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When I was reading The Hidden Oracle I realized something I’m not sure how to put it into words, it’s so easy to explain it in spanish but I have a hard time explaining in english, but I’m gonna try my best. 

Trials of Apollo is a complete new saga, it’s different than Heroes of Olympus because that saga was more connected to PJO. But TOA? It’s a new beginning, it’s for a new generation of kids, it’s the start of another era, Percy and his friends, the original campers, they are no longer at camp, it’s the time of a new generation of campers, inside the book and outside the book. 

Reading TOA is a bittersweet experience and I can say the reason of that is all the small explanations Riordan had to add to the books, we know who is Paul, we know Tyson is a cyclops and Percy’s brother and we definitely know who Annabeth is, but the new readers? The ones whose first touch to the Riordan world is this book? They have no idea of any of that. They are the new campers, they are the ones who are gonna grow with Meg and Lester and Kayla and Austin and the new batch of campers the same way we did with Percy and Annabeth and Clarisse and Silena and the others.

Having Percy at the start and the end of this book is Riordan’s way of Percy passing the torch to Lester. This is not his story anymore, he has grown up, he is off to college, his era of being a hero is done. Percy is now on his way to becoming a legend and it’s Lester and Meg’s turn to be the heroes. Sure, Percy is not going to disappear off the saga, it’s Riordan we are talking about and Percy is his third son, but his role is the same role Chiron had on the PJO saga Percy is the mentor now, no longer the kid who needed help.  And for me, a girl who sees Percy as my hero, Percy who helped me when I needed someone the most? Is absolutely heartbreaking but at the same time I can’t help but feel happy for all the new kids who are gonna have Lester as his Hero. Because this is just not a new saga, this is a new saga filled with all types of representation to little kids who are gonna read this and see that some campers have two dads, maybe just like them, or look! Apollo likes boys and girls! just like me! All the representation this book has and this saga is going to have just makes my heart so incredibly full and warm. 

And this is why reading Trials of Apollo is so bittersweet to me.


I write this bcz I’m a huge language enthusiast and I’m frustrated about the way most methods and language classes/courses approach the process of learning. I’m not a professional but I have a lot of experience in studying foreign languages: I have taught myself Lithuanian and reached the upper intermediate level (B2) in 4-5 years without much help from others, and in Spanish reaching the same level took me only 2 years bcz I simultaneously studied it at school and already knowing French helped me a little. I want to help everyone who wants to start a new language, does not have the possibility to join a language course or just feels frustrated of the stagnation they might experience in the early phase of learning a foreign language.

So, if you want to learn a new language, I suggest following tips:

• Immerse yourself from the beginning! This is really important so that you can get yourself familiar with the intonation and pronunciation of the language. Listen to radio or tv and try to read whatever you can (ingredient lists from the food packages, newspaper articles, whatever!) it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand much yet, it will come! If you start a language with a new alphabet learn the alphabet really well first thing.

• Get an overview of the grammatical structure of the language! This is often not properly done in language courses where you learn some vocabulary and greetings but after 60 pages of the textbook you still have no idea how many verb tenses or noun cases the language has. Take a look even at the “hardest” topics, bcz they might not be that hard after all. (for example the Spanish equivalent of past perfect is much easier than the present tense) 

 • With that being said, learn to recognise past tenses even when you are still learning the present tense! I find it absurd that most courses expect you to master present tense _perfectly_ before even taking a look at other tenses. Most of the time, in everyday communication, past tenses are used more frequently than the present tense + in some languages mastering the past tense can also help you to form the conditional. So, learn the past tense earlier than most ppl would recommend!

 • In general, study the easiest things first! If you find something particularly difficult you gain more confidence and knowledge if you first focus on what you find more interesting (however, you can’t postpone studying boring topics eternally, especially if you are preparing or hoping to prepare for an exam at some point) In Lithuanian, I taught myself a lot of grammar before learning how to tell the time… and it was ok.

