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in light of recent events involving the Josten Sass™ and its similarities to that of another fan-favourite brown-haired anti-authoritarian protag with an attitude problem, I give you:

the foxhole court, narrated by percy jackson.

  1. “I Am Offered A Foxy Deal”
  2. “I Meet The Worst Kind Of Twin Pun”
  3. “I Get Dragged Into Some Gay Shit”
  4. “My Troubled Past Comes Back To Haunt My Ass” 
  5. “I Strip, But Not In A Fun Way”
  6. “Coach Gets The Gang Together”
  7. “I Have The Worst Night Out, Ever”
  8. “I Get Dragged Into Some Gay Shit, Pt. 2″
  9. “I Become Kevin’s Super Secret Project”
  10. “I Go See A Doctor For The First Time”
  11. “We Kick Serious Jackal Butt, Sort Of”
  12. “I Don’t Want To Be On This Show”
  13. “I Want To Be On This Show”
  14. “We Get A Killer Phone Call”

i have a three-chapter test on thursday and friday for ap hug and i haven’t really read the textbook until today…my teachers are all cramming tests into this week since grades are due ://

a word of advice: don’t try to cram three chapters. start reading them like 2-3 weeks in advance even if you think it’s too early. you never know what’ll happen the week of the test!

okay so i originally made this post a few days ago and then saved it as a draft, and now i remembered to post it so yeah..the test is over, i managed to get an A on the essay portion (praise the lord), and we’ll see what i get on the multiple choice in a few days!

You want me to do what now...?

Can I just summarize Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere? Well, imagine if the entire Marvel universe had been birthed and existed in just one man’s brain…

Oh yeah, and he has several books/series/novellas that exist separate from the Cosmere too, so there’s that…

Definitely sure this man sold his soul to some kind of a mythological demon in exchange for supernatural powers.


Vertigo doesn’t exist, vertigo doesn’t exist, vertigo doesn’t exist….

Seggiovia Monte Solaro ad Anacapri - Anacapri

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Pretending to be Normal by Liane Holliday Willey is a memoir of a woman figuring out she’s autistic after her child was diagnosed with autism.

Though she doesn’t use the phrase “self diagnosis,” it’s essentially a memoir about her self diagnosis process. It has a forward by autism researcher Tony Attwood, who was supportive of Willey’s self diagnosis. There’s a note where Willey expresses that she’s not interested in professional diagnosis at the time of writing.

This book was published in the 90s. Acceptance of autistic self diagnosis in our community isn’t new or exclusive to tumblr. And lo and behold, it hasn’t harmed anyone!

If a person learns about autism and thinks “that sounds a lot like me and would explain a lot of my experiences and struggles” that is not hurting anyone. Not even if they decide not to pursue a professional diagnosis. If you’re pretty sure you’re autistic, you’re not hurting anyone by saying “I’m autistic.”

Someone felt the need to tell me today that they literally cannot bring themself to call me by they/them/their pronouns because it feels “dehumanizing,” no different than if they were calling me “it.”

It’s pretty dehumanizing to be constantly misgendered by someone who knows my goddamn pronouns, but okay. Sure. We’ll worry about how you feel.