Here is a compilation of all of Hawkeye’s lines from the first five episodes of Brotherhood.

I plan on going through the whole series for this but as I’m pretty new to the fandom I’m wondering if something like this has been done before and what you think of this idea. Please tell me your thoughts!

I already want to thank @everyriza for their blog because it will make the whole Finding Riza process much easier.

The brotp as two of my fav girls in the Digimon series that also happens to be a seiyuus joke~~

Kyuubei: Kuchiki-dono, is that a Chappy eyepatch?

Rukia: I thought I might add my personal touch to the group!

Jyuubei: I think is cute.

As you can see, I take seiyuus jokes seriously…. I guess…

In which Rukia-sama wanted to be part of the Eyepatch Oririn group so they can be the “Oririn Gantai Trio” but she used a Chappy one, mostly because I reused this idea

ๆœจ้‡Ž็ง‹(CV:ๆŠ˜็ฌ ๅฏŒ็พŽๅญ)&้Ÿณ็„กๆ˜ฅๅฅˆ(CV:ไฝใ€…ๆœจๆ—ฅ่œๅญ)&้›ท้–€ๅคๆœช(CV:ๅฐๆž—ๆฒ™่‹—)

流星ボーイ - 木野秋(CV:折笠富美子)&音無春奈(CV:佐々木日菜子)&雷門夏未(CV:小林沙苗)

Ryuusei Boy - Kino Aki (CV: Orikasa Fumiko), Otonashi Haruna (CV: Sasaki Hinako), Raimon Natsumi (CV: Kobayashi Sanae)


CV: Orikasa Fumiko, Happy Birthday!! 2015.12.27

Here some of her roles aka, some of my fav roles ‘cuz if I drew everyone it will be the end for me orz Happy birthday Oririn! I love you, thank you for giving live to my fav charas.

Used the 100 palette chalenge palettes + Black~

If you will say something funny then i will lough...
Orikasa Fumiko - Morita Masakazu
If you will say something funny then i will lough...

Morita: Then, today Orikasa Fumiko who plays Rukia is our guest!

Oririn: Yes!

Morita: Well when we were talking about “who should we invite for the first broadcast, after all they said "it’s has to be Rukia”. At that time i was the one who said “i dont want it, i dont want it!!”

Oririn: You are so mean!! If you dont want it finish the broadcast right now! *giggles*

Morita: Well then i’m gonna finish it right now! At the first broadcast!

Oririn: You are so meaan!! I’ll do my best!

Morita: “I’ll do my best!”

Oririn: “giggles”

Morita: How to i say it, Rukia is bullying him!

Oririn: She is not , she is not!

Morita: Then what is all of it?!

Oririn: She is just being straight…

Morita: Its not about being straight!!

Oririn: Even though she is always being straight he is always fooling around so…

Morita: He is not fooling around! Well even though i (ichigo) fooling around she is not… loughing at all!

Oririn: Thats why i’m telling you i/(she) cant lie!

Morita: This person is the worst…

Oririn: If you will say something funny then i will lough…

Morita: Aah… I’ll do my best…

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary One Piece, they will review the islands that Luffy passed over with songs “One Piece Island Song Collection” series. 26 singles will be released for 3 consecutive months. Characters related to each island will sing from Dawn island where Luffy started sailing as a pirate to Zou.

Released September 27, 2017

  • Dawn Island “The Beginning Jewel "Monkey D. Luffy (Mayumi Tanaka)
  • Goat Island "1st Friend Forever” Coby (Mikio Doi)
  • Sheldown “Road to the Great Swordsman” Roronoa Zoro (Nakai Kazuya)
  • Organ island “Buggy’s Horror Great Circus” Buggy (Shiba Chiba)
  • Gecko Island “Lies Come True” Usopp (Kamihei Yamaguchi)
  • Baratie “Welcome to Baratie” Sanji (Hiroaki Hirata)
  • Konomi Islands “Smile for Freedom” Nami (Akemi Okamura)
  • Logue Town “Beginning and End Town” Smoker & Tashigi (Oka Masato & Noda Junko)

Release on October 25, 2017

  • Cactus Island “For Hometown” Vivi & Igaram (Misa Watanabe & Keiichi Sonobe)
  • Little Garden “Little Garden Museum” Mr.3 & Miss Golden week (Hiyoyu Hiyama & Nakagawa Akiko)
  • Drum Island “Evidently, are you fine with that?” Tony Tony Chopper (Otani Ikue)
  • Sandy Island “Arabasta Game" Crocodile (Ryuzaburo Otomo)
  • Jaya Island "Do not dream! High Energy!” Bellamy (Takagi Wataru)
  • Skypea “Under the name of God” Enel (Tomoyuki Morikawa)
  • Long Ring island “Oyabin, That’s Right!” Foxy (Shimada Satoshi)
  • Water Seven “SHOCK SPIRITS!” Franky (Kazuki Yao)
  • Enies lobby “Want to Be Alive" Nico Robin (Yuriko Yamaguchi)
  • Thriller Bark "Thriller Night / Thriller Bark” Brook (Cho)

Release on November 22, 2017 (song is still undecided)

  • Shabaody Archipelago Kid & Law (Namikawa Daisuke & Kamiya Hiroshi)

  • Amazon Lily Hancock & Sandersonia & Marigold (Kotono Mitsuishi & Chiwa Saito & Kimiko Saito)

  • Impel Down Magellan (Hoshino Mitsuaki)

  • Marineford PortGas D. Ace (Toshio Furukawa)

  • Fishman Island Shirahoshi (Yukana)

  • Punk Hazard Caesar Crown (Takaki Nakao)

  • Dressrosa  Donquixote Doflamingo (Hideyuki Tanaka)

  • Zou Wanda (Orikasa Fumiko) 

PS: This blog will post the songs when it’s released.

Everyone was doing it, I just wanted to be popular or something, might try to do more doodles about this someday and I’m not gonna lie, I was listening non stop to Orikasa Fumiko and Morita Masakazu’s official japanese cover of “Something There”

2016.12.27 Happy birthday Oririn!

Late for Japan time but still is 27 in my country so here have this quick doodle for my favorite seiyuu UwU also I want to welcome Lotte to my list of fav Oririn roles~