Stockholme Syndrome - part 2

Reader x Klaus

Synopsis: Elijah brings you back to New Orleans to help Klaus deal with Freya’s arrival. 


Word count: 1073

“What is up with you Mikaelsons that you always have to kidnap people, huh?”  You asked, squirming and trying to free your wrists from some weird kind of rope.

Ever since your sire, Klaus, released you, you left New Orleans without looking back, travelling through Europe, visiting all its famous spots, meeting new people and enjoying life like never before. And, although you did find somebody else, built a life and were thrilling with happiness, something always seemed to be missing. An important piece of your heart. One you forgot back in the city that caused you so much misery.

“I needed your help.” Elijah’s voice replied, calmly.

“You could just have asked me.” You said, rolling your eyes, obviously annoyed by his actions.

“Would come if I did?”

“No, but…”

“Then it’s settled.”

“Tell me in what do you need me.”

“Niklaus have gone mad.”

“And where do I fit?”

“He needed you back then and he needs you now. You had no right on leaving him like that.”

“That’s not how life works, Elijah, I had to leave!”

Elijah forced you to remember that cold afternoon, the one you ran away from the big bad hybrid. It was  late, about six or seven o’clock, a small rain was pouring outside, you were laying half asleep on Klaus’ chest, still stuck in a bliss provided by him. It was perfect, everything. Like he had planned this all along. That moment changed your mind a little bit, making you wonder if it wouldn’t be better if you stayed. Just to see how things would go and if your relationship would work. However, staying probably would mean he owned you like a pet or that Niklaus could manipulate you to do whatever he wished. Then, you realised why you couldn’t be with him: you would never feel safe by the man’s side. So you left. Not writing a letter, not saying goodbye. You thought it would be better this way.  

Your heart broke that day and the scars still lingered to this very day.

“Why did you do it, Y/N?”

“I don’t know, okay?” You yelled, feeling the tears run through your face. “I just had to. I couldn’t stay. I had to know how was life without a crazy maniac behind me.”

“But you love him.”

“I do, Elijah, I can’t explain this sick feeling, but I can’t deny it either.”

He sighed.

“I am sorry I dragged you back into this. But if you can’t work this out, I guess nobody else can.”

“That’s okay, I’ll help.” You nodded. “Just… Let me go and tell me where he is.”

Elijah ripped the ropes around your wrists, which made you let a small sigh of relieve slip. His hands landed onto your shoulders, guiding you to the way out. You realised you were in the Compound, a huge mansion that belonged to the Mikaelson family. It fit them anyway, with all that darkness and mystery. Your legs trembled a little, nervous to see Klaus again and scared that his rage would get you killed.  

“Now, get in there and put some sense into his mind.”

“Tell me, what exactly am I walking into?”

“He refuses to let our sister Freya in, tried to kill her several times.”

“You have a sister named Freya?”

“No time for explaining.”

Elijah pushed you to enter the room, the same one Klaus rambled about for you. He was facing a window, possibly already aware of your presence, after all, the man was still a scary hybrid, the mixture of a wolf and a vampire. The exactly same thing you are, after he turned you.

“Well, my brother is just wonderful, huh, darling?”

“Klaus, wherever you are up now, just don’t do it.”

“He actually thought you, at everyone else, would stop me from doing whatever I want?”

“You know you don’t fool me.” Your look was firm and intense. “I know how your mind works.”

He approached you, backing you up against a wall.

“Now do you, love?”

“You don’t scare me.”

“I can kill you right now. Rip your little heart and suck the blood out of its veins.”

“Well, if you were actually going to do it, you would have done it already.”

His hands clutched your throat, which made you breathless.

“Come on, Niklaus, stop with this sick twisted games.”

You stroke his cheek, biting your lower lip and realising all of that scene happened because he was hurt. Klaus slowly let your neck go and just stared at you, his eyes showing every single feeling he had inside, making you blush and look away. That blue would always get to your core and wasn’t a good thing when he did that.

“Why did you left?”

“Because I could not stand the idea of you manipulating me.”

“I would never do that, Y/N!”

“Sure you would, that exactly what you do to people.”

“But you are no ordinary person. I bloody love you and you left.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just scared.”

“Talk to me. Yell at me.“ He grabbed your arms, squeezing strongly. “Running away is never an option.”

“I know… I am so sorry, Klaus. I shouldn’t have done this to you.”

“No, you don’t have to apologise.” He raised your chin, so you looked directly to him. “I am sorry I made you run.”

Klaus leant over, softly touching your lips with his. A hand in your waist and another one in your neck, outside you could hear the wind blow, leaves fly and all nature speaking for that moment. It was cliché, sure, but in that second, you felt whole again. Like the missing puzzle piece was finally set in place and the drawn complete. Niklaus Mikaelson was everything you wanted and everything you shouldn’t have. Tell me, though, how you are supposed to live eternity without the one your soul truly loves?

“Are you feeling better?” You whispered, against his lips. “Because I can keep doing this until you are perfectly fine to forgive anyone out there.”

“For me to forgive all of my enemies it’s going to take a lot more than that.” He giggled.

“Let’s start with a sister named Freya.”

“I believe Elijah filled you in.”

“Oh, yeah, now come.”

As your small hand grabbed his, Klaus, too, felt whole, in a way he had pursued for centuries and never really archived. Oh, until he met you, anyway.

may 24, 2016 // 11:30 am // 1/100 days of productivity // i’ve always wanted to try making a bullet journal and now that a new term has begun, here’s a sneak peek(ish) featuring the breakfast club!!! i was really inspired by @studypetals post and @inkclings post :) also!!!! i hope i get to finish this 100 days of productivity thingy!!!!