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Skincare routines for different skin types✨

••DRY SKIN: Try something exfoliating to get rid of dead skin (like a charcoal scrub, something with NATURAL exfoliators) and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!! I recommend using a serum and a moisturizer, along with an overnight mask every week or so. This keeps your skin hydrated and keeps the exfoliation from drying it out even more! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Dark Angels cleanser, any face exfoliating brush, Lush Skin Drink moisturizer, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, pure Rosehip oil, Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask, Origins Original Skin retexturizing mask, Dr Jart Water Replenishment cotton sheet mask, Origins Original Skin renewal serum
• • OILY SKIN: Use a charcoal scrub to absorb excess oil, but avoid harsh cleansers that may cause the skin to overproduce oils!! Remember to still moisturize to balance out your skins natural oil production. A good toner also helps with oil and any resulting acne! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Herbalism cleanser, Lush Enzymion moisturizer, Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask, Lush Tea Tree Toner
• • COMBINATION SKIN: Try zone masks! Use different masks on different parts of your face, depending on the issues you have there! Use a cleanser that will absorb your excess oil but isnt so abrasive or harsh that in dries out the rest of your face. • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Coalface cleanser, Lush Breath of Fresh Air toner, GlamGlow #Multimasking Mask treatment set, Dr Jart Brightening Infusion mask (for combination skin, many of the products listed here for other skin types may work, depending on where you put them on your face!)
• • SENSITIVE SKIN: Try a cleanser and moisturizer from Lush or another all natural brand, that doesnt contain chemicals that may irritate your skin! Also, don’t use any harsh or abrasive exfoliants that may do more harm than good!! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Aqua Marina cleanser, Lush Fresh Farmacy cleanser, Lush Celestial moisturizer, Lush Eau Roma toner water

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bubble bath!

Bubble Bath: do you have any routines before bedtime? like skin care, etc. what are they?

Fair warning, this is going to be long as hell because I’m OBSESSED with skin care. 

After I bathe, I put on lotion, normally something thick like a body butter so it’ll really soak into my skin and then I start my skin care routine. It varies but this is what I did tonight lol. 

  1. Take off my makeup with makeup removal wipes (Depending on how much makeup I have on I use a balm or something)
  2. Deep pore cleanser (Zero Oil from Origins)
  3. Exfoliate (Sukin Super Greens or the charcoal pore minimizer from Biore )
  4. Ice my face
  5. Toner (Witch Hazel with Lavender)
  6. Mask (Origins Clear Improvement & Lush Brazen Honey. I also love Glossier’s face mask, especially the moon mask.)
  7. Oils (Nola skin essentials Iconic Elixer, Vitamin C Serum & Pure Hyaluronic Acid)
  8. Moisturize (First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream)
  9. Castor Oil on my brows & Lashes

Once I’m done with all that, I make a cup of tea and watch youtube videos or whatever until I get tired lol. I do facials every other night and sometimes I use a spinning skin cleaning brush but that’s only like once a week because I have super sensitive skin. Thanks for the question love! 🌹

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what beauty products do you use?

Here is a picture of inside my bathroom medicine cabinet. (you can also search through my “personal” tag to see when this has been answered previously for links and things.)

TOP SHELF: Shaffali Volcanic Ash + Sage Facial Earth Mask, Koelf Gold Royal Jelly Hydro Gel Eye Patch, St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer,

MIDDLE SHELF: Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream, Yes to Cucumber Daily Calming Moisturizer (good, but like my St Ives better, waiting for it to be used up), Kiehl’s Strengthening and Hydrating Hair Oil-In-Cream (use occasionally, don’t always need it), Swedish Dreams Sea Salt Soap Bar, Philosophy The Microdelivery exfoliating Wash, Aquaphor, Grown Alchemist Hyrda-Restore Cream Cleanser.

BOTTOM SHELF: Trader Joes Enrich Moisturizing Facial Lotion (SPF), Kiehl’s Recovery Eye Cream, Bag balm, Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Face Mask, Glossier Super Bounce (which is almost gone and I cannot wait to replace with Naturopathica Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil instead!!), Origins Skin Essence Lotion with Dual Ferment Complex (prob wont replace once it is finally gone), Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel

NOT PICTURED: approximately 20 container of Burt’s Bees/Rosebud Salve, Mothermade Deep Moisturizing Rich Snail Facial Masks, Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream, Burt’s Bees Cuticle Salve, Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Sunscreen, Burt’s Bee’s Tomato Toner, St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, Trader Joes Lavender and Coconut Oil Body Scrub, Kiehl’s Original Musk Shower Gel and a Bar of Soap with Aloe. 

Tooooooooooo lazy to link, copy and paste whatever into Google if you’re interested! 


Skincare Basics: Benefits of a Face Mask

You cleanse, you tone, you use a serum and an oil and you moisturise morning and night. Oh and lets not forget about how you use an eye cream, wear sunscreen every day and exfoliate weekly so surely you’ve got all bases covered  by now, right? Wrong. It’s time to add another item to your weekly agenda, and that’s a face mask.

For oily, congested skin try: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. For dry, sensitive skin try: *Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. For all skin types, environmental damage and unbalanced skin try: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.

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So I tried the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask last night and it was AMAZING.