Current project schedule

For the seeable future, I’m going to alternate between animating videos for CubePunks and then LarnuuWorks.

most of them probably will be flash cartoons (because they get the views and it’s something I’m pursuing to learn), but I have a few stop-motions planned.

This weeks video “Bathroom Stalling” 

available saturday on CubePunks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppaCbGuz0AbTugSNrLuv9w

Next video “Bionicle: Journey to None

Audio havs been recorded, currently story boarding.

Production Log

Journey to None: is a about 40% animated so I feel it’s safe to say it’ll be done over the weekend. Not uploaded, but completed over this weekend, remember I upload alternating from LarnuuWorks and CubePunks (and this Saturday, is a CubePunks week).

It’s fast pace, full of the Bionicle references and probably going to do well if my current trend of flash cartoons have proven.

Bathroom Stalling: Uploading this Saturday. Pretty proud of it, i admit it’s not perfect (as to be expected, I’m beginner level at flash) and if I have time today or tomorrow I’ll iron out more of the minor kinks. However the people I’ve shown it to enjoy it so if it was uploaded today, I would be okay with it.

It does run into being a gender specific comedy however. Like, if you frequent the men’s room, you’ve had to deal with this many a time. All the guys I’ve shown this to, relate to it. Women, not as much.

A Sonnet Written While Admiring Van Gogh's Starry Night

Can you look up past the blackness of night
The twinkling stars, the moons and the suns?
What else might be up there, past blinding lights,
In from the void from which all new birth comes?

A whimsical land of infinite chance,
Somehow more stunning than Van Gogh’s canvas
Of swirling wonder where paint and brush danced,
A work, beautiful true, but only his view.

Down here on earth I am feeling alone,
Stuck in a system that only repeats.
I desperately search for comfort, a home,
But with each passing day, hope, it retreats.

Maybe one day I’ll find peace of mind
But till that day this painting ’s my find.