• 流星ボーイ
  • 木野秋(CV:折笠富美子)&音無春奈(CV:佐々木日菜子)&雷門夏未(CV:小林沙苗)
  • イナズマイレブンシリーズ5周年記念「本当にありがとう」

流星ボーイ - 木野秋(CV:折笠富美子)&音無春奈(CV:佐々木日菜子)&雷門夏未(CV:小林沙苗)

Ryuusei Boy - Kino Aki (CV: Orikasa Fumiko), Otonashi Haruna (CV: Sasaki Hinako), Raimon Natsumi (CV: Kobayashi Sanae)

Bleach Cast Talk - Ichigo&Rukia

I translated the Bleach Cast Talk from the Bleach Beat Collection Fourth Session!! These two are so funny :) They’ve worked a lot together and fun fact: they voiced Troy and Gabriella in the Japanese dub of HSM :D

Video credits go to Lenka Olejníková. Translations by yours truly :D

Don’t forget to click the CC button to view the subtitles!!

For the Ichiruki fans, don’t miss the part around 3:33.

flies away~

B-l-e-a-c-h da pyon!
  • B-l-e-a-c-h da pyon!
  • Orikasa Fumiko - Morita Masakazu
  • Bleach B-Station

Morita: Well it’s ending time, we are expecting your messages about the broadcast, so we are gonna take the adress info from Chappy-san!

Oririn: (Gives all the info with chappy voice)

Morita: (Laughing at the same)

Oririn: -Bleach is “B - L - E -A - C -H” da pyon!

Morita: Thank you so much! Cappy-san is realy nice right? She is so colorful…

Oririn: *giggles* Yes.

Morita: It’s amazing.

If you will say something funny then i will lough...
  • If you will say something funny then i will lough...
  • Orikasa Fumiko - Morita Masakazu
  • Bleach B-Station

Morita: Then, today Orikasa Fumiko who plays Rukia is our guest!

Oririn: Yes!

Morita: Well when we were talking about “who should we invite for the first broadcast, after all they said "it’s has to be Rukia”. At that time i was the one who said “i dont want it, i dont want it!!”

Oririn: You are so mean!! If you dont want it finish the broadcast right now! *giggles*

Morita: Well then i’m gonna finish it right now! At the first broadcast!

Oririn: You are so meaan!! I’ll do my best!

Morita: “I’ll do my best!”

Oririn: “giggles”

Morita: How to i say it, Rukia is bullying him!

Oririn: She is not , she is not!

Morita: Then what is all of it?!

Oririn: She is just being straight…

Morita: Its not about being straight!!

Oririn: Even though she is always being straight he is always fooling around so…

Morita: He is not fooling around! Well even though i (ichigo) fooling around she is not… loughing at all!

Oririn: Thats why i’m telling you i/(she) cant lie!

Morita: This person is the worst…

Oririn: If you will say something funny then i will lough…

Morita: Aah… I’ll do my best…


CV: Orikasa Fumiko, Happy Birthday!! 2015.12.27

Here some of her roles aka, some of my fav roles ‘cuz if I drew everyone it will be the end for me orz Happy birthday Oririn! I love you, thank you for giving live to my fav charas.

Used the 100 palette chalenge palettes + Black~

Kyuubei: Kuchiki-dono, is that a Chappy eyepatch?

Rukia: I thought I might add my personal touch to the group!

Jyuubei: I think is cute.

As you can see, I take seiyuus jokes seriously…. I guess…

In which Rukia-sama wanted to be part of the Eyepatch Oririn group so they can be the “Oririn Gantai Trio” but she used a Chappy one, mostly because I reused this idea