The signs at a scary movie
  • Aries:"I'm not afraid of some stupid movie" *screeches at anything scary*
  • Taurus:"nope nope nope fuck this, I'll be getting popcorn if anyone needs me"
  • Gemini:*jumps at a scary part and accidentally spills their popcorn*
  • Cancer:*covers eyes* "I'm in a happy place.. I'm in a happy place.."
  • Virgo:*judging all the screaming people*
  • Libra:*poker faced but screaming on the inside*
  • Scorpio:"Oh yes please go investigate outside at night all alone.. That's a FANTASTIC idea you stupid fuck"
  • Sagittarius:"This isn't that ba- NEVERMIND FORGET WHAT I JUST SAID"
  • Capricorn:"Lmao guess who's never sleeping again"
  • Aquarius:"Guys they're just actors and actresses calm down"
  • Pisces:"As my cuddle buddy it's your job to protect me" *buries face into loved one's chest at scary parts*

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pastel and punk au prompts?

  • Character A is very pastel aesthetic – shimmery lavender makeup, ‘soft’ colored clothing, glitter, etc. – while their best friend, Character B, is the epitome of punk. When the two of them have a sleepover, Character B offers to give Character A a few ear piercings, so that the two of them can match.
  • Working in a pretty liberal part of town, Character A is allowed to defy gender norms and dress in a fairly gender ambiguous, pastel rainbow child sort of aesthetic fashion. Character B has always felt like they need to put up a tough front, and expresses this through their punk clothing. In reality, Character B is a huge softie, and Character A loves to draw that part out of Character B by showering them with affection.
  • “Here, scrub off that black eyeliner and let me put on some glitter. Shhh, you look great, just give me a minute to finish up your face.” AU
  • When Character A’s band’s drummer quits, Character A is left to try to find somebody else. Character B certainly doesn’t look like they could be in a punk band – with their prismatic colored clothing and dopey smile – but it turns out that Character B is exactly the type of drummer that Character A needed.
  • Character A is very punk rock, while their significant other, Character B, is a polar opposite. Even though it looks like Character A would be the one to pick fights, Character B is always ready to claw somebody’s face with their pastel pink nails, which often leads to situations where Character A has to drag Character B away from potential fights.
  • “Has anybody ever told you that you give the best hugs? Giving you a hug is like being enveloped in glitter and cotton candy; it’s so fantastic.” AU
Casting a Circle

Without invoking any Gods or Goddesses.

This is going to be a lower-key version of casting a circle. I will include options for things for you to say, but those are just that, options. Feel free to change or adapt this to your practice, because if something in here doesn’t vibe with your practice, then switch it so it does! If you have any questions, feel free to throw me an ask! <3

Its also important to note: you do not need to cast a circle. It is optional, just like everything else in witchcraft.

Step 1: Find your space. You can do this really anywhere you want to, just make sure you pick a place where your ritual or spell wont be disturbed or interrupted (because thats annoying). But you can pick wherever you feel comfortable, be this your room, your backyard, your basement, a park, in the middle of the woods… wherever! Just make sure the space is big enough to suit your needs!

Step 2: Clean your area.  Next step is to make sure your area is physically and spiritually clean. Physically, just pick up anything thats in the way. If you are outside, clear any leaves, branches, etc out of your area; if you are inside, make sure there is no laundry, toys, or any other clutter in the area. Next spiritually cleanse your area. If you use a broom or a wand in your practice, you can use that to push all unwanted energies out of your space. Typically you are pushing out negative energies, but if you are utilizing those for your spells, then push out the positive energies or whatever energies you do not want within your space. If you don’t use a broom or a wand, all you have to do is meditate and push the energies out, or push them out with your hands. You can also smoke cleanse the area if you so desire, or use a cleansing spray to spiritually cleanse your area.

Step 3: Gather your items.  Gather all of your items you are going to be using in your ritual and place them approximately in the center of where your circle would be. You want to do this because once you actually cast your circle, you don’t want to break it. Although, I can’t even tell you how many times I have left my lighter on my nightstand on the other side of the room. You can start setting up now if you like too.

Step 4: Casting the circle. Now is the time to physically cast the circle. You can draw a circle on the floor, use a staff or wand to draw a circle in the dirt lay a cord on the floor (if you do this, tie it), sprinkle salt on the floor, use those branches you moved, make a circle or rocks or leaves, whichever you prefer. You usually want it about as wide as you are tall, but make sure you have enough room for your ritual. So if you need space to move around or dance or whatever, make it bigger. You also probably want to cast the circle clockwise. Note: If you are outside, do not put salt directly on the ground. It will kill all plants and grass or whatever in the area and nothing will be able to grow in that soil.

Now at this point you are in your circle. Some people will place an object at the north (earth), east (air), south (fire) and west (water) points of their circle. Don’t know what way you are facing? Your phone does! Pull out your map and check the little compass on it. :) For object representation, you can use a candle, stones, incense, a glass of water… whatever you associate with that element or direction. Starting at the east (air) and going clockwise, you can light your candles/interact with your objects, and invoke the elements. Example:

“I call upon the elements of the East, guardians of the wind, protect this circle!
I call upon the elements of the South, guardians of fire, protect this circle!
I call upon the elements of the West, guardians of water, protect this circle!
I call upon the elements of the North, guardians of the earth, protect this circle!”

Now is when you want to spiritually cast the circle/state the purpose of the circle. Some people walk clockwise around the circle three times, others just once, do whatever vibes with you. You can state something like:

“With the guardians of the elements watching over me, I cast this circle, no harmful being can enter. The circle is cast!”

Step 5: The ritual. Now do whatever ritual you need to do! If you find that you forgot something outside the circle and you need to leave it (*cough* like I do), thats easy. All you need to do, is envision a doorway being cut from the edge of your circle, up, over, down. If you cast a physical circle, make sure to move the items to create the doorway. Close the doorway when you are back in.

Step 6: Closing the circle. Now once everything is finished and done, you can close your circle. Going counterclockwise, make sure you thank your guardians/elements if you used them.

“Guardians of the North, thank you for your protection, you are always welcome,
Guardians of the West, thank you for your protection, you are always welcome,
Guardians of the South, thank you for your protection, you are always welcome,
Guardians of the East, thank you for your protection, you are always welcome.”

Once you have done a 360 around your circle, thanked any guardians you called forth (if you did, again, its not needed), you can state something like:

“This ritual is complete, the circle is broken.”

At this point, your circle is deconstructed. Clean up any items you put out, put things back to normal, clean up any leftover energies, have a snack, ground yourself, and you are done! If you preformed the ritual outside, make sure you didn’t leave anything toxic or harmful to the local wildlife anywhere!

Thats it! Enjoy!

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All of the above links have some awesome info. I definitely recommend you check them out, and find what works best for you, or use a combination of them!

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Can you think of any Nightmare/Bad Dream AU's?

  • Character A is a monster that appears as the psychical manifestation of a person’s worst nightmare. Character B is having to deal with some repressed memories – like their fear of animals, or loud and sudden noises – and uses Character A to help find out what happened to them.
  • “I can’t tell if this is a nightmare or real life, but this is too surreal. The shadows in my room are spinning, and I think I can hear something under my bed…” AU
  • Character A has a fear of sleeping around other people – if Character A is asleep, then who will wake everybody up if something like a fire happens? –  so when they’re invited to a sleepover, Character A spends the night awake. Character B wakes up from a terrible nightmare and can’t go back to sleep, so they chat up Character A.
  • While Character A is having a nightmare, they’re saved by Character B, who vanquishes he monster tormenting Character A, and turns the nightmare into a good dream. When Character A wakes up, they find Character B in real life, and Chracter B actually remembers having the same dream as Character A.
  • “I don’t want to sound weird, but can I sleep with you? I had a really bad nightmare and I don’t want to be alone right now.” AU
  • Character A has a literal monster under their bed: Character B. If Character A doesn’t leave some kind of ‘offering’ out for Character B – a food dish/toy/new book/etc. – then Character A will have terrible nightmares.
  • “Yo dude I’m sorry that I woke you up. I had a really bad dream and I guess I started screaming again. You don’t have to stay up with me, but I’m not going back to sleep anytime soon.” AU

Hello! The demo for one of my upcoming otome games/visual novels, Magical Otoge Iris is out.

Story: Iris works as a Purifier, a person who helps spirits move onto the afterlife. This is a story that hopefully has comedy, romance, and heart. At the very least, it will have a lot of puns and glasses jokes.

Download here:

Let me know if you enjoyed the game so far! Thank you for playing!