Fellswap Time to Capture the Human Audio
original script and voice by me mr amazing va !

yes my first improv audio done!!! im so happy of how this out!! X3

original script by me and voices by me @mramazingva

i dont own any of the music or sounds only my voice 

*and if you want to make art or make a comic for this audio you dm me first!! if you dont you wont have my permission to make any art of it, so please dm me first before you do any art of this*



Hello! My name is Mudsy, I draw fan art, original art, twitch emotes, etc :3 If you would like to commission something from me to draw that is not above, feel free to ask me about it!

Add Ons: 
- Simple BG (Solid Colors, Geometric Shapes) $5
- Complex BG (Scenery) $10
- Nsfw (genitals/penetration/fetish)- $5 (this does not count suggestive pictures)

Wont do:
certain extreme fetishes
mecha (dont have anything against it, just really bad at drawing this! iwould feel bad if someone paid for it)
nsfw for/of under aged people/characters

For inquiries please contact me at: mamamumuluna@gmail.com

Spots open! :3


Name: The devil is furious (translated to Spanish)

Link Original: http://slightly-gay-pogohammer.tumblr.com/post/166577084061/slightly-gay-pogohammer

Artist: slightly-gay-pogohammer

Translator: Mauricio Giovanna (Me)

Origin: Cuphead

Please support the original artist

So both @nyodrite and @kunoichi-ume tagged me to list my favorite female characters in no particular order so let’s get to it!


There’s so many pretty gifs of her but my girl deserves to smile and be happy even though I would gladly let her murder me

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Evie has never done anything wrong in her entire life and I love her

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Kouyou Ozaki

she can kill me anytime

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Cornelia li Britannia

my original anime girlfriend, pls marry me

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Riza Hawkeye

Is there anyone out there not in love with Rosa Hawkeye?

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Olivier Armstrong

Marry me, Step on me, I don’t care you actual Queen

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Luna Lovegood

Fight me I love her

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Ms Marvel/ Kamala Khan

I relate to her so much it’s scary

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Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince


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So torn between that gif and the “A baby!” gif

And to round out the 10


my first Disney crush, but honestly it was the Rodgers and Hammerstein version with Brandy as Cinderella that I watched so much I still have it memorized.

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Looking at this, I have a type….

sorry not sorry but a kid getting excited about a little drawing they made or asking you to give them attention is my favorite thing. YES you bet that i wanna see that drawing it’s literally a picasso original to me yes you deserve all the gentle talking to and explaining in the world bc you’re a little person who is growing and all little people deserve to be loved and understood

YES you can try to interrupt me when im talking to another adult. it’s so cute that you need me to know this thing straight away bc it’s so important to you. ill ask you to wait until im done then i will listen to everything you have to tell me

im not a pushover though inspite of this post if a kid doesn’t act compassionately i will instruct them firmly but gently and explain why their behaviour isn’t right and instruct them to do better



Chibi (Masked) Silhouette Ash

This is a different side of Ash for my Wolf AU. I’m trying to come up with a difference in Ash and Silhouette Ash’s appearance so I guess Silhouette Ash should be the only one who wears the wolf mask. I guess Silhouette Ash would forcefully make Ash wear the wolf mask too just so he can slowly go insane from depression, loneliness, and anger??? Anyways…

Art/Chibi/AU/AU Design: Me

Original Character (Ash)/Chibi Art Style: @saveraedae

Feel free to use the chibi as a reference or for anything else!! Just please give credit when using!!!