august 17, 2017 ☼ first time this entire summer that i’ve done any french work so r i p me! i’m going on vacation next week and then i have band camp and then school starts so i’ll just somehow figure out how to fit a year of review in two (2) days rip 


hi guys, it’s been a while!
may was so so hectic and i’ve just been busy and lazy all month (and half of june). now that it’s officially summer i hope i can be a lil more active.

also now my blog has an instagram account aah if you want more frequent posts + stories. it’s @officially.studying , so go follow it if you want to♡♡

for those looking to start witchcraft

this is gonna be a resource for y'all. lots of times when you wanna start witchcraft there’s a loooot of info to search through and it can be pretty overwhelming. i want this to be a database for everyone, so that you can have just a broad starting point for your craft. this is long so its under a read more.

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