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Put to the Test: Orion Service Module

Blasted with sound, shaken for hours and pyro detonated, the Orion Service Module Completes Ground Tests at our Glenn Research Center

We recently completed a structural integrity evaluation on the test version of the Orion service module at our Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. Designed to ensure the module can withstand launch atop the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, the battery of tests was conducted in stages over a 16-month period.

The 13-ton European service module will power, propel and cool Orion, while supplying vital oxygen and water to its crew during future missions.

The Powerhouse: Space Launch System and Orion

Our Space Launch System is an advanced launch vehicle that will usher in a new era of human exploration beyond Earth’s orbit. SLS, with its unparalleled power and capabilities, will launch missions to explore deep-space destinations aboard our Orion spacecraft.

What is Orion? Named after one of the largest constellations in the night sky and drawing from more than 50 years of spaceflight research and development, the Orion spacecraft will be the safest, most advanced spacecraft ever built. It will be flexible and capable enough to take astronauts to a variety of deep destinations, including Mars.

Welcome to the Buckeye State

In November 2015, the full-sized test version of the Orion service module arrived at Cleveland Hopkins Airport aboard an Antonov AN-124. After being unloaded from one of the world’s largest transport aircraft, the module was shipped more than 50 miles by truck to Plum Brook for testing.

Spread Your Wings

The first step of the service module’s ground test journey at Plum Brook’s Space Power Facility, saw one of its 24-foot solar array wings deployed to verify operation of the power system. The test confirmed the array extended and locked into place, and all of the wing mechanisms functioned properly.

Can You Hear SLS Now?

The SLS will produce a tremendous amount of noise as it launches and climbs through our atmosphere. In fact, we’re projecting the rocket could produce up to 180 decibels, which is louder than 20 jet engines operating at the same time.

While at the Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility, the service module was hit with more than 150 decibels and 20-10,000 hertz of sound pressure. Microphones were placed inside the test environment to confirm it matched the expected acoustic environment during launch.

After being blasted by sound, it was time to rock the service module, literally.

Shake Without the Bake 

Launching atop the most powerful rocket ever built – we’re talking more than eight million pounds of thrust – will subject Orion to stresses never before experienced in spaceflight.

To ensure the launch doesn’t damage any vital equipment, the engineering team utilized the world’s most powerful vibration table to perform nearly 100 different tests, ranging from 2.5 Hz to 100 Hz, on the module in the summer of 2016. 

Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

The team then moved the Orion test article from the vibration table into the high bay for pyroshock tests, which simulated the shock the service module will experience as it separates from the SLS during launch.

Following the sound, vibration and separation tests, a second solar array wing deployment was conducted to ensure the wing continued to properly unfurl and function.

Headed South for the Summer

The ground test phase was another crucial step toward the eventual launch of Exploration Mission-1, as it validated extensive design prep and computer modeling, and verified the spacecraft met our safety and flight requirements.

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Stress like wax; melting away

A/N) hi guys! This is the written part of a request by an anon from the prompt list. This was fun to write, and I hope you guys enjoy it! As always, the texts were by @credence-needs-a-hug and @its-always-you–john-watson
And the writing was just by the first one listed.
Remus rolled his head around his shoulders in a futile attempt to stop the ache. He sighed in agitation. He could barely keep his eyes open, they hurt so much. His back was glaring with pain, as were his knees. He limped down the street, his mind focused on home and home only.

When he came to the door of his and Sirius’ apartment, he pushed his forehead against the cool wood to relieve the heat and sweat that had accumulated there. Eyes closed, he numbly searched for the keyhole and pushed the door open before allowing himself to stumble inside.

When the door was closed behind him, he turned to the living room. Empty. Usually, Sirius would be waiting for him there to ask him about his day with wide, bright eyes and an excited expression. But there was no puppy dog in sight. The only sign of life was the gentle sounds of the bathtub from the back of the apartment. His mind flickered back to the text conversation he had shared with his boyfriend earlier before he wandered back to the source of the sound.

