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111:00pm here. How do you think teletubbies birth? Do you think the offspring come out of that TV in their stomach? And does it pop open to deposit the young/egg or do they just ooz out? I can't decide

Aahhh, my friend, I see you live some place that does not keep time as us regular people do. :)

I will start with a disclaimer here. I’m not going to share the exact nature of this this disclaimer until the end, but keep in mind the following is all based on one specific assumption.

I will be honest in that I am not overly familiar with the Teletubbies, other than knowing they’re brightly-colored, fuzzy creatures with odd shapes on their heads, and TVs in their stomachs, named Dipsy, La La (Laa Laa??), Twinky Winky, and Po, but I couldn’t tell you which one was which.
We do only have these four specimens also, which will necessarily limit the information we have about them.
Even with my limited knowledge, I will admit that the matter of their…passing on of their genetic material is something I have NEVER considered at all. There may be some form of asexual reproduction, as there are not any obvious consistent sexual characteristics that we can use to judge things. If the antennae on top serve an additional purpose for procreation reasons, it’s not an obvious use, as there are no consistent bodily orifices or openings that appear on their figure, other than their mouths.
Again, as we only have the four to observe, those antennae may indeed serve a purpose for reproduction, and we may just not have seen it’s use yet, due to limited observation times. As they are not a common earth creature, those antennae may also indicate one of four (or more) possible genders, and any or all my be able to propagate their species.
The TVs also may or may not have some role in re-creation of their species, as they are the only notable feature of the Teletubbies, other than the antennae on top, and it’s a reasonable assumption that they would have a use. Again, there are no observable openings between their legs, as there seem to be for the vast majority of animals/creatures, that could possibly be used for giving birth, or passing of genetic material between one Teletubby to another.
If the TVs are used to expel the offspring from their body, my guess is that it would possibly be in some form of egg, or other protective casing. Something that would enable the offspring to survive even a mild fall that being ejected from the TV/stomach would provide.
This is assuming they fact that they actually provide birth at all to ANY sort of offspring. They may function something similar to a caterpillar/butterfly/moth, in which the Teletubby we see now is just actually some unknown and unusual cocoon form, and at some point in the future, an entire new and different creature may shed the current skin/shell/cocoon, and emerge from it.

If you will recall, I started off with a disclaimer that the proceeding was all based off of one particular assumption. That particular assumption is this: that the Teletubbies are animal life forms from planet Earth that following in some way one (or more) of the basic methods of animal life for giving birth/procreation that we are familiar with.
There is another possible explanation, that may negate anything I’ve already said.
It is thus: That the Teletubbies are actually demons spat up from one of the untold and unnumbered pits from the bowels of hell, and have crawled out here on Earth to create chaos and havoc, as part of a plan from some master devil or demon lord, for an unknowable and incomprehensible goal, unable to be understood by common man.

Thanks for the question!!