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Honestly the Orion Pax Arc of TFP is great. 
Like the animators deserve a big hug for the brilliant way they handled the difference between Orion and Optimus.

They changed NOTHING of his frame or design, and yet they managed to make Orion his own character. All the changes were emotional and they captured it perfectly. With the optics alone they managed to portray how different Optimus and Orion really are and I just… 

Here we have Orion

(Look at this angry nerd please someone wrap him in a protective blanket he deserved nothing of the shit that happened to him)

Now look at Optimus

Yeh idk I just really like this small thing and I haven’t seen anyone else point it out so… I’ll just see myself out

Imagine a convo like this during the Orion Pax arc...
  • Orion: You... used Dark Energon? How?
  • Megatron: I... inserted it directly into my own spark, then I--
  • Orion: Hold on. Wait.
  • Orion (to Soundwave): Did he really...?
  • Soundwave: *nods*
  • Orion: Oh Primus, Creator of all, what THE FRAG were you thinking?!?
  • Megatron: *scoff* You don't think I could have handled the power?
  • Orion: YOU COULD HAVE DIED! I don't give a scrap heap about whether you could control it or not. Megatron, you placed the very essence of death and destruction into your spark chamber!
  • Orion: And what would have happened then? If you had ceased to function?
  • Orion: You constantly belittle Starscream's command-- publicly. It's clear to everyone who follows you-- and possibly our enemy-- that you don't want Starscream to lead! You waste his time and talents with the promise of leadership opportunities...
  • Megatron: *growls* I promise NOTHING.
  • Orion: ...Even when he performs his duties amicably and efficiently, you give him no reward. What message does that send to your troops?
  • Megatron: His reward is his life! The fact that I allow that traitorous mech to even function on my ship... he should be grateful.
  • Orion: ...So you don't actually trust him, or LIKE HIM enough to be a true heir to the Decepticons.
  • Megatron: No. I do not trust him.
  • Orion: Alright, then what about Soundwave?
  • Soundwave: *stops his work and quietly excuses himself. Nope, not doing this today.*
  • -- DOORS CLOSE --
  • Megatron: What about Soundwave? You know him too, he has been here since the beginning.
  • Orion: He may have been here the longest but he is not meant for as large a role as leader... and he knows it too.
  • Megatron: Soundwave is my most loyal. I trust him completely. The only reason I don't have him as my second is so that we can BOTH keep an optic on Starscream. Get to your POINT, Orion!
  • Orion: You disappeared for 3 years, leaving Starscream to care for and coordinate your armies.
  • Orion: He does a fine job continuing your expansion whether you like it or not, and even takes out a member of the primary Autobot squadron.
  • Orion: Energon production is not up significantly, but it's not down either-- likely the best anyone could have done in times like these.
  • Orion: But then you return, beating and tossing him this way and that, barely even acknowledging his work!
  • Orion: Your troops see this, and any respect Starscream has garnered during his time commanding has gone out the window.
  • Orion: And you MUST know this, somewhere in your processor. And I know you are also aware that Soundwave could not have filled your pedes in your absence, otherwise you would have specified as such.
  • Orion: If you had died, Starscream could not resume his command after you laid waste to everyone's opinion of him. Soundwave could not have taken over because he simply could not handle it.
  • Orion: There would be a power vacuum. Any and all strong Decepticons within a few stellar cycles journey from here would compete for dominance, dividing your forces. The message would be lost... your armies, scattered.
  • Orion: The Autobots... would WIN.
  • Megatron: ....
  • Megatron: *gets up to loom over Orion/Optimus*
  • Megatron: You seem to have a lot to say for someone who has essentially been in stasis for millions of vorns.
  • Orion: *huff* All I'm saying is that you aren't using your intellect and prospective reasoning! You keep acting on your first instinct instead of thinking things through. What happened to the strategist? The gladiator with a plan?
  • Megatron: ...
  • Orion: ... talk to me. What is it about the Autobots that make you lose your focus?
  • Megatron: ...
  • Megatron: *knocks hand away* We will discuss this later, Orion.
  • Orion: ... do you even know what it's doing to your spark now? I doubt you can fully purge Dark Energon, as energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
  • Orion: *reaches out* Please... as your friend, I am asking you to seek medical attention... if only so we can better understand what must happen now.
  • Megatron: ...
  • Megatron: ... I have things I must attend to.
  • -- DOORS CLOSE --
TFP MegOP what-if

