all of us!

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 11

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