origins of life


Oh, whatever you do
Don’t come b a c k for me (x)

Seeing us finally talk makes my heart burst of happiness. You’re finally giving me a chance. A chance to be to get to know you, a chance to be friends, a chance to be something more. All it took was a chance. I can’t wait to get to know you.
—  a chance // 9:52am

I’ve been longing for, daisies to push through the floor…
And I wish plant life would grow all around me so I won’t feel dead anymore…

This is Daisy, my part of the switcheroo @jara257 and I did! They did the sketch and I coloured it~ I rarely do digital art as it as, and never quite like this, so it was really cool trying to do this and seeing what I came up with! 

I ended up jammin’ out to a playlist of 70s music till 3am working on it (although that’s partially because I didn’t start till like 1), but I feel like it was worth it ;v;

More Riverparents headcanons because! I clearly have no life!

  • Mary was one of those girls who did everything. Not only was she captain of the girls’ volleyball team, she was also the starting pitcher for the girls’ softball team and helped coach little league on the weekends 
  • She also wanted to try cheerleading and made Alice come with her to tryouts. Alice would never entertain something as cliché as high school cheerleading but Mary begged and begged so she begrudgingly went along. However, the squad had lost some girls to injury so when Alice walked trough the door she was admitted on the spot
  •  Hermione was a “sit on the bleachers and judge everyone” kinda girl so she would watch the cheerleaders practice and jokingly yell at Alice to smile because she thought it was hilarious that Alice was a cheerleader 
  • But no one thought it was more hilarious than FP. The first time he saw Alice in her cheerleader uniform he laughed so hard that Alice ended up kicking him in the shin and storming off 
  • Alice never stopped complaining and talked endlessly about how “I’ll just quit tomorrow” but secretly she liked cheerleading because it meant she could cheer on FP at the football games 

hello everyone! i tried to keep the advice as original as possible (sometimes failing terribly). hope you can get something out of it! 🌱

You decide how much words hurt you. Nothing grows until it’s fed.
—  how to kill a thought // A.S