Yo imagine if like, for a long time Orion had been working up the gumption to tell Megatron how he felt but it ended up coming out at literally the worst time? And the situation doesn’t wrap up all pretty with a bow on top, no, Megatron is basically something like: “What the FUCK Orion, don’t tell me heavy shit like that I am way too pissed/stressed rn!” because life isn’t a romcom and whatnot.

So picture the immediate aftermath of that fateful day before the council. Orion had onlined that morning thinking: “Yes. Today is the day– I will say it. We will all be so proud, and then I’ll just… tell him.” (Woo yes honey, breathe Orion, you got this bby.)

But then, shit, Orion comes out of that meeting long after Megatron stormed away. Their talks went on for so long it’s already dark outside. They want him to become a candidate for the Primacy. They want him to… no, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be! He can’t do this…right? He can’t…

He didn’t know what he was expecting, but somehow a tiny portion of his spark had hoped Megatron would stick around for him, sulking out of sight in the shadows. He could really use some support right now.

But Megatron isn’t there.

Orion has a good idea of where to find him however, and sets off to their usual place. He needs to tell him; he needs to tell him… so many things…

But when he gets there, Soundwave stands up and blocks his path.

“Soundwave, what is the meaning of this?” Orion says, careful not to show his frustration.“I must speak to Megatronus.”

“Orion Pax: untrustworthy.” Soundwave replies, unwavering. Orion swears he can hear a hint of bitterness in his tone. Despite this, he squares himself, standing up straighter to better look Soundwave in the… faceplate. (To the best of his ability)

“Soundwave. Please.” Orion says evenly, “It is important.”

Important.” Megatron snorts and parrots mockingly somewhere behind Soundwave.

“Yes, I–”

“Our values are vastly different, Orion Pax. What you deem as ‘important’ is, quite frankly, of no interest to me right now.”

Orion has nothing to say to that. He knows he shouldn’t press, so he waits for whatever Megatron will say next.

“…I should have known.” Seeing this becoming a conversation, Soundwave steps aside enough so that Orion can see Megatron, but does well to keep a servo in place to prevent access.

“I should not have expected the council to see so far beyond their own cast. Entitlement has bred ignorance–”

“–And ignorance has bred fear, misunderstanding…” Orion supplies. It’s a bad move on his part because Megatron’s helm shoots up to glare at him from where he is seated.

“Misunderstanding or not, my message was clear. This is quite the setback. I see now that the council cannot be reasoned with…”


“–What are you still doing here? It isn’t enough that you’ve gained your council’s favor? Go home, Orion Pax.” Megatron’s words are firm and biting, and though he had been prepared for some backlash it still causes Orion to pause for a moment.

“… Megatron that was never my inten–”

“Then what WAS your intention, Pax? What did you think would happen when you undermined me in front of the council??”

“I was trying to help!” Orion clenched his servos reflexively, taking a step in emphasis only for his chassis to come in contact with Soundwave.

“Don’t be a fool Megatron; though your message was sound, your delivery… it was not sitting well with them. I saw that we needed an intervention, I saved the cause!” What possessed him to shout back like that, Orion may never know, but he is quite sure that he has never felt his spark sink so fast and so far when Megatron gets up and starts to walk towards him, ever so slowly. Like an awakened predator.

He never thought he would see those optics so cold.



