Sis requested me to post this, so I will do that~

A super-sloppy-sketch of my oc Ulf and sis’ oc Oriria. I think this one took just..10 minutes to do? Probably longer! I was mostly messing around with this doodle.

Don’t worry Ulf, she will just check your abs..and then kill you. Okay? Kay.

Everyone Who Replied To This Post Got A Little Surprise~! 

Drew Some Love For The TF2RP In Class And Finished It Up Today :] 

Here We Have Chad, Troy And Nicolas Horsing Around Because That’s What They Do Heehee And Gladys, Penny And Eberhardt Watching From A Safe Distance.

Oriria Has The Misfortune Of Running Into Them On Her Daily Jog However… 

Hope Everyone Enjoys! :] <3333 I LOVE YOU ALL <33333333

I think I have found my style for tegaki comments now… I get so amazed by all those others comments people leave! How do you guys do it?!

Finally some time to continue on my Oriria thread.. these last 2 weeks of school were horror since 2 deadlines. We got thumbs up for the game my team is working on ;W;b Huzzah!