Now you get to go to Hogwarts
Now you get to go to school
Now you get to go to Hogwarts
I hope you find that swimming pool
Off to witches and wizards and magical beasts
To goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts
The things that I love are the things that you’ll see
At Hogwarts, Hogwarts

Man I’m glad you get to go


You did it Team StarKid! You saved the world through singing, dancing, friendship, big bouncing balls, confetti, and human sacrifice!

But seriously, you guys are amazing and we are so proud of you! Performing so brilliantly each night and working so hard in packing up, and then setting up again the next day.

Thank you for the beautiful musical arrangements and silly jokes. Thank you for sharing your talent!



Haha I can’t believe I did this. I did this a while back because I was excited to do it SDFDFSSGA

So, one morning a wild Joey Richter appears out of his tent, and SURPRISE! Red velvet cake, and a Blink-182 reference!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY! Love you, dear.

(Guys, I think I want him to see this. I don’t really do this, but, help me tweet it to him? Just quote my tweet if you like. Here’s a link. May you wake up with cake in front of your face too, if you did, thanks!)

Also, let’s try and trend #NobodyLikesYouWhenYoure23 :)

Don’t claim, edit, repost as your own. Don’t do it, kids!


Oh here you go guys our set designs

We were confused as to what were the criteria, so we just based it off AVPM/S.

We designed a basic set to be used for other scenes, and it’s also easily changeable to the other sets.

So what have all these three rooms have in common? We weren’t really sure, we just assumed doors and windows.

We tried NOT to make them look cluttered so it won’t look distracting, we don’t want people looking at props instead of Lauren Lopez.

The Burrow: As you can see, you just cover the windows with silly curtains, and the middle with a fireplace prop, also add Weasley things like a lamp, a chair, portraits, books, the Weasley clock, a rubber duck, a cupboard and some plates and stuff. We tried to make the lighting look home-y and warm like the Weasleys.

Department of Mysteries: We really thought hard about this, because we weren’t sure if they would need the Hall of Prophecies and other specific rooms in the Department, so we just chose the general Department of Mysteries. So, we went for doors! These doors are just stand-alone panels, and we were inspired by the Starship door, how it’s see-through! So we were hoping the effect would be the same. Since the doors also rotate, we thought maybe they can be moved around by people behind holding them? Maybe?

At first you don’t see anything but when you dim the lights, you see what’s behind them. The lighting is cool and blue.

The mysteries/behind the doors are (in order): Spiderman 3, Space and planets, Sherlock Holmes office, Boring stuff (Prophecy Orbs), Who’s that Pokemon?, Brainz, Inception, How Lost Ends, and Who Zefron loves the most.


The Destroyed Herbology Room: The passages are hung with broken windows, and some prop vines and huge prop plants are peeking through them too. Some plants are crooked, some on the floor, the mandrakes are running away and possibly drunk, there’s also a lost Bug in there. The lighting is bright and “misty”.