For Progress, Against Originality.

When I was younger, I had a brief but embarrassing infatuation with some of the more strident doctrines of postmodernism - ‘down with grand narratives!’ 'down with totality!’ 'down with utopianism!’. I’m glad these doctrines have, on the whole, lost their punch, and a basically modernistic approach is again the norm.

All the same, there’s one little paradox that’s been getting on my nerves. I think there’s a lot of mileage in the line, “make it new”, even if it comes from a shitty source. On the other hand, this line can be taken to mean that when making things, one ought, above all, to seek an original style.

I think this is a petit-bourgeois sheep in progressive wolf’s clothing. Progress does imply the creation of new forms. However, it does not imply their individual creation.

In this, I take the good example of the sciences. The concepts (theory) and experiments (intuition) of science are the work of thousands of people. These are model collective, progressive projects to allow new forms of engagement with reality (because what else does a concept allow you to do?)

A decontextualized individual striving for originality, to me, has its equivalent in the commercial term 'unique selling point’ - a must-have for any would-be successful shopkeeper.

Of course, the odd fact of capitalism is, while we celebrate atomized individuality and competition, market forces have a tendency to make our material situations much the same. Capitalism is the single greatest driver of conformity across the globe - since competition ensures that only the most competitive business practices continue, and financial constraint ensures that only the most economically viable choices may be made by the vast majority of people.

So, while their may be fifteen kinds of rice in the supermarket, there is only one that is the optimal choice for your market segment, and they’re all made by companies that are functionally identical. That’s the same nearly wherever you go.

Original style as a means of differentiating oneself from a marketplace of other people is the same. While you may make something strikingly different, the gesture is exactly the same.

And, the end result is a culture just as disjointed and lonely as life under capitalism.

anonymous asked:

what's your favorite orignial song from christina and what's your favorite cover that she did?

If you know me, you know I am the #1 Find Me album stan. from WL, Think Of You is my fave. My fave covers are Do I Wanna Know, Titanium, I Will Always Love You, Stereo Hearts, Stay and FOB/Alicia Keys mashup! I could list way more covers bc they were so good ugh

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Okay but where did the couch pic of mikey come from like what's the back story there??

no body knows where it came from tbh, it just kinda appeared for all i know… Mikey says it’s not real, but there is no evidence to say otherwise, and the dress looks like the one Alicia has/d. Like, usually with a photoshopped pic, the orignial will pop up somewhere, but there is no “original.” I would like to think him and Pete or him and Alicia were fucking around one day and then it got leaked lol. However it happened, I’m glad it did, becuase it’s my favorite fucking picture out there, photoshopped or not