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Maggie Kachedorian||18 || Blind || FC:Alexandra Daddario|| OPEN
Roses have thorns. Nature often works that way. Entities of great beauty usually have a catch. Maggie was blessed with gorgeous eyes, their brilliant hue incited envy in many of her peers. Yet there was one major draw back. Their beauty stemmed from a disorder that would eventually take away Maggie’s sight. Growing up she tried to absorb all she could with her sight while she has it. As her vision deteriorated so did her confidence. It all seemed so unfair. She was a gentle, girl who loved photography which let her capture images she wanted to embed within her memory. Often she would insist on not moving from a place, so that she could observe every little facet of the scene. Her focus was unparalleled at times. When her sight finally declined to the point of being legally blind  a few months ago she spiraled into a depression. Acting like a recluse she refused to try to learn how to live as a blind woman. Instead she laid in bed day in and day out allowing her mother to wait on her. No longer was she clinging to her sight. The girl had forsaken hope. Fearful that she would go on like this indefinitely her parents begrudgingly enrolled her into Brookhaven. Will she learn to cope, or be blindsided by unseen dangers within Brookhaven’s walls?