• me: theres no such thing as ethical consumption in late capitalism
  • me: no i'm saying the consumer isn't at fault for the corporations bullshit
  • me: so what ur saying is businesses don't have pricing power huh how original.
  • me: almost like ur objectively wrong.
  • me: because you're objectively wrong.

Preshti Jane, better known as PJ, lives in New York City with her five roommates and the best cat in the world. PJ is bright and friendly and always laughing. She takes pictures of her friends constantly and calls her family once a week. PJ works as a photographer for her friend’s lifestyle blog, and is always spending her paycheck on coffee and cat food. 

PJ’s not a princess. 

PJ’s not magical.

At least- that’s what she thought.

Tune in tomorrow to see chapter eight and help the other princesses cast a spell to get to PJ!

From Spring To Spring I Smile

March 1985—Separation No.2

In those long, dark months he had waited. He had reached out to nothing and felt only shadows in his grasp, only bitterness; brought from the pain of wanting something he knew he couldn’t have. It hurt like hell. It made him cry and it made him break and it stayed with him always.

But now she was back. She had fallen into his arms like a building on its last legs collapsing to the ground, bringing up dust in its wake.

She was back and she was breathing and she was alive, and it was beautiful. She was beautiful, but she was broken. It wasn’t an easy fix for her like it was for him.

Her smiles were rare, and small, like cracks in stones. They lit up a room as does the sun shining through the boughs of trees on a summer day.

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Hanna & Emison
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Hanna:</b> *on her phone* Look at this, Ali kept posting cheesy stuff online. Alison is in loovee..<p/><b>Emily:</b> Right..<p/><b>Hanna:</b> Oh, someone looks nice. Are you going on a date? Who with?<p/><b>Emily:</b> I'll give you a hint. I'm going to go see Alison and my girlfriend but there's only gonna be one person there.<p/><b>Hanna:</b> Who-what-friend now?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

I’ve noticed a somewhat troubling trend in which autistic/autistic coded characters are referred to as “my smol ace baby” or “my little aro boy” by non autistic people, and where autistic coded characters are immediately labeled as aro/ace by neurotypical fans. 

I want allistics to think long and hard about how they talk about autistic/autistic coded characters, and how infantilization plays into the way they think about those characters’ sexualities. There’s nothing wrong with having an ace headcanon for an autistic character, but I still want you guys to think about how you talk about autistic folks and notice if there’s a pattern to what characters you headcanon as aro/ace. 

We live in a culture where people are incredibly uncomfortable with developmentally disabled people having sexual and romantic feelings for people, and I need people to realize that the way they talk about autistic sexuality does not exist in a vacuum. 

I need you to ask yourselves these questions: Would I headcanon this character as aro/ace if it weren’t for their autistic coded traits? Am I uncomfortable with the idea of an autistic person expressing sexual/romantic feelings? How does the language I’m using to describe these characters contribute to the infantilization of disabled people (and ace people, while we’re at it)? Do I headcanon all autistic/autistic coded characters as aro/ace or just these specific ones?

*This post does not apply to autistic aro/ace folks. 

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promise ❦ elijah mikaelson

request: an elijah x reader where the reader wakes up finding herself in elijah’s erms? she’s glad to have him in her life and tells him that. maybe they talk about their future and she wants to see the world fluffy?

warnings: a swear word lmao, mild alcohol consumption

In all his years on earth, which were many, Elijah had not seen many beautiful things. Sure, flowers were beautiful. Sunsets were beautiful. Rainbows, dewdrops, butterflies, a woman’s smile. All those things were beautiful. But after living for a thousand years, those things seem to lose their wonder. And after seeing as much death and destruction as he had, it seemed that all the ugliness overpowered the beauty in life at times. 

But there was one thing that he could never tire of seeing, something so beautiful, so divine, that it took his breath away every time his eyes fell upon it. That something was a person, and that person was you. No he hadn’t known you long. A few short years. And that, compared to his lifetime, was comparable to mere minutes, really.  

But in those few short years, he had seen more beauty in you than he ever had. Your smile, your contagious laugh, your hair, your eyes that seemed to hold all the secrets, and all the answers, of the universe. Your kind heart, your gentle spirit, your determination and the fire that seemed to course through your veins whenever someone so much as threatened him in front of you. 

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It has recently been pointed out to me I have typos and errors that are bothering people in my current WIP.  I’m not using a beta and post my fic after I read it a few times and am just trying to get it up quickly because its taken me so long and I’m behind.  Listing everything you find wrong with my writing kills my muse. 

I understand if typos bother you but I am not looking for a critique of my fanfic.  I get critiqued with my original writing and trust me, that’s enough stress.  Fic writing is my fun I don’t have to worry or stress write.  Perfectionism = stress.  I know a lot of you love grammar and it’s your thing and that’s okay - brilliant really.  But it’s not mine.  It’s hard and work and stress and now my stomach is in knots again.