A Glamour of Androgyny

“See me as I really am:

not as a woman, not as a man.

I am the beautiful space in between,

a perfect wonder to be seen.”

The incantation is really the important part. But here are some supplemental ideas:

  • Visualize your face becoming perfectly androgynous as you say this.
  • Visualize yourself glowing with a yellow, orange, green, purple, or grey light– all colors associated with androgyny.
  • Design a sigil for androgyny or use some of the ones already available. (There’s at least one I’ve seen.)
  • Enchant your clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc. with this chant.

daredevil spoilers i guess??????

you know what i hated about daredevil season 2? a lot of it centered around “the punisher” and how karen REALLY wanted him to be a good guy. and it all sort of culminated in that court battle where half the city thought his actions were justified. the audience by extension was also supposed to think that deep down he was a good guy and want him to show his good side and live as a free man. but like, he is literally never shown doing ANYTHING that says “redeemable” at all, ever. the series starts with him murdering a bunch of gang members, and it’s all down hill from there. what really sealed the deal for me was when he killed a bunch of people in prison with his bare hands and it was all shown onscreen with loads of blood. how does that NOT scream BADGUY. and he’s a shallow character! his only motivations are “kill people to get vicarious revenge.” almost all of his lines are about (a) how much he wants to murder people, (b) rationalizing murdering people, or © associating with villains and being a dick to karen. that scene where she’s begging him to not murder someone and he just does it without looking at her didn’t come as a surprise AT ALL. WHAT THE FUCK KAREN WHY DID YOU EVER TRUST HIM