Confession: DAO smooching question: why does my M!Surana get tall when he kisses Morrigan? It threw me off because my husband’s Aeducan romanced her, and I have a memory of her kneeling down for a kiss then (in witch hunt at least). And I don’t think it happened with my lady Cousland and Zevran, which should be about the same? Or is it magic?

Bioware: hey bethesda check it out *weird facial animations*
Bethesda: pfft that’s nothing bioware, how about this? *npc swimming down staircase*
Bioware: oh it’s on now *character walking in midair*
Bethesda: don’t start a fight you can’t win *vertical inclines intensify*
Bioware: ?! *protagonist scuttles across the screen like some eldritch abomination*
Bethesda: *npc stuck inside the floor*
Bioware: *pixilates textures of major plot animations*
Bethesda: *skin texture error*
Bioware: *screaming in frustration, jumps on Bethesda and attempts to strangle*
Bethesda: *also screaming*
Me: *sighs fondly*


I’ve been dead on almost all platforms of social media for over a year. 2016 was NOT my year. That short hiatus almost turned intto a perma-cation.

I’ll be uploading some of the art i’ve made and start making new content/comics to resurrect myself from the dead and i’ll start it off with some Overwatch stuf!


Oh yeah, I guess I can upload this now.

I drew this dumb little comic almost two years ago when I first joined the AC team at Ubisoft. It has nothing to do with the game other than being related to Ancient Egypt, and was drawn fun and sent around the office for shits and giggles.

I wish I could say the joke was my own. Alas, I aped it from an old computer game some Aussies in the crowd may know: Skippy and the Curse of the Temple of Ock.

Artwork and Characters © Shamine Athena King
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Having mutuals on this site is a lot like trying to be friends with everyone in a dragon age game. You see a post with an opinion you kind of agree with? Reblog it to gain +5 approval with mutual A and B if they see it, or lose -20 with mutual C if they do. You love them all but 6 of them have each other blocked. A new discourse comes up and you can feel all of their eyes in the backround staring at you as you begin to sweat. Sometimes iron bull is there

Squad Miraculous: Comic Cover Collab - We in the Squad were inspired by the Action Labs comics to create our own covers based on the episodes. This is (one of) mine, Origins part 2! There are a lot more coming soon by several artists!

(These are not real covers, obviously.)

Please check the #SquadMiraculousCollab and #SquadMiraculousCovers for more of our projects!


Miraculous Parallels: Origins, S2E10, S2E18

Superhero + Kwamii Introductions