Queer Celebs Channel Music Icons In Tegan And Sara’s Latest Video

Emotions on the video’s set ran high; although they appear jubilant on camera, stars Tyler Ford, Ella Giselle, Dominic Ravina and Olabisi Kovabel filmed their segments just one day after the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida thattargeted the LGBT community

This article is from a week after the Orlando shooting, obviously, but still. Really? REALLY? BLM’s first instinct is to blame it on white supremacy and anti-blackness? Even though it was against LGBT people, a majority of whom who were Hispanic?

Link to article: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jun/21/black-lives-matter-blames-orlando-white-supremacy/

I know this is like a month late but this pisses me off majorly.

Stay classy BLM.

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‘Hamilton’ Actor Will ‘Terrorize’ With Love In Honor Of Orlando

Daniel J. Watts will pay tribute to the victims of the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida with a heartfelt performance piece that incorporates music, dance and spoken word. 

2016 is a fucking joke I swear to God

We got multiple celebrities dead
A shit ton of bombings and shootings
The Turkey political thing
Emos return
North Korea declaring war (again)
Trump is a legit candidate
So is Hilary

Basically David bowie was holding the fabric of the universe together

(Dont add Alan Rickman or Prince I said multiple celebrities dead and they died after bowie,so please don’t)
Not Pure Imagination: Willy Wonka-Inspired Chocolate Factory Opening At Universal Studios

Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is something that kids and adults everywhere had always one day hoped would be real - and now it actually is.

The Toothsome Chocolate Factory - inspired by Mr Wonka’s sweet wonderland - is set to open at Universal Studios in Orlando sometime this year.

And just in case the name wasn’t a big giveaway, there will be chocolate - lots and lots of chocolate.

There won’t be any Oompa Loompas here, but staff will be dressed up in Steampunk gear as you walk around towering smoke stacks and what “funky gadgetry”.

Milkshakes: Chocolate, ice cream and cupcakes are the order of the day (Universal)

Dreamy dessert: Creations will be made right in front of you (Universal)

That’s all well and good, but what about the stuff you can eat? As it happens, it sounds AMAZING.

You can get burgers, salads and steaks, but it’s all about the desserts here - more importantly, the milkshakes.

Some of the choices on offer will be the Red Velvet, which is basically a milkshake topped with a Red Velvet cupcake (brilliant, obvs) and the gloriously-named Chocolate x5, which is described as “an explosion of chocolate with chocolate spirals, chunks, ice-cream and whipped cream”.

Be still our pumping arteries.

Steampunk: The factory and staff costumes are inspired by the 19th century (Universal)

Savoury fans can also indulge in the Bacon Brittle - which alarmingly consists of bacon ice cream, bacon brittle, chocolate covered bacon and bacon caramel.

Everything is made right in front of you, so you will get to marvel at the sheer volume of chocolate and ice cream that will soon be safely stored in your belly.

Just admit it, you’re going to try all of it.

Top pic: Universal