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Bubblegum and The Fave Floral Dress Series | Minerva Orland

For @moonlustelara. She was a delight to draw btw and you are a beb.

So far in The Bubblegum Series; 

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  • [There's a rumour that Orlando Bloom is the most popular sexy lead character. What do you think?]
  • BB: That's actually untrue. I don't know where you get that. That's a statistic you've made up.
  • [So you're saying the hobbits are sexier?]
  • DM: The hobbits are the heart of the movie - they're the emotional core for goodness sake!
  • BB: And we're handsome for God's sake. [points to Dominic] Look how pretty this man is!
  • DM: I mean Orlando Bloom - what are you talking about? They [the hobbits] are what the audience love, they're what the people really, really hang onto. They're the last character the audience want to die! This Legolas guy - I hope he gets killed by an arrow in the next movie. Vroom...right through this eye!
  • BB: It's all make up anyway.
  • DM: Yeah you should see him when he's got his wig off. It's disgusting. Big open weeping warts on the top of his head.
  • BB: Covered in warts.
  • DM: Smells of elderberries.
  • BB: Oh, he smells!
  • DM: He can't defend himself [laughs] Hi Orly!
  • BB: Hi Orlando!
  • DM: How you doing mate?