orion town


Smoking Turkish cigarettes in
The thumb of the Midwest when
The sulfur fills the trees
On the Fourth of July
You and I
We travel the gravel going home

More pairings that could have their own Hercules AU:

☆ Knock Out and Breakdown: KO is def Megara– beautiful frame, knows how to work it, uses his charms to lure other mecha. Breakdown is just… a big ol’ softy. He’s a nice guy, really! Just… sometimes he breaks stuff… also he can kick aft when he wants to…

☆ Megatron and Optimus Prime: BOIIII YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING. Megatron is Megara partially by name, but also because I want to see him try to charm up Orion/Optimus but end up getting his advances rejected, so he grumbles “Wonder Mech, you are perfect.” This one I would mix up a bit. Like Megs is a gladiator who has been tasked with luring a particular high-baller but new guy in town Orion/Optimus gets mistaken for them instead. Over time Megs realizes there’s more than meets the eye to this one, and also he falls in love– even after he realizes the mistake. Shit goes down, Orion proves he worthy to become a “true Prime” or whatever. Bam. Probably TFA.

☆ Shockwave and Blurr: SPPPEAAAKING OF TFA… let’s just cut out the middle-Megara with this one. Well, sorta. Let’s have Shockwave be the mech who is desperately trying to regain power/his place among the elites/gods, so he shape-shifts into personas that lure victims to their doom. But then, WHOOSH, faster than a plasma blast comes this super-speedy mech from out of town. Blurr is a fast talker, but only in the literal sense. He’s otherwise the most earnest mech Shockwave has ever met. So he let’s his guard down a little when he’s around him… but oh, wait, he can’t exactly tell him who he REALLY is, can he…?

Don't Open Your Eyes

There was a cave up in the mountains that the town below swore a monster lived there. A terrifying one, were the woman was so hideous, she turned people to stone.

And rumors like that circled the town, even to modern day. They were turned mostly into scary stories to tell the children to keep them for wandering up the mountain, but the elders would remember of a time someone did. And never returned.

Orion stood in town square, his dark hair back in a ponytail, fixing his charcoal suit and watching as the moving van drive by.



Adirondack Amish Holler - Frontier Ruckus

These guys are so good.