Me: I like to drink chamomile tea to help with my anxiety

2000 witches, reblogging the post: Make sure you don’t have any medications that interact with chamomile negatively! Always research herbs before ingesting them! OP, how Dare you not include a detailed description of every single thing that can go wrong when you ingest this particular herb! Be safe my witchlings!

tag yourself: greek gods

athena: unsatisfied with a 99 test grade, could probably commit the perfect murder, underestimated, likes french bakeries, early riser

poseidon: chill, likes beaches, doesn’t try in school but still does fine, filled notebooks, kinda a dick sometimes, sleeps a lot, environmentalist, collects seashells

aphrodite: really good looking and knows it, acts sweet but will legit kill you if you get on their bad side, perfect makeup, fancy starbucks drinks, intimidating

zeus: says they can burp the alphabet but just burps twenty six times, gives zero shits about others, an asshole, rapist, get off my blog if you’re a zeus

hestia: warm coffee shops, has a sweet smile, journals, kinda sad inside, a bit of a loner, messy hair, easily likeable but doesn’t know it

hades: listens to emo music, spends 96% of their time on tumblr, hopeless romantic, looks like they can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll, pretty stressed

( minor gods: )

✦ tag yourself: space edition

moonlight: sleep deprived af, genius ideas at 2:00 am, constantly underestimated, tangled earbuds, pretends like they don’t care but actually cares a lot, unscented candles

comet: will fight you for their friends, perfect eyeliner, doesn’t get angry but instead just fucking glares at you until you crumble, loves thunderstorms, cat person

stars: has no idea what they’re doing 167% of the time, artsy, likes halsey, string lights everywhere, loves fuzzy socks and blankets, probably wears space buns

alien: secretly is super good at makeup but doesn’t wear it often, lots of coffee, probably has a pet fish, reads young adult fantasy novels, closet conspiracy theorist, arms and papers always covered in doodles

black hole: 97% of their wardrobe is hoodies, professional procrastinator, can write, probably owns essential oils, eats ramen at 1:00 am, only writes in pen, actually really cool but doesn’t know it

spacedust: bath bombs, a+ insta feed, long flowy skirts and tops, city person, pretends to have their shit together, secretly loves kermit memes, probably dyed their hair at one point