• For material: usually the country’s universities have a reading list on their website which proposes what books one could use to study the language. These are often preferable to handbooks aimed for tourists and some language methods for beginners because those mostly focus on useless vocabulary you might only need when you rent a car or book a room in a hotel. The grammar is often also relatively poorly explained in those “tourist language books”, whereas books that are aimed at immigrants or university students usually focus more on the efficient language acquisition and are written by professors and specialists. If you are persistent enough and google all possible search words in both English and the target language,  you can probably find whole textbooks in PDF format, which you can then save on your laptop.

• Don’t get stuck on vocabulary! Remember that grammar is the skeleton of the language and that vocabulary is the muscles hair and eventually the clothes you use to dress up and embellish your apperance. Vocabulary is useful once you know how to use it. For me, learning vocab is the hardest part of a new language, especially bcz I like starting languages that are not really similar to any other languages I know (consider Lithuanian and Greek when I previously knew Finnish, English, French and Spanish) ofc you need to learn some of it to be able to form sentences but most traditional methods focus on that too much. My suggestion is to read a lot: start by children’s books and comics and gradually get more advanced material. When you read them, make notes!! Look up the words you don’t know and don’t be afraid of using unconventional, seemingly challenging ways to learn, such as buying a bilingual poetry collection and trying to decipher what the original poem says and compare it to the translation. 100% recommend, even for the beginner level + it’s a nice way to connect to the culture but still focus on the language itself, not on the way ppl make breakfast in that country. (That’s something that irritates me a lot in most Youtube’s language videos where ppl are just discussing the traditions of the country in English when you had come there to look for the explanation of grammatical structures or just to hear the language being spoken. smh.)

• A really important thing about vocabulary is to learn all the abstract words, such as conjunctions, really soon! For example, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to use the words therefore and otherwise,  it is almost impossible to try to explain those words without first translating them to another language. 

• Make vocabulary learning more interesting and deep by learning about the etymology of the words you learn. It can be mind-blowing and it helps you to remember the words better.

That’s it!

I hope these tips inspire you in pursuing your interest in foreign languages and facilitate your learning process. I might add more to this if I remember I have forgotten something of great importance. 


sorry ,im late :”3 , read this first plz :”v

maybe you will find some mistakes , the reason is i speak spanish and i don’t understand the english so much , that is the reason and sorry for the delay but im in exams and i have to study :”v but after all i did my best to translate well >:D !! and thats all , hope my translation help you to understand :”)

im working with the second part ! is ready tomorrow >:D (maybe :”v)

original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRGWRlGRjJ8

Learning Tagalog: Intro

I’ll be sharing small lessons I’m using to learn Tagalog, but here is a brief history I have found on the language

Tagalog is considered an Austronesian language. It is a quarter of the Philippines population’s first language, and a second language to the majority. Tagalog comes from the Southern Luzon regions and has been historically spoken in and around Manila.

“Tagalog” originally referred to “river dwellers,” coming from the words taga, meaning “from,” and ilog, meaning “river.”

Before the Spanish came, nearly all Tagalog speakers were able to read and write Tagalog in the baybayin script (a system of writing with influence from Sanskrit). In the late 16th century, the Spanish colonization changed this. With influence from baybayin and the Latin alphabet, Spanish friars Romanized the Tagalog writing system with the first book publication in the Philippines, Doctrina Cristiana (1593). Since then, the Latin alphabet became more prominent while baybayin steadily fell into obsolescence.

Today, about 40% of Tagalog terms are influenced or borrowed from Spanish due to well over three centuries of Spanish colonial rule. English has made its way into the language as well, with more than one century of formal and informal American colonization.

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Ok so this has been bugging me for a while so I thought I'd get someone else's opinion. What kinda accent is Armand supposed to have?

In movie!IWTV, Armand’s origins aren’t explicitly stated, just that he’s an Old World vampire. He could very well be Spanish, that’s Banderas’ actual ethnicity. So we don’t know. Just bc Louis and Claudia meet him in Paris doesn’t mean he’s French; he tells them he’s 400 yrs old, he’s probably lived elsewhere.