When he reaches him, Megatron leans down so that they are optic to optic; Orion lets out a shuddering exvent he hadn’t realized he was holding and Soundwave dismisses himself. They hold each other’s gaze for a few long kliks before Megatron breaks the silence with a low, venomous growl.

“…Have you come to gloat, son of Iacon?”


“Then what is it?”

“I– because, you–”

“–Why are you here?!?”

“BECAUSEILOVEYOU!!!” Orion immediately gasps and slaps a servo to his intake. No, he didn’t… scrap. SCRAP, no, not like this!!

“No, I… w-what I meant to say was… the council, since they– well, we can work with this! We can come up with a plan, I can work on the inside. W-we can–”

“–Go. HOME, son of Iacon.” Megatron’s optics flare in emphasis, his unspoken emotions are pretty clear. He can’t deal with this right now, there are far more important things. It’s unnecessary, it’s inappropriate, it’s–

“–Megatron…” Orion reaches for him, pleading with his optics for some sort of support, some reassurance.

Things Megatron cannot provide him with.

He swiftly straightens, watching Orion’s expression and extended servo fall.

“Go back to your council and warn them if you so desire.” Megatron says, turning sharply and heading back towards his seat. He pauses only a moment, clenching his servos even tighter and speaking over his shoulder.

“My war is coming for them.”

He doesn’t turn around until he has heard Orion’s retreat. Megatron looks on at his friend’s receding form, outlined and illuminated by moonlight. Perhaps, another time, perhaps… if things were different…

He shakes his helm. No. The time for daydreaming is over– no longer will he write poems of emotional turmoil and social reform– now it is time to act. He grabs a cube of high grade, watching the horizon.

“And for Pits sake, Orion.” He adds to himself, so quiet not even Soundwave can make it all out:

“…Stay out of trouble.

bellarosepope  asked:

TSC TUESDAY YUSSSSS. Okay, what are some things that are likely to offend your characters the most? ALL OF THE CHARACTERS. (Jk, that's too many! Just the main gang please :D )

Oh yes dis is goooooooood….

Tobias: digs at his family/loved ones. He does punch someone in the nose for calling his sister a cripple. Actually, he punches a few noses for digs at his lovie loves…

Leila: sexism. People treating her like she’s stupid or incapable.

Delphi: a combo of both of the above, though her reaction would be significantly more tame. She will get back at you without you even realizing it.

Enzo: insulting his queen, his people.

Flynn: undermining his strength, charm, and manliness. He’s the leader, dammit!

Raphael: rampant stupidity. All the stupid people… he can’t escape.

Orion: nothing gets under his skin. He’s living in a fog.

Zander: people being mean to poor little animals. 

Kaleo: nothing. But he’s used to succeeding, so if something doesn’t go his way, that would throw him for a look and aggravate him.

Drake: people denying his formidable capabilities. 

Antaeus: anyone stepping to him in any sort of fashion. 

Cosima: not getting what she is entitled to. 

Pippa: people treating her like she’s stupid.

Brontes: disrespect.

Pre-War Senate

“Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons!”

That’s all that it has been about. Sure we got stories with characters and this happens on earth and everything that, but for so long the background has been just that. Megatron leads the Decepticons, Megatron is a tyrant, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to fight the Decepticons, to fight for freedom for all sentient beings.

I will admit that the only continuities I know of is G1, Animated, Aligned and IDW. Maybe Dreamwave had some background, maybe did the Unicron Trilogy, but it feels for me that it wasn’t until Aligned and IDW that the focus went from the current war towards how it did start. We got Megatron Origins, a miniseries that was first intended to be part of the Dreamwave comics but when that went under it was picked up by IDW some time into IDW’s run.

Then we got the Binder of Revelations, Aligned’s Pitch Bible which did go into the background of Cybertron and background of Megatron and Optimus Prime. A detailed look into what made the world of Transformers for the Aligned continuity. And then lastly we got James Roberts’s work in MTMTE and the first Transformers Ongoing’s Chaos Theory.