The bathroom was lit only with candles, flickering white and orange over purple wax, filling the room with the scent of lavender. Heat rolled out of the room from the tub, which was filled with water and rose petals, as well as thousands of bubbles and galaxy colors, from what Remus could only assume were bath bombs.

And leaning against the back of the tub with his eyes closed was Sirius. His arm as were resting on either side of the tub, back pressed against the wall, muscles relaxed under his wet, tan skin. His face was completely blank, and the only sign of life was the rise and fall of his chest.

Remus stood there for a minute, taking in the scene. “You gonna stand there and gawk or are you gonna join me?” Sirius spoke suddenly, startling Remus into awareness. He laughed softly. “This is perfect,” he said, beginning to pull off his jumper. “I know, right!” Sirius exclaimed, opening his eyes. The grey irises were shimmering with pride. “I’m pretty great.”

After stripping, Remus walked over to the bath, tentatively placing one foot in the water and immediately melting into the heat. He folded his long limbs into the confines of the tub, laying back against Sirius’ chest and letting out a hum of contentment.

That hum turned into a sigh of relaxation when Sirius’ hands began to run soothing circles into his shoulders and neck. Remus slumped his head forward to give Sirius more room. “Merlin,” he groaned as Sirius worked out a knot in his neck, “What on earth did I do to deserve you?”

Sirius laughed. “You didn’t eat people like all the other werewolf boys.” Remus chuckled gently, eyes drifting shut. “That’s it,” Sirius encouraged. “Relax for once in your life.”

And he did. He relaxed for the first time in months. He let his body slacken and become putty in the water and he let Sirius wash and dress him. And then he was under the covers, aches and pains and worries gone, drained like the water of the tub. And as Remus was pulled into sleep, and Sirius pressed his lips to his forehead, he felt something warm inside. A reminder that Sirius was the love of his life.

  • Remus, in the middle of the night when every one is just about asleep: You know, I'm not a violent person, but I don't think I would mind too much if Snape internally combusted. Just fell over dead one day.
  • Sirius:
  • James:
  • Peter:
  • Remus: what

late night scribbles of @scaredycrow​ and @spiral-stair-case ‘s kiddos Lyhrri the gnoll cartomancer and Orion the lionfolk bodyguard in our other current Pathfinder game I’m DMing, a modified post-apocalyptic version of the “Iron Gods” campaign path (but where everybody is furries). I guess I wanted to draw tanish-brown things tonight…


Orion rides high above,
or so we perceive,
A jagged dark silhouette
of a treeline to the east
as gravel crunches and rolls
beneath my boots
I’m seeing something
a paler shade of gray blue
rolling and folding over itself
and I wonder so I walk
into the shadows until I see
one hundred yards
and one hundred years away
the leaping flames of a bonfire
around which dark figures stand
inside a circle of warmth and light
smoke rising into cool sharp air,

And it hits

So hard I can’t breathe

I am lost
two thousand light years away
out of reach and in the dark
and I’m never going home again
and I could walk and I could run
but I’ll never be able to reach
where they are
the fire could burn forever
but it doesn’t for me
I kept running circles
on roads that never end
until I’ve forgotten how
to come back to the places
roads are meant to lead to
I am the shadow
invisible inside the night
staring through blurred eyes
at something I let get away
refusing to realize
it might not come back

follow-the-velak  asked:

I'd love to know about Orion Crookedtail!

Orion is my Blood Legionnaire! I haven’t thought too much about him, but Orion is such a gentleman by Charr standards. He is very much a father figure to many, but I am debating on whether he sired a few cubs or not. Or if he was brought back from the mists (since he’s a Revenant) and finds out his cubs are long gone, or all grown up. He is very scarred and, yes has a crooked tail from breaking it, and these may be indicators for how he possibly died.

Out of all my Charr characters, who do you want to know about the most?

My asks are open so send them there! This will give me incentive to draw specific characters I haven’t drawn before!

Row one: Syrax Brighteyes, Rowan Bittersteel, Necalli Zealruin, Orion Crookedtail

Row two: Ghan Houndmaster, Saga Farjump, Raemura Seasmoke

Row three: Morgana Chainmeld, Iskra Jaggedwhip, Arrax Rockjaw, Agent Caraxes