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My favorite part of Scarecrows original origin story was the fact that fear wasn’t even his prime motivation. It was books. His fellow professors nicknamed him the scarecrow on campus because he spent his salary on books instead of a nice suit, and this got Crane thinking: “They judge human values by money–If I had money they’d respect me–and I could buy more books! Yes if only I had more money.”

And I just find that so amusing.
He did get a new suit at least, one made of burlap.

The story of Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Perie Banou from the Arabian Nights Entertainments.
Illustrated by Charles Robinson.
Ink and watercolor drawing.
20.8 x 26.3 cm. (7.87 x 10.23 in.)
Original work.
Gay & Hancock.

The Sorceress Returned The Next Day

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"Seems a lot of work for a rebound" followed by the "oh shut up" has to be one of my favorite ending dialogues to a chapter that you've written.

I wanted to change the ‘oh, shut up’ a few times, but in the end I decided not to, because I just felt like it fit them so well. Lol.

But Jack’s line was a surprise (I didn’t know that was what he was gonna say until he said it), and it was probably the happiest surprise in the whole chapter. Knowing that he’s still capable of joking around like an absolute nerd at inappropriate times might end up being one of my favourite things about him in this story.

(And Pitch’s too, honestly).

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Ranked, who would you say your favorite to least favorite steves are?

Ahahaha, why did it take someone so long to ask me this question?! I do enjoy ranking various Steves.

  1. Golden Age!Steve: The original Steve is the best one. He’s the epitome of privilege in an era where power hierarchies seem firmly in place, but he eschews this masculine privilege at Diana’s behest, sometimes with a grumble but mostly with a smile. His catchphrase back then was the best too: “It wasn’t me, it was all Wonder Woman.”
  2. Late Bronze Age!Steve: Diana’s soft-headed teddy bear is a quiet, pensive, modern man (#the80s). Despite being killed and resurrected multiple times, he’s comfortable with who he is and in his relationship with Diana. He’s sexy and accomplished and once he lovingly submits to Diana’s authority, he flawlessly lets her take the lead. Also, he had the BEST HAIR  (and dimples and cheekbones).
  3. New52/Rebirth!Steve: The rebooted Steve Trevor is an absolute joy because, to quote myself (lortttt been around the block), “It’s like they took the best of past Steves and rolled them into one: Golden Age Steve’s charismatic dry humor (and tendency to end up captured and shirtless at the hands of his enemies, cha-ching!), Silver Age Steve’s unwavering devotion to his Diana and his duties, and Bronze Age Steve’s bravery in honest self-reflection.” And the creators *get* that one of his primary functions is to serve the female gaze. 
  4. DCEU!Steve: Tumblr is rife with analysis of why movie Steve is such a wonderful Steve. I don’t have much to add except that, as a longtime Steve Trevor fan, I really really like this version, even if there was way too much of him in the movie.
  5. DCAU!Steve: Handsome, suave, and brave doesn’t even begin to cover it with this guy.
  6. Smallville!Steve: Speaking of DCEU Steve, this version of Steve Trevor predates the movie but is coincidentally modeled after Chris Pine. He also has the distinct honor of being one of Lois Lane’s exes.  
  7. Lyle Waggoner!Steve: Season 1 OG only, the descendant in the later seasons was meh. Lyle Waggoner in his prime is hot af and his added sweetness meant that we start crushing on him just as hard as Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman did.
  8. Silver Age!Steve: Robert Kanigher’s Steve has some good moments, but people hate him so so much. Honestly, there are instances where I want to punch him too, but you know who else was kind of badly written in the stories where Steve was annoying? Wonder Woman. The Silver Age is weird, dude. 
  9. Post-Crisis Steve: I won’t even bother, but I will say that his and Etta’s characters were done a great disservice for 25 years. 
  10. 2009 Movie Steve: This guy is the absolute worst. THE WORST. 

Steve: You don’t understand. Everyone likes me-I’m the nice one! Banner is the smart one, Natasha is the sexy one, Stark is the rich one, and I’m the nice one! EVERYBODY likes me!

Tony: The rich one isn’t so crazy about you.

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Me: My shows are so gay…..

Also Me: ……..make them gayer O.O

also as a bisexual person could you include a bit more….diversity….still though this is a start  

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I really don't care for Nolan's scarcrow. he's too much of a pretty boy.

I feel like he was put into that role for the wrong reasons, his looks being one of them. I’ve read somewhere that Nolan cast him as the Scarecrow because of how stunning his eyes looked.

The thing is, that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when I imagine Scarecrow. No matter what incarnation or universe, the most important thing about him visually should be his is gaunt, lanky frame. In the original golden age origin, it was the very reason for him taking on the title of The Scarecrow. He was mocked by his fellow professors for his looks. The way I see it, Cillian only got cast because of visual appeal and unfortunately it worked (No offense to anyone who enjoys Murphy’s Crane, I just can’t see him as Scarecrow.)

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