And because I can’t really resist I’ll go into James Roberts’ pre-war Era, focusing on the Senate that partially created the situation that paved the grounds for Megatron and the war.

One thing that everyone manages to associate the Senate with is the rampant Functionism. And it starts at the beginning.

Nova Major, after all the Primes were gone, except Alpha Trion, worked with Alpha Trion and Galvatron to create a new government in Cybertron. He put him as the leader of Cybertron with everyone following him. No longer there were Thirteen Primes that split Cybertron into different groups, but only one Prime. And Nova Prime, using the Creation Matrix as a symbol of the Primes, set himself as that leader. And he had ideas on how Cybertron should be ruled.

The Senate might have come a bit later, where Nova wouldn’t be able to handle all the day-to-day of ruling Cybertron. He would have chosen those that he deemed worthy of ruling, not one of those beastformers or any others that would not be fit to rule according to Nova Prime. That would be the basis of the Cybertronian Senate.

Nova Prime, not wanting to stop at Cybertron but also wanted to spread the Cybertronian race to the stars, took critical decisions to accomplish that. But one of those decisions was the construction of the First Ark, which took him and his band of close friends and followers to the Dead Universe, leaving Cybertron without a Prime to rule them.

Nominus Prime is the one that comes in Nova’s stead. But he is barely a footnote in the history of Cybertron, despite the fact that he ruled for a while. What changed?

The fact is that the Senate gained in power after Nova’s disappearance. Maybe they were without a Prime for a while as they were waiting for Nova’s return, maybe Nominus Prime was weak-willed. But the Senate gained in power, maybe this was when the Cog was formed, but the position of a Prime weakened, leaving Nominus to be a figurehead. What is known is that Functionism grew in that era, most likely to make sure that the “appropriate” people were left in charge.

If Nova Prime hadn’t disappeared the problem wouldn’t have developed. As Nova Prime disappeared so did the interest in expanding to the stars. But the Cybertronian race continued to grow. Extravagant style became the norm, and the energy of Vector Sigma is seemingly endless. Senator Shockwave noticed the problem that would come to this but no one listened. No one cared for the truth because it was inconvenient, because it was dangerous. It was a long time ago that the Senate stopped serving the people of Cybertron and began serving themselves.

But even though they kept denying what was happening, it didn’t mean that things were going unnoticed by others. It isn’t exactly easy for a miner to see the growing energy crisis, but he sees the unrest in society, he sees the unfairness of it all as bots like him receive less fuel and face the fact that there is no upwards mobility for someone like him.

And that does not go unnoticed by those who want to keep things as they are. The Senate does everything it can to make sure that people are happy where they are. Functionism becomes a tool to reassure the people that they got a place in society, because even when they don’t have a favorable place in it they’re still part of society in whole and there is no need to start ask questions.

And those that persist in asking questions, well…

There are other methods to control them.

Proteus was a big player behind the Pre-war Senate. He was among the most pro-active members of the Senate, ready to take the big decisions and take responsibility for them. In a bid to gain the Power of the Matrix of Leadership he attacked Nominus Prime with the help of Sentinel, the head of security, and then staged it to look like an Terrorist attack, framing the anti-Functionist Triple M faction. But as the Matrix was proven false Proteus arranged it so that Nominus Prime was killed so he could put his own pawn, Sentinel, as the Prime, for him to command and control.

Proteus was the one who really started the second Civil War of Cybertron. He issued the clampdown, he launched the Deception Registration Act, he probably issued the order to brainwash Megatron. His quest for power and his pro-active ways to keep the Senate in power caused severe ripple among the population of Cybertron, one that enabled Megatron to be heard by others and others agreeing with him as they were suffering from the opression of the Senate.

The Tyrant is dead. Long live the Tyrant.

