Apartment Buildings by RethaSim

(No custom content, using moveobjects on cheat and only basepack items - we can ALL play! :D)

This remake of 33 Bricktown (by Yoda65), was done with permission from the orinial creator. I added 2 more apartment buildings and completely redid the interiors. I wanted the outsides of the buildings to reflect a town with heritage and history, but the interiors to look like modern interiors that had been renovated, refurbished, refurnished or redone for contemporary living.

Many rooms from this building are known from my catalog “Blue Moon Artist Studio” (that got a Maxis favour this morning :D), Modern Apartment Kitchen, Modern Apartment Babyroom and Kitchen. Each building has its own style.

Far right has 3 bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs. It was made for a family with children or expanding. It has a nursery, boy bedroom with ensuite bathroom, girl bedroom with ensuite bath and main bedroom and living spaces downstairs. Anthony Arty and Tatjana Knox will move in there with their new baby girl.

The second building has a stunning downstairs openplan and upstairs Artist studio/Bedroom where Anna Arty (Anthony’s sister) might stay on after renovating the apartment and adding her artistic flair to these buildings interiors.

The third was done in an old motel or hotel style … Not quite sure what to call it, but it is totally different to the other two. Let me know which one you like the most! Maybe Katja and her summer holiday surfer romance can live there! The twins shouldn’t be separated.

Enjoy beautiful Simsters!


Love from #RethaSim

Patriarch Kirill Visits Convent of St. Heracleidius

PRAVMIR. June 8, 2012. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia visited the Convent of St. Heracleidius as part of his official visit to the Orthodox Church of Cyprus.

The Primates of the Churches of Russia and Cyprus were greeted at the convent courtyard by Metropolitan Isaiah of Tamasos and Orinis; Argirios Papanastasiou, Nicosia district officer; Andreas Voskaris, community president; and the clergy of the diocese and sisters of the convent.

Following their welcome, His Holiness, Patriarch Kirill, and His Beatitude, Archbishop Chrysostomos, proceeded to the convent’s church, dedicated to St. Heracleidius, where a supplicatory service was celebrated.

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anonymous asked:

Why does Clea have white hair if her mom has black hair and her father is bald? And how do her bangs curl up like that? And why she never has shoes on she walks around in stockings

~*~*~*~ MAGIC ~*~*~*~

but, there are comics that depict Orini having hair and it is white.  You can say its because he’s old and he’s gone gray.  or you can say he has white hair. 

Also, Umar is Faltine and is basically taking a human-esque form and Orini is not human, so who the heck knows how their genetics works.  They’re different creatures. they don’t work by our rules. 

I assume they curl through hard work and dedication. 

if you notice, a lot of times Stephen doesn’t wear shoes either.  It seems to be a thing they like to do.  and i mean, if you can make yourself fly then why bother with shoes?

Orini Nafpaktia- Jazz in the Greek Mountains

I’ve already written what a weekend in Nafpaktos, central Greece was like: relaxing, stunning scenery and only about a three hour drive from Athens.  That same weekend, Go Nafpaktia offered the Travel Bloggers Greece the opportunity to listen to live jazz in the area known as Orini Nafpaktia: a lush, verdant mountainous region surrounding the town of Nafpaktia.