On my recent post about Antonio!Armand, @slow-read shared this opinion: “I would like to add that Antonio’s accent also gives one a sense of age, otherness and it sounds (or sounded) exotic to the audience? It was perfect for Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world. *-*” The ppl behind movie!IWTV might have chosen Banderas and made the character this way rather than a more canon-compliant actor bc they wanted him to be more convincing as Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world to audiences who had not read the books. Filmmakers then (and now) want a movie to appeal to wide audiences. I was a kid then, but it seems to me that fandom (and specifically, trying to please the fanbase as a primary objective) wasn’t as much of a consideration at that time. 

In the books, Armand comes from a place called Kiev, which according to AR is in Russia and according to the google is in the Ukraine, but idk. Then he spent years in Italy which is where he got most of his mortal education, so he may have picked up some of that accent from his teachers and friends… and then he lived in Paris for many years so he might have consciously tried to pick up some of that accent in order to blend in. 

Anyone is welcome to answer this with what you think Armand’s accent is like!

Don’t let anyone tell you learning your target language is a waste of time!

People told me this when I first announced to my family I wanted to learn German. They thought I was crazy and needed to focus on Spanish if I wanted to learn a language.

Today, my mom and I went to a Christmas home tour. The ladies from the local historical society had to read the home’s history from a paper. The originals owners of one house were, what do you know, German.

The ladies could not read the German on the paper, and one said to just skip it. My mother steaming with anger that these ladies were skipping important history stated loudly “my daughter reads German.” The ladies handed me the paper, and I explained the German to them and the group. My mom was so proud of me.

Your target language could come in handy in the most unusual situations. Do not give up based on what other people tell you. Merry Christmas!


I admitted a new trauma patient who was originally thought to be nonverbal. We figured out that the patient is actually just deaf. However, we never told the neurosurgery residents.

Neurosurgery Chief: Hi Mr D! We’re from the neurosurgery team. Are you having any pain?
Nurse BolusCoffeeStat: He’s Spanish speaking only…
Neurosurgery Chief (barely letting me finish my sentence): Oh! Buenos dias senor! Any dolor?

Nurse BCS: … aannnnnd he’s also deaf. 
NeuroSurg NP and myself commence chuckling.

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Hey! So I'm in my 4th year in a spanish course but I wanna improve my reading. Do you have any recs for spanish books that an intermediate learner could read and understand? Thanks so much :-)

Umm let me think, maybe

wow it’s a tricky question, the rest of them would be romantic books, I think romantic books are way easier to understand than say fantasy books

An spanish author that is very cute in his writing style is Albert Espinosa, I really liked this one

And a book that has been a huge best seller here is

  • La sombra del viento, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, which turned into a saga (the last book came out last year)

And if you like fantasy, the saga

~studyblr introduction~

Hello! I’ve been blogging for 2-3 weeks now, so I figured that I should introduce myself.

basic info.

My name is Mary and I’m from southern California. I’m currently a freshman in high school (class of 2020!). 

I watch anime, so if you ever want to talk about a show, just message me or something! I also read a lot and if I could just sit on a couch and read forever I would. Some of my other fandoms include Hamilton, HP, PJATO, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, and others that I can’t remember right now.


As said in my blog description, I’m an aspiring polyglot. I’m currently learning..

  • Spanish (school and self study)
  • German (recently began, self study)
  • Japanese (really recent, self study)
  • Armenian (I can speak/understand, but I can’t read/write)


I’m pretty shy when it comes to starting a conversation but feel free to message me! I’d love to make new friends and help anyone out.

Lastly, some studyblrs that have inspired me to create this blog are:

@rhubarbstudies , @studysapphic , @notesworthtea , @equaticns , @apricot-studies , @emilystudys , @studyblr2019 , @studyquill , @emmstudying , @moirajournals , @intellectus , @emmastudies , and so many more!

Spanish-speaking booklrs/langblrs, please help me!

I’m possibly going to take a Spanish exam in August so I can study Spanish as a minor subject at uni, but I haven’t actively studied Spanish in like three years… I’m now looking for books written in Spanish (preferably books that were originally written in Spanish, not translated into Spanish from another language) to read, enjoy and practice my Spanish skills. Any and all book recommendations would be much appreciated!

¡Por favor, me gustaría ayuda! ¿Alguien me podría recomendar libros en español? Estoy buscando libros