Hey Guys!

Here is a girl’s hair and eyebrows that match the berry colors I’ve been releasing!  I am going to continue this series of recolors for Men, Women, and children, including hairstyles, eyebrows, and facial hair.

If you select for the hair and eyebrows to match in game, they will (sometimes I had to select it more than once to get it to work correctly).

Known Issues:

Check your sims hair before saving, the hair likes to default to the original mesh color for some reason (I spent 6 hours trying to fix this but had no luck).  If this happens, change the hair color and then change it back and select what you wanted, it may take a couple tries. If the hair color appears properly in the preview picture, it will appear properly in game.

You MUST download the mesh if you don’t have Outdoor Adventures.  I couldn’t test this to make sure it worked so if it doesn’t please let me know.

Download by clicking on the links below:

1. 70 Matching Berry Recolors of Braided Hair for Girls!

   Mesh for Braided Hair for Girls!

2. 70 Matching Berry Recolors of Girl’s Eyebrow 1!

aGHAHgAhghghah it is my love child.

You have no idea how long this took with a trackpad, but I’m proud of it.

I actually at one point merged my layers while I was zoomed in and wALLACE WAS HALF ON TOP OF AME luckily I had saved .jpegs at different stages and could salvage it BUT I FREAKED OUT. Also background is copyright Steven Universe


Today we have spectacle.
In the plaza, central,
an evening show.

It’s summer night,
exchange up hot houses,
by outdoor locations, milder.

The perfect combination.
An interesting spectacle.
In pleasant surroundings.

Well in this case. there are still
another stimulating factor,
the show is free.

Turn off the lights of the audience.
A single spotlight illuminates
the opening scene on the stage.

However, another show
in high contrast and mute,
develops behind the audience.

Back lit, of course
public profile,
recorded digitally



IVE BEEN TRYING TO POST THIS ALL NIGHT, eventually I just made a vimeo account to upload it lmao

a really quick doodle I recorded!! The original video/drawing was 11 minutes long, the song is Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers and I used ballpoint pen and marker. Sorry if at some parts I’m drawing off camera, I was just holding my iphone with one hand and drawing with the other lmao

Thanks @zerosync for organizing this. Originally was suppose to send the car down alongside with @moniquesong’s Z4 but I had some work that needed to be done still on the car. It was a lot of back and forth with scheduling a trailer since I was also dealing with my VI (vehicle inspection back in BC and if it didn’t pass then I wasn’t gonna take my car if I couldn’t get insurance on the car. The stress was quite real week prior to this trip because I tried to get the car passed 3 times in 5 days, but after very last minute attempts everything fell into place and yes the car is in LA. See you all at WEKFEST LA on Saturday.