• 150426 Sinchon Fansign
  • Xiumin & Baekhyun

150426 Sinchon Fansign: (original audio & Korean transcription source | eng trans by bulbaseok)

Baekhyun: Minseokie hyung, say something.
(fans: ah what to do  ㅠㅠ)
Xiumin: When you get our autographs, you want to talk with us, right? (fans: yes~~!) That’s right! So please think hard of a question you are going to ask us~ You can’t be like this “Oh! Oppa, you’re so handsome. Oh! Oppa you’re so cute!”  Ah, I like hearing it but ask us a question we can respond to! Do you understand >.<? 
(fans: yes~~!)

Xiumin: Ah…from when did we EXO, when we did a fansign, always recommend a meal? like sushi, tofu wrap maki, etc. Who made it? D.O. made it, right? I’ll decide your dinner menu?
(fans: yes~~!!)
Baekhyun: Yes, uh….chicken breast and salad!
Xiumin: He~~ But he doesn’t even eat stuff like that! Ah~ I’m thinking I’m thinking, wait just a moment~ Ah! That! Right now, I want to eat that! So! Ba! Soba? Soba, right? Naengmomil! (t/n: it’s actually naengmaemil which is soba)

Baekhyun: Hey kid~
Xiumin: Even though he’s joking like this, he’s cute~ (Baekhyun: That’s right!) Because you’re cute, I want to squeeze you like this~ I want to kick you because you’re so cute~
Baekhyun: That’s right. Every day. Minseokie hyung really hits me every day.
Xiumin: It isn’t hitting you because I don’t like you. It’s because I like you so much~

Xiumin: I have a concern these days. My hand synchronization habit is what. I’m worried for myself. It’s something that really comes out unconsciously.
(fans: don’t fix it  ㅠㅠ don’t fix it  ㅠㅠ)
Xiumin: I really got goosebumps after watching myself (in a video). I look at that and, I look at myself and-
(fans: don’t fix it)
Xiumin: It seems I have a problem with my nervous system.
Baekhyun: Actually, a fan figured it out. It’s not a bad habit but one that you drop after you turn three years old. But somehow hyung never dropped it. 
Xiumin: Then I’m three years old ㅇㅅㅇ?
Baekhyun: Yes, hyung is three years old.
(fans: ah what to do  ㅠㅠㅠㅠ)
Baekhyun: Your height is also very….
Xiumin: You say that when you’re small too!

Xiumin: Heart? Wah I really like hearts a lot but it’s not good if I give heart excessively. You don’t know the preciousness of hearts~
Baekhyun: Sarangdoongie~ Do it~ (t/n: sarangdoongie is an affectionate way to call someone)
Xiumin: [makes a heart] I did it! >.< But! Ah but I really can’t leave this out.

Baekhyun: Minseokie hyung, do you have any songs for us?
Xiumin: Uh it’s the song I like the most. Can you recognize it when you hear it? It’s a TVXQ song.
Baekhyun: [sings] Catch me now~
Xiumin: [sings] Catch me girl~~


I’m in Tokyo! Saw the Naruto stage show yesterday, and the Naruto art exhibition today! It was a nightmare to get to the art exhibition, endless lines and dragging heavy bags, but it was worth it! Sadly no photos as it was all the original artwork on display, but it was amazing to see the pages and color illustrations without text all over them. The pages from the first chapters were yellowing!There were also a few images drawn specifically for this event: 2 pictures with Naruto and his family, and one with Sasuke and his. While the Naruto ones were in color, Sasuke’s was b&w. The exhibition was more than just pictures; there were life-size statues, a mirror image and videos were interspersed throughout the gallery. I was impressed that the information panels were all in Japanese and English. There was also a video of Kishimoto coloring an image of Naruto and Kyuubi and talking about how he got his start drawing in his local library. As usual, he doesn’t show his face on screen. After navigating the gallery, I bought a lot of goods. Was miffed they didn’t accept credit cards for purchases under 20,000 yen. Overall an amazing experience! Glad I came despite waiting in line FOREVER (start of a string of consecutive public holidays here, everything is insanely crowded).

A lot of people have trouble balancing the love of the Creator and the love of the creation. It is something I myself have struggled with much of my life. On the one extreme, there are people who love the creation as they should only love the Creator. On the other extreme, there are those who reject the love of the creation all together. I think the correct balance is to understand it this way: We have only one Owner over our hearts. That Owner is God. But our hearts also yearn for companionship. The heart searches for its’ companion in the creation. And finding that companion of our heart is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. It is the ‘coolness of the eyes’ that the Quran speaks about. The problem is when we confuse *Ownership* and *companionship*. We take the creation as Owners and take the Creator as only a companion. And God knows best.

Yasmin Mogahed

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