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24.05.17 ~ 26°C🌬☁️🌧 

Long time no post! Sorry for being so inactive lately! I’m on finals right now so I don’t have a lot to post!

 Anyway, this is my sleep and study tracker. It’s a great help for me around exam season (or any season whatsoever). As you can probably see, there’s a sudden increase in (on?) study hours, that’s because I had my first exams today. Ahhhh I’m so nervous…(>﹏<) 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!!

🎧 Good for you- Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack

tumblr goons: please stop calling cartoon porn of children “child porn” and “pedophilia”!!!!! literally youre being so disrespectful to the talented artists who draw it and the innocent MAPs who jack off to it. maybe you should learn what pedophilia REALLY is before you accuse innocent people 

actual u.s. law:


april’s spreads have been pretty messy but also very fun 
i’m appreciating the super warm weather, long weekends and happy colored pens & tapes, as you can probably tell from my spreads (also that floral tape that lisa gave me became my favorite)
i hope you all are having a lovely day♡♡

Witchy Things To Do on A Rainy Day

Originally posted by capistrania

  • collect rainwater, of course
  • do some self-reflection and introspection
  • make some magical tea or other warm drinks
  • any spells for washing things away, banishing, forgetting, or moving on
  • thank the sky for its gift
  • let the rain nourish you as it does the plants
  • cleaning and cleansing of the home