I really feel so bad for everyone involved in the La La Land/Moonlight fuck up and I mean everyone.

I feel bad for the interns/low level employee who had to hand out those duplicate envelops because the academy is probably going to push this all on them and ruin any future they could have in the industry just to save their own ass.

This sucks for Warren Beatty because for some reason he’s exclusively getting the blame right now????

This sucks for Faye Dunaway because she has to deal with the fact that SHE was the one who read it.

This sucks for La La Land because I can’t imagine how awful it feels to have such an amazing moment taken from you, you could tell the guy who said it belongs to Moonlight was ready to completely break down

and this SUCKS for Moonlight because this will now be a bigger story then their win, this will forever be attached to the movie. It’s forever connected and it may even completely overshadow it and it sucks for all the people involved in Moonlight because of this fuck up they didn’t really get their moment or their full time making their speeches. Everything about this win for them is now significantly more about the fuck up. That’s so outrageously unfair.

This was so awful on so many different levels and the more I think about it the worse I think is it. What a devastation all around. 

I never see enough positivity for het ace/aro people.

Cis het ace/aro people? So great and valid. I’m so happy they’re alive. I hope they find the best partner because they totally deserve it.

Trans het ace/aro people? So valid. So awesome and im so glad they exist. They deserve the best parners too.

Het ace/aro people are valid and so worthy of love.


She is back! D: 

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Orion Pax, dock worker on a space station.

I couldn’t resist sprinkling other flavors of Orion Pax in there. 

“You want that guy,” Meter pointed to the red and blue mech staring off into space, “to be into a lead-position? Do you have a screw loose?”

“What’s wrong with the kid?” The crew-manager asked, following the other workers finger’s over to stare at the bot in question. “The project-manager needs the help and the kid needs experience. ‘Sides everybody likes him, he’ll do fine managing a small team.”

“What’s wrong with him is he can’t pull his own helm out of the clouds. And when he does, he comes down with ideas.” Bad ideas. The kind that got you questioned about things like loyalty and meeting your function.

“You mark my words.” Meter continued. “You put Orion Pax in charge of a group o’ mechs, and the next thing you know we’re gonna be up to our necks in some kind of , I dunno, literary riot or some such.”

“A literary riot? Not even a normal one?”

“Nah. Mech likes to read. Cop books. It’s weird.”

“Well, we’re going to try him in the position.” The crew-manager was still grinning at the idea-a calm, polite Orion Pax, a literary revolutionist with a taste for crime drama. “See what happens.” 

I really like that the series pulled the VFD storyline forward. It feels like the author was aware of and cartering to the fact that most of the origonal Unfortunate Events fans are now in their 20s and need something juicer to sink their teeth into. It’s still very distinctly the same show, but placing the dealings of the adults more in the forground, while not forgetting the children, caters well to the grown up fans. And while NPR is no scratch on Carrey, it doesn’t feel like everyone else in the show is being drowned out as soon as he’s on screen. He balances well, which is so important

I do not want to see A SINGLE ONE of you protest or third party voters talking tomorrow about how ~bad~ you feel.

I don’t want to see any of you acting like you feel some kind of remorse like the people who regret voting leave during Brexit did.

Fuck you.


We TOLD YOU AND TOLD YOU but you just didn’t fucking care

You KNEW this would happen, you can’t act surprised.

You have to suffer with the fucked up decision you made

Don’t try and come back to us who voted for Hillary and act like you feel the same pain