Sentinel Prime was however always a puppet. He didn’t last long and Proteus controlled him. All the control Sentinel had was to make his own Elite Guards that he commanded, not the Senate and not Proteus. He chased down annoying rebels that barely got the attention of the Senate itself. And when the Senate fell he fell in turn, arrogant and believing his own hype which was his downfall.

Zeta comes then forwards, one of those modified by Shockwave to carry the Matrix. He had his eyes set on the price for a long time, and Orion Pax was nothing but a tool in his hands to get him the title of Prime. Zeta Prime manipulated Orion Pax and his outlier pack to be tools of terror, annoying the Senate, especially as they fought for the Hot Spot. While the Hot Spot was in the shape of a hand, and it could have been used as Functionist proof, those that wanted to take over wanted to experiment on the hot spot to create Outliers, which is not a Functionist agenda.

Zeta simply saw the opportunity to use Orion Pax to harass the senate, driving his own agenda through. And then finally, after getting more power and influence within the senate, he “stopped” Orion Pax and his gang, handing them over to Sentinel Prime to be part of the Autobot Security Services. Orion Pax and Trailbreaker were in the Autobot Security Services during the events of Megatron Origins.

When Zeta became Prime after Sentinel’s death it was more of a military takeover than anything. He began to aggressively recruit Autobots to make sure that the Decepticons didn’t have that many people among them. He also gave more rights to the disposable class so that the Decepticons lost even more followers and it undermined the message of the Decepticons. While he did rebuild the Senate he elevated the position of Prime back to how it was when Nova Prime was still around.

But power corrupts, and it was Zeta’s downfall. He was much more effective dictator than Sentinel or Proteus was, but Megatron was better. Zeta had to fight the energon crisis that was in full swing and he had to fight the Decepticons at the same time.

The Senate before the war behaved arrogantly, disregarded those that they were supposed to serve and only served their own and their own agenda. The responsibility are on them. Megatron would have always voiced his discontent with the system, but what could have adverted what happened is if the Senate had listened, acknowledged the flaws in the system and the growing energon crisis. But that never happened, and thus the Autobot/Decepticon war began and continues to rage on.

anonymous asked:

Ask 1-- Hi :) I've been dying to ask you this question but I've been away for a few weeks and I didn't have internet connection. Firstly, I hope you're well. I've missed so much of your blog and I'm looking through it now. I just got back home now and one of the first things I did was check your blog (I havent even eaten yet lol). Secondly, my question to you is really random. Ever since your blog I've become really interested in Sirius Black and his family (i was always a remus lover).

Ask 2– So I was looking up headcanons of Sirius Black and then ended up looking up headcanons for his family too. I’ve read so many good headcanons about Regulus and Walburga, but I noticed that there is nothing on Orion Black. So I thought I might ask you if you have any headcanons about Orion Black? I always thought that Orion was the person that Sirius feared most. It seems like he’s not scared of his mum even though she yells a lot.

Ask 3– But I think his dad was more silent so when he lost his temper it was more frightening. And I also think that he was a powerful wizard because he put so many enchantments on the house. And its also weird that Kreacher never talks about him. He talks about Walburga and Regulus, but I dont think hes ever mentioned Orion. Maybe he wasnt home often? What do you think? I’m always more interested in the characters that we dont know much about, its so annoying lol. Thanks! :)

I feel very much so like Orion was a no funny business type of man. He was kind and treated Walburga well, but he wasn’t a man of romance or much emotion. He saw marriage more as a logical next step than an act of love. Not to say that he didn’t love his wife, because he honestly did. He was lucky enough to find both in his own life. 

That being said though, he is a very logical man. To the point, must be punctual, very routine. He had a set schedule and that had to be obeyed. Sirius actually often times found himself almost scheduling appointments as a kid just to talk to his dad; but after a while, Sirius just gave up trying to have him fit in the time for his own son. 

Orion was also the disciplinarian. Walburga would threaten her boys with going to their father’s office if they got too unruly and if Sirius talked back too much he would find himself sat in a far too large chair in a far too large office, being yelled at by a far too terrifying father. Orion would never hit his children, as it wasn’t a pure-blood thing to do. They do not stoop that low as to use muggle tactics on other wizards and witches. Yet, Sirius would be screamed at if his father was mad, and sometimes if it was really bad, Sirius would get what he used to call “the scary whisper voice” (coined at age six when he accidentally broke an heirloom vase). 

It was a voice that was often accompanied by the one form of punishment Sirius hated. He could take the screaming, the degrading words, even the confescating of all good things he had (seeing James being a major one in his later years). Those terrible things almost didn’t faze him anymore, as he put up his wall and ignored most of what they said. Yet, whenever Orion used his “scary whisper voice”, Sirius would go right back to being six years old and receiving his first magical punishment. It wasn’t a crucio, as that was only used once on him and by his mother (right before he ran away), yet it was a similar, less severe type of stinging pain that was delivered throughout his body. After all these years, it didn’t even hurt that much, yet the idea of it hurt more. The fact that Orion was wiling to hurt him to get his point across was terrifying. 

Sirius hated his mother, as she was overbearing, controlling, and a downright bitch to him. Yet, he was actually terrified of his father, which fucked him up in so many ways (lol @ my Alone Together series self promo ayyee).

So yeah, Orion was a dick to his kids when he got pissed, but otherwise wasn’t really around. He wasn’t uncaring, but just had a bad temper and poor views on life.  

dailygardevoir  asked:

How about 35 for everyone!!

35) What activities do they enjoy, but consider to be a waste of time?

Orion: Nothing at all! if he enjoys it, it’s not a waste!

Reina: Again, nothing at all really

Ciel: Lifting weights. She feels there’s no way she can get stronger on the count she’s already strong O:

Delphine: Doesn’t really have anything she feels is a waste of time. She enjoys every minute she has :D

Ilona: Same thing really. She’s a bit of a workaholic so doing work is her thing

Ubel: Mostly taking down bounties that really gone and fucked up oo3 While he does enjoy beating the ever living shit out of them, he wished they just surrendered.

On Friday, December 19th the most historic launch you’ll never hear of will happen.

SpaceX will be launching their CRS-5 mission to the International Space Station. It’s carrying food, water and scientific equipment.

The excitement happens after that stuff separates from the rockets first stage.

For the first time in history the rocket will fly back to Earth and softly touch down upright so it can be used again for a future launch.

Success in this endeavor has potential to immediately cut launch costs by 50%. If it proves to be consistently successful, then even more than 50%. Anyone who wants to live in a time where humanity steps into the stars should be paying attention to this.

The Orion launch is nothing compared to the importance of Friday’s launch.

orion pax - part 1 // part 2

orion asks many questions

so megatron says, and so orion - optimus - does. he asks about starscream - the second-in-command of the decepticons, or so the historical records tell him. and megatron tells him that starscream is dead. but orion doesn’t quite believe him - and megatron knows it

it is a matter of time before he unravels our fabrications, and his innate sense of right and wrong rises to the surface

it’s soundwave he tells this to, safely out of orion’s earshot

i only hope that orion will complete project iacon before i am forced to destroy him once and for all

megatron doesn’t hope that optimus will remain with the decepticon cause. he doesn’t hope that orion will once against stand by his side. he hopes only that optimus will complete his work before he must terminate him

optimus has barely even started  to work - he has decoded a mere three coordinates - and megatron already plans to finish him. to use him, and then to discard him. to kill him

and when orion discovers the truth, megatron does away with pretense altogether

there is no gentle persuasion, no attempt to explain away the lies or the deception. orion asks his questions, and megatron doesn’t answer. he’s there to get what he wants out of orion before he dies, nothing more

and then megatron leaves orion to the not-so-tender mercies of his guards

maybe they’ve been ordered not to kill him - not yet, anyway. but there’s no pretending anymore, not anymore

and then orion pax discovers something about himself