Monsters in Thedas

Ever since I got on the Witcher train, I can’t stop imagining Thedas with the same variety of wildlife and exotic creatures. (and danger)

Imagine Ferelden trolls, distant relatives of the giants, guarding bridges and old ruins, while fiends and leshens roam the korkari wilds. 

Ekkimaras and foglets sleeping in the deepest caves near Orzammar, occasionally tainted by the darkspawn, haunting the nightmares of every dwarven child in the city.

Sirens dwelling in the deep recesses of the Waking sea, no more than legends to country folk. 

Harpies infesting coastal areas like gulls, more nuisance than threat if kept under control.

Royal griffins hunting in the higher peaks of the Frostback mountains, unbeknownst to all, the very last of their kind.

Cockatrices and basilisks dwelling in dark caves and abandoned chateaus in Orlais. They make for fine trophies, according to the nobility. 

Manticores from Tevinter, manhunters known for toying with their prey before going for the kill.

Godlings and Sylvans in Rivain, either helping or hindering weary travelers on the road.

Ghouls festering in Seheron like a flesh wound, feeding off the fallen. 

And of course, professional monster hunters from every race and background to take care of all of the above when needed.

I want to add more but that’s all I can think of right now. Keep in mind that I’m aware that this might conflict with DA canon. I JUST LOVE MONSTERS OKAY?? And Dragon Age.
Feel free to add your ideas if you have them! 

Oh, and fade unicorns. Because yes.

anonymous asked:

how did Adeline end up in Gaspard's bed?

In my canon Gaspard becomes the Emperor of Orlais, and having no living heirs in close enough relation, he needs a wife to provide him with sons and daughters.

Someone young and fertile, someone strong enough to rule an Empire, someone who can navigate the game well (to make up where her husband lacks), and someone of a proper stock. Adeline fits into all of these, but as do a great many of Orlesian women.

Gaspard probably holds these bachelor type party things, and a lot of women attempt to garner his attentions. Adeline, at first, hardly catches his eye, there are women better than her, and women worse than her.

But what eventually happens is that she is chosen to go on a courting hour with Gaspard. She lays down her ideals quite simply, but works on dismantling his views on the other women. They intend on forcing Jean-Esmeral out of the picture, they know that he clearly has the Emperor’s ear and will be able to overrule them. But Adeline opposes this, and invites Jean to her bed instead.

Throughout the weeks of Gaspard courting several women vying for the position of Empress, he eventually chooses Adeline. She will, eventually, become Empress Adeline de Chalons, and bear his children.

The drama of all this, is that her biological brother is No One, a former chevalier wanted for desertion, murder, and numerous other crimes. He is however, presumed dead by a great many people.

thatgirl-who  asked:

How does Evelyn handle motherhood (and so many pregnancies, good lord)? Does she enjoy it or does she see it as more of a familial duty?

I mean on the pregnancy front, six doesn’t seem that many for monarchs (fun fact: Empress Maria Theresa of Austria had fifteen children. Fifteen, three of which were born within 2 and a half years of each other. As soon as she finished giving birth to Marie Antoinette and could hold a pen, she was sitting in bed doing paperwork), but considering they were all within 10 years of each other, roughly two years between each one:

  • Orianne, born late 9:40 Dragon – Dauphine of Orlais, although this is disputed due to her being born before Evelyn and Gaspard were even betrothed.
  • Melisande, born autumn 9:42 Dragon - believed to have been conceived around the time of the peace talks at Halamshiral, which I’ve placed on New Year’s 9:42
  • Euphrasie, better known as Cosette to the royal family, born summer 9:44 Dragon around the time of the Exalted Council
  • Unnamed son, stillborn, mid 9:46 Dragon
  • Miscarriage, early 9:47 Dragon
  • Leontine, born winter 9:49/9:50 Dragon

The first time Evelyn is pregnant, way back in 9:40 and a few months before the War of the Lions break out, she is quite frankly terrified. She’s only twenty-four, and had no intention of being a mother unless she was married off to someone. The whole idea of pregnancy was very…. distasteful to her. And as a result, she doesn’t handle pregnancy well at all. She hated that she was gaining weight, that her breasts were constantly tender (even if Gaspard approved of them getting bigger), fingers and feet swelling up, the morning sickness, the stretch marks, the strange cravings and not being able to sleep and generally looking hideous. (She did not understand the whole “glowing” thing that her mother spoke about).

It seems to be a common thing for d’Amboise women to normally suffer from severe morning sickness and difficult, long labours, and her own mother has a history of failed pregnancies too. She was right to be terrified, given her family’s history, and she nearly died during her labour with Leontine.

Evelyn always associated with pregnancy and motherhood being an inevitable duty, and while she found pregnancy to be like that – an utter chore -  motherhood was different.

She adores her daughters and although she did not have much of an opportunity to raise them because they were handed over to wet nurses and nannies and governesses, she tried to get involved where she could. Evelyn was anxious about being a mother – she didn’t think she had a maternal bone in her body, but when Orianne was placed in her arms, she felt that she might be able to do it.

Evelyn is exceptionally overprotective of her children  - like a lioness is over her cubs.  She will pretty much go to any length to protect her daughters, particularly when they’re younger and could potentially be used as pawns in the Game; for example, she recognized early on that Melisande is entirely unsuited to being in the Orlesian court, and she made sure Melisande is educated away from court so that she is safe and subsequently Melisande became the betrothed of Prince Lorcan Theirin since she’d be suited to a less…deadly place.

And as you’d expect for four young princesses, they are all absolutely spoiled by their parents.

ask me questions about my ocs

I would very much like to march on Orlais. Let’s just burn it all, who’s with me?

It’s taken me some time to start playing the dlcs and I finished Jaws of Hakkon a while back. I’m not angry, who says I’m angry? D<

So some folks on BSN’s Cassandra thread were wondering if Cass would ever put on a dress.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she just attends all our parties in her armor, but I thought it’d be fun to try to come up with one that suited her.

Tried to mash up some design elements from the Orlesian fashion concepts with some of the practicality of the Ferelden designs, along with some callbacks to Cassandra’s own iconic look.  Dark blues and teals rather than black, just for fun. :)



Fools speak of the Game as if it was chess or Ruff-and-Honors, when it is nothing so simple. The Game is both subject and teacher, and its greatest lesson is that an elegant victory is more than the win. True mastery is to give your opponent no choice but to concede—gracefully.