BAYFOOD TRAVELS: Honeydukes (Hogsmeade, Wizarding Britain) - When in Honeydukes, you must purchase one of their milk chocolate bars. The books have always described them as being the best chocolate ever, so I needed to see if the amusement park did the candy justice. And it did. It didn’t taste super sugary like Hershey’s does to me. It reminded me a bit more of a Cadbury chocolate bar, which is perfect since that’s really popular in the U.K. I prefer Cadbury over Hershey’s any day. It’s a bit cracked in my pictures since it didn’t quite survive the flight home, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. Really good chocolate that I wished I had rationed better to keep enjoying it!

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Universal Characters

My love for Disney characters - face and fur - is no secret. I admire them for their dedication to the character and the extremely high character integrity. They add a whole new dimension to the parks. I am not so well-versed in Universal characters, but my thoughts on them are pretty mixed.

The biggest criticism I have for Universal’s characters is who exactly they have available to meet. In Universal Orlando, you can meet characters such as Woody Woodpecker and his girlfriend Winnie (sometimes found in the Port of Entry…um, why?), Curious George, and, in the parade, E.B. from Hop, that moderately popular Easter movie from 2011. I don’t know anyone who is simply dying to meet any of those characters. I feel like a theme park should appeal to the broadest audience possible - this is not what’s being done here. I kind of feel like some characters should be replaced with some that are more well-known (ahem, Jurassic Park characters!)

And there are plenty of fantastic characters that I have yet to meet - Marilyn Monroe, Doc Brown (hopefully they’ll bring Marty back soon!), some Men in Black and the characters from Shrek are all on my list.

Yes and yes and YES.

I personally have had lovely character experiences, a majority of which weren’t even with “movie” characters! I love the scientists who roam the Jurassic Park Discovery Center. One scientist recognized my enthusiasm for the movie and made friends with me and absolutely made my day. First, he gave me a dinosaur quiz, and I asked him if he knew if my favorite character (Dr. Malcolm) was on the island that day. He wasn’t sure and said he would “call him and ask.” Naturally I was stoked. When we returned to the Discovery Center later that day, the scientist found me and told me that he had called Dr. Malcolm. He was not on the island that day but he said he left him a voicemail saying that I was here and looking for him! That really meant a lot to me. Then he showed my sister and I how to take care of dinosaur eggs - he showed us how to roll it in our hands and we could feel the baby inside! I also happened to get asked to prom via JP scientist - my boyfriend had them record a short video asking me to go with him - undoubtedly the best way to get me to go to prom!!

Another great experience I’ve had is with the tourists of Amity. Clad in stereotypical tourist attire - floaties, tie-dye shirts, sunglasses - they approached my sister and I and loudly proclaimed that we should be models and movie stars (of course, I agreed). Then one whipped out an autograph book and asked for our signatures. It was a fun encounter and it was nice to see that not all traces of Amity are gone.

Like I said I am not nearly as well-versed in Universal characters as I am with Disney characters. I think they could use a little work. And a lot of love. Next time I’m at Universal I’ll make characters a top priority!

Does anyone know anything about scheduling? I’ve heard most Universal characters don’t have set times which could cause for some disappointment if you miss a favorite.

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