Here is a compilation of all of Hawkeye’s lines from the first five episodes of Brotherhood.

I plan on going through the whole series for this but as I’m pretty new to the fandom I’m wondering if something like this has been done before and what you think of this idea. Please tell me your thoughts!

I already want to thank @everyriza for their blog because it will make the whole Finding Riza process much easier.

The brotp as two of my fav girls in the Digimon series that also happens to be a seiyuus joke~~

ๆœจ้‡Ž็ง‹(CV:ๆŠ˜็ฌ ๅฏŒ็พŽๅญ)&้Ÿณ็„กๆ˜ฅๅฅˆ(CV:ไฝใ€…ๆœจๆ—ฅ่œๅญ)&้›ท้–€ๅคๆœช(CV:ๅฐๆž—ๆฒ™่‹—)

流星ボーイ - 木野秋(CV:折笠富美子)&音無春奈(CV:佐々木日菜子)&雷門夏未(CV:小林沙苗)

Ryuusei Boy - Kino Aki (CV: Orikasa Fumiko), Otonashi Haruna (CV: Sasaki Hinako), Raimon Natsumi (CV: Kobayashi Sanae)

Kyuubei: Kuchiki-dono, is that a Chappy eyepatch?

Rukia: I thought I might add my personal touch to the group!

Jyuubei: I think is cute.

As you can see, I take seiyuus jokes seriously…. I guess…

In which Rukia-sama wanted to be part of the Eyepatch Oririn group so they can be the “Oririn Gantai Trio” but she used a Chappy one, mostly because I reused this idea


CV: Orikasa Fumiko, Happy Birthday!! 2015.12.27

Here some of her roles aka, some of my fav roles ‘cuz if I drew everyone it will be the end for me orz Happy birthday Oririn! I love you, thank you for giving live to my fav charas.

Used the 100 palette chalenge palettes + Black~

Everyone was doing it, I just wanted to be popular or something, might try to do more doodles about this someday and I’m not gonna lie, I was listening non stop to Orikasa Fumiko and Morita Masakazu’s official japanese cover of “Something There”

Listen to the voice!!isn’t Troy and Gab who talking but Ichigo and Rukia。*to me* (*゜Q゜*)(*≧∀≦*)

森田 成一 :黒崎一護 :Troy Bolton

折笠 富美子:朽木ルキア:Gabriella Montez

Excuse me for posting this on Bleach tag!

MasterPost for Seiyuu Event Lists

Hiya followers! Due to request I will be making a masterpost for the seiyuu’s that I’ve done seiyuu event lists for! Here you go! 
Heads up I will be updating seiyuu event lists from time to time~ Enjoy!

Male Seiyuu’s

Kamiya Hiroshi 
Sakurai Takahiro 
Miyano Mamoru 
Midorikawa Hikaru 
Konishi Katsuyuki
Toriumi Kousuke 
Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Kakihara Tetsuya 
Maeno Tomoaki 
Okamoto Nobuhiko 
Kaji Yuki 
Ono Daisuke
Namikawa Daisuke  
Yusa Kouji 
Miki Shinichiro
Jun Fukuyama 
Sugita Tomokazu 
Suzuki Yuto 
Kimura Ryohei 
Suwabe Junichi 
Yonaga Tsubasa 
Morita Masakazu 
Uchiyama Kouki 
Irino Miyu 
Suzumura Kenichi 
Shimazaki Nobunaga 
Ono Kensho 
Hosoya Yoshimasa 
Tachibana Shinnosuke 
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu 
Ohsaka Ryota 
Ishikawa Kaito 
Shimono Hiro 
Nakamura Yuuichi 
Terashima Takuma 
Kishio Daisuke 
Hino Satoshi 
Morikawa Toshiyuki 
Taniyama Kishou 
Morikubo Shoutaro 
Onosaka Masaya 
Hirakawa Daisuke 
Hatano Wataru 
Yasumoto Hiroki 
Tsuda Kenjirou 
Koyasu Takehito 
Kondo Takashi
Hanae Natsuki
Eguchi Takuya

Takahashi Hiroki

Nojima Kenji

Aoi Shouta

Yoshino Hiroyuki

Masuda Toshiki
Hoshi Souichirou
Okitsu Kazuyuki
Satou Takuya

Female Seiyuu’s

Noto Mamiko 
Hayami Saori 
Sawashiro Miyuki 
Marina Inoue 
Paku Romi 
Koshimizu Ami 
Fumiko Orikasa 
Minagawa Junko 
Nana Mizuki 
Hanazawa Kana 
Saiga Mitsuki 
Aoi Yuuki 
Risa Taneda
Mimori Suzuko

Vídeo promocional para la parte "clímax" del Anime ‘Little Witch Academia’

El episodio 23 y antepenรบltimo de la serie saldrรก al aire el 11 de junio

La web oficial del Anime para televisiรณn de Little Witch Academia de estudio Trigger, comenzรณ la transmisiรณn de un vรญdeo promocional para su parte โ€œclรญmaxโ€ el miรฉrcoles. El vรญdeo tambiรฉn sirve como vista previa del prรณximo episodio 23 de la serie, que saldrรก al aire el 11 de junio en Japรณn. El Anime se estrenรณ el pasado 8 de enero en Japรณn y contarรก con 25 episodios.ย 

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