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Here Comes Your Man

Prompt: @imamotherfuckingstar-lord‘s song challenge - my song was ‘Here Comes Your Man’ by the Pixies. My character was Jim Kirk. I had SO much fun writing this. And listening to the Pixies.
Word Count: 2111
Author’s Note: Oh Jim. You do make a girl’s heart go pitty-pat. I used the song lyrics as the section dividers - I think it kind of works thematically. You’ll have to believe me that I let the song lead the fic ;)

Outside there’s a box car waiting, Outside the family stew

The wind rushed through your ears as you flew down the highway on the old PX70, headed away toward the shipyard. You were determined to make the shuttle leaving for the academy, hell or high water. You smoothed down your hair as you dismounted from the bike, and stowed your keys in your pocket. The security guy at the perimeter raised an eyebrow at you.

“Last person came gunning in here like that left me his keys,” he winked. You rolled your eyes.

“That’s an antique. Probably worth more than the shuttle. I’m not giving it to you. My dad’ll be by to pick it up this afternoon,” you shot back, skipping a stair as you bounded onto the shuttle. Once you were buckled in, you closed your eyes and relaxed.

Out by the fire breathing, Outside we wait ‘til face turns blue

Jim Kirk. You remembered him, vaguely, from high school. He was that misunderstood genius delinquent that all the girls loved to get caught under the bleachers with. You’d fancied yourself interested at one point, but you’d never once caught his eye, and finally gave up, moving on to non-genius delinquents who were probably not as fun, but easily as much trouble. And really, two genius delinquents in one relationship was probably one too many anyhow.

After high school, you’d headed to university for engineering, and discovered your aptitude for mechanics. It had led to your hire at a shop that restored and updated old cars and motorcycles. When Christopher Pike had brought in an old motorcycle for a retrofit, he’d seen the way you worked and started the recruitment speech. He even went as far as to look you up, and throw your aptitude scoring back at you.

Which was how you wound up sitting behind Jim Kirk in a lecture of xenoanthropology in a command track class. All those repressed feelings from high school bubbled to the surface when you saw the line of his jaw, flexed with concentration. When the prof called on you to answer a complicated question about the Prime Directive, he turned and you saw a flash of recognition in those blue eyes. You smirked, somewhat lopsidedly, and winked at him before he turned back to his seat. You weren’t sure, but you thought his ears might be a bit redder.

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Clipping Her Wings

Orion silently placed the money in the trader’s hands before turning to his prize.

Icy blue eyes flickered over the female before he grabbed her bonds and lead her along. He did not speak to her, towering over her in height and in muscle.




So as you know, in the WAFF story, Gaster was the mentor of seven human mages.  Seven human mages that later were responsible for sealing monsters within Mount Ebott.

I gave them random names, and was curious what they looked like.  And now they all have colorful personalities (no pun intended) and extensive backstories.  You know how it goes 8I

So!  Let’s meet the mages!

  • Maar  The red mage of Determination.  Easily the strongest of Gaster’s students.  Not much is known of his upbringing or family; he’s a very quiet guy and mostly keeps to himself.  Despite his normally subdued personality, he has become the unofficial “leader” of the mages, with his strong will and head-strong stubbornness making him an ideal leadership figure.  Has a profound moral compass and is impossible to stop once he has set his mind to something.  Also has heterochromia; right eye is blue, left eye is brown.
  • Orion  The orange mage of Bravery.  A feral child.  Was raised by nomads in the wilderness and is extremely outgoing and fearless.  As a young boy he saved a girl from a bear attack, where his powers first manifested.  Impressed by his magic, Gaster took Orion under his wing as his student and attempted to civilize him, with limited success.  Although Orion appears without fear, he has learned a very important lesson in the true meaning of bravery; it is simply not the absence of fear, but knowing your fears and persevering regardless.  A great warrior, he is the most loyal friend you can find.
  • Kaeylen  The yellow mage of Justice.  Raised as a lord’s daughter, she was doted on endlessly and instructed how to be proper and pretty, which infuriated the young rebel.  She refused to be locked up in a house and regularly escaped to play with other children her own age.  Hates any form of injustice and will fight tooth and nail for what’s right.  A fiery young woman with powerful magic to back up her sharp tongue.  Orion and her butt heads frequently but she secretly has a crush on him.
  • Istulya  The green mage of Kindness.  As her title may suggest, Istulya is a compassionate soul with a huge heart.  She will go out of her way to befriend anyone who comes in her path.  A tailor’s daughter, she loves the finer things in life but makes an effort to share her wealth and goods to those less fortunate.  The strongest healer of the group.
  • Haraa The violet mage of Perseverance.  A quiet and gentle soul.  An intellectual, a scholar, and a pacifist who believes in a better world.  She was born very poor and faced many difficulties, but she has persevered through all thanks to her endless optimism and hope of a brighter future.  Crushing so hard on Cicero.
  • Galen  The cyan mage of Patience.  A sailor, born and raised.  As such he has weathered countless storms and braved many perilous travels and has conquered them all.  A master astronomer, he and Gaster share a common interest in the stars and planets and spend many nights gazing at the night sky.  Through his travels, Galen has learned the importance of patience, and rolls with whatever punches life can throw at him.
  • Cicero  The blue mage of Integrity. Although raised from a very wealthy home, he has learned the value of humility and justice.  He does not allow his moral compass to be swayed by riches and politics, instead choosing to be a strong moral leader or his community.  Using his silver tongue and political savvy he was able to become an advisor for the human king and has done everything in his power to improve the well being of monsters and humans … with limited success.

Will we see these mages again?  Who the hell knows!  But I know one thing!

I have a problem.