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dark/horror fairy au's??? oh my gosh

  • “Let go of my arm! I had no choice! I had to bring the faeries a sacrifice or they would drag me into their world! I’m sorry but this is the way that it has to be!” AU
  • While walking home one night, Character A looks down at their phone for just a second, but when they look up the familiar street around them has melted into a strange, eldritch parody of itself. Scared and confused, Character A watches in horror as a figure detaches themself from the shadows and makes their way over to Character A. The figure is terrifying – beautiful to the point where they frighten Character A – and they explain that Character A has accidentally wandered into a fairy’s territory and that they’ll need to pay a toll/solve a riddle/outsmart the fairy in a game/etc. in order to get back home.
  • “You’ve made a very bad choice, human. Don’t you know if you eat any food when you’re in fairyland then you’re here forever?” AU
  • After making a deal with Character B, a fairy, Character A has been working for years to pay off their debt. Character A has learned to curb their screams whenever they’re approached by fairies – the hollow eyes and abnormally skeletal bodies never stop terrifying Character A – but lately the fairies have been restless, and Character A thinks it might be time of the year where they begin looking for human sacrifices again.
  • Character A is a fairy that was born with a certain knack for glamour magic. Where most fairies can make themselves appear human, they still have an air of unsettling alienness that tends to unnerve humans. Character A can pass with ease, and they use this to their advantage to lure humans into fairyland. One night, while toying with humans at a popular club, they run into Character B, a human that can see straight through Character A’s glamour and sees their true form.
  • “My eyes? Funny story. I used to think I was crazy because I kept seeing things that weren’t there, but it turns out that I had the sight…’had’ being the key word here. I saw a fairy’s true form and they replaced my eyes with gems/flowers/sea glass/etc.” AU

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Scientist x assistant aus??

  • “Okay so if you look here, you can see that the uh….the uhm….the…sorry but could you remove your hand from my back? It’s uh, distracting me from my work. Thanks.” AU
  • Character A works as an assistant at a lab and they’re responsible for making sure that the lab is clean and prepped for each new experiment. While cleaning up the remains of a previous experiment, Character A accidentally spills a beaker of unknown liquid onto their skin/clothes and immediately jumps underneath the safety shower to wash it off. At the same time, Character B walks in to find a very embarrassed Character A and a lab that’s floor is covered in water.
  • “Listen, I find the whole tired eyes and perpetual burnt coffee smell kind of hot. Working around scientists is like the best thing ever for me.” AU
  • Character A is a scientist that devotes enormous amounts of time and energy into their work, but they can’t seem to find the answer that they’re looking for. One night, while pouring over their notes for the hundredth time, Character B comes into Character A’s office with a bag of takeout food (from Character A’s favorite restaurant) and offers it to Character A, saying that Character A deserves it because they work so hard. 
  • After landing an internship at a prestigious lab, Character A is determined to make a great impression on their superiors. So when lead scientist Character B asks if Character A would like to shadow Character B’s newest project, Character A jumps at the chance to really impress Character B.
  • “I know you’re a really touchy-feely person, but you just spilled a highly corrosive acid on both of us and now we’re both going to have to try to share this small safety shower.” AU
  • Character A has never had a real interest in science, but they apply for an assistant position at a lab because the pay is good. On their first day of work, Character A gets paired with one of the younger scientists, Character B, and all of a sudden Character A is very interested in science these days.