… The reason why I’m less and less inclined to give Akechi a route in my trollgame as it goes >.< I kind of like this pairing better.

The manipulative ninja and the yandere retainer. They make a fantabulous treacherous couple XD

Heck, it even totally goes hand in hand with one of the most popular conspiracy theories out there, i.e Akechi’s rebellion was assisted by Hideyoshi (because the Hachisuka in real life were Hideyoshi’s minions).

*agas flops around derpily*

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A ship I can’t stand

╞To be perfectly honest with you. There aren’t many that I don’t like in this particular fandom. Although I’m not a huge fan of T/sukishimacest. But I’m not a big incest shipper in general. As for other fandoms… Gonna put that under the cut╡

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