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“I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen…”

You’ve no doubt seen the stories of David Bowie’s love of the BBC 2 TV show, Peaky Blinders. Bowie’s interest in the original Birmingham gang predates the show and he held a fascination for the distinctive clothes they wore: peaked caps, cravats, bell-bottom trousers with heavy buckled belts and jackets with brass buttons.

Self-proclaimed Bowie fan, actor Cillian Murphy, plays the show’s fictional gangland boss, Tommy Shelby. He befriended Bowie and they exchanged gifts, as explained to The Hollywood Reporter by the drama’s creator, Steven Knight, ahead of Thursday’s broadcast. “Cillian heard that he [Bowie] was a fan. At the end of the first series, Cillian was given the cap he wore throughout the shoot, in a glass case. He smashed the case, sent the cap to Bowie and Bowie sent a photo back of himself with razor blades sewn into the cap. So we contacted his people and asked if he’d like his music on the series and they were really keen. I had someone come to my house to play Blackstar before it was released. They didn’t say anything about his state of health, and a couple of days later it was announced he had died. We continued talking and episode five will have Bowie’s music in it.”

Tune in to episode five on Thursday evening, BBC 2 - 21:00,

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