The Signs based on people I know:

Aries: Straightforwardness and clueless expressions. Bad puns, corny jokes, and weird but infectious laughter. Occasionally asks for hugs when feeling sad and is not afraid to tell you when they are feeling sad. Sometimes, they get a little lost in their own thoughts/feelings that they forget about other people. Temperamental at times and will call out your shit. 

Taurus: Stubborn and argumentative. Will not back down especially when they think they’re right. Always wants the best for you but sometimes, they can be overbearing. Gives away little random gifts if they have extra cash and truly gentle souls that have been hardened by time. May be generous to a fault but they’re efficient so they can earn back what they share eventually. 

Gemini: Might come off as “douchey” due to indifferent or awkward nature. Pretty good head on their shoulders with a limitless imagination and intuitive intellect. Gets hooked on things and starts collecting them. Unpredictable mood swings that range from the extremes. Also indecisive so they can be confusing to talk to. Likes displays of affection though they won’t voice it out. 

Cancer: Precious beings with emotions that both serve them well and burden them. Perhaps the most nurturing spirits and they try to do their best for everyone even if it stretches them out too thin. Will hide the feelings that matter with misleading actions. Do not pry into their lives too much, let them do their own thing— they know what they’re doing even if they may seem fickle and/or fragile. 

Leo: Headstrong people who are secretly sensitive to other kids’ feelings and needs. Says things that sound like orders when they’re really just honest suggestions. Fierce exteriors and great reputations. They like being leaders and they try to do their best when given the responsibility. May sound obnoxious due to overflowing opinions. 

Virgo: Very practical people. They like to think/research about how do things more efficiently. Likes things that they can analyse like strategy games. Sometimes, they come off as apathetic but it’s just that they can’t word their feelings right for some strange reason. Can lose themselves to anger and shut out the world in order to prevent unnecessary outbursts. 

Libra: People who are blessed with talents but they also work very hard on cultivating these talents to the fullest. Oddly understanding although they don’t look like they care. May seem like underdogs since their default setting is quiet and timid but get them talking about something they like and they will bombard you. 

Scorpio: Verbal battles and cold cutting words are their choice of weapon. Actually intense dorks who get super clingly if they feel like they can trust you. Clue, they trust you when they start talking about themselves, sometimes excessively so (like Jesus, TMI). Has reserves of seriously weird trivia and gets obsessive about things they like. Do not touch unless go-signal is received. 

Sagittarius: They can focus like pros and tend to be on the timid side. Has a wonderful mind that’s filled with great ideas. Will share them if asked. Sometimes, they take on too many things at once and end up crashing and burning. Internally pleased whenever someone acknowledges something they do. 

Capricorn: These people are naturally smart and tend to be lazy too. Gives some great advice but will rarely open up about their own dilemmas when asked. Appreciates constructive criticism but sometimes can’t take negative comments too well. Has bouts of brooding but will bounce back like nothing happened after a while. 

Aquarius: Adventurous when it comes to a lot of things. Unorthodox thinkers that may surprise you with an extremely intelligent insight or two. Achieves a lot through weird methods despite the fact that they’re chill. May be prone to incredulous amounts of laziness if they aren’t motivated. 

Pisces: Unicorns of the zodiac. They know how to have fun but at the same time, they know when to get serious too. Likes variety; for example, their music collection would consist of broadway songs to classic rock. Tends to doubt themselves. Comfort for them, comes in the form of head petting and hugs.