origins of the golden age

My favorite part of Scarecrows original origin story was the fact that fear wasn’t even his prime motivation. It was books. His fellow professors nicknamed him the scarecrow on campus because he spent his salary on books instead of a nice suit, and this got Crane thinking: “They judge human values by money–If I had money they’d respect me–and I could buy more books! Yes if only I had more money.”

And I just find that so amusing.
He did get a new suit at least, one made of burlap.


Despite various evidence to the contrary (namely, how everything is implied to be elven in some capacity), I still like to hold onto my original theory about the Black City: that it was Black and that the “Golden City” was an illusion shattered once the ancient Magisters fell for the cosmic shmuck bait, unleashing the Blight stored within.

Random writing update!

I have finished another chapter on Blackwood (formerly titled The Lost Wolves of the Blackwood), which means I only have 6 chapters to go before I have an original novel to self publish!

And now I’m tagging The Golden Age that Never Was back in, and then it will be another chapter (or two) of The Ice Plague!

Work is happening, just you know, quietly. I’m still pretty active on Twitter and Instagram - I’m Ravenari at both. And I’ve been livestreaming art lately and it’s been fun to see some of you there. :D

i just need a moment to appreciate some of the stuff that the warden says in the origins character creator (aka reasons why warden dialogue is my fav protag dialogue)

  • nugs and dolts!
  • sometimes, silence is best
  • [drawn out, dramatic agonised noise] i’m… poisoned! 
  • mmm? what is that? some new kind of beetle?
  • and you wouldn’t think we’d just be standing there, but noooooo…
  • we’re being attacked by a shawl!
  • by the maker, how are we going to get this blood out?
  • my, they’re all so eager aren’t they?
  • i would like a trophy.
  • looks like something wants to die again
  • bet you i could kill it in two blows
  • smashing heads takes a while when you’re unarmed
  • ugh! useless! do i have to do everything myself?
  • mmm. a beast. let’s maul it [laughs].
  • no, no. let’s not, and say we did.
  • [sigh] this reminds me of that time…
  • perhaps we should have a drink? since we’ve (teenager attitude voice) STOPPED..
  • warden senses… tingling
  • [disgruntled noise] why can’t the dead stay in the ground, where they belong?
  • a little backstabbing never hurt anyone [laughs].
  • [battle scream]
Can we please just have a five to ten minute montage scene or several small clips of the Pevensies during the Golden Age please?

It was in the original script I would like it please this is unjust and unfair we earned this! I would like it now please. It really bothers me to no end that there was hardly any of this!!!!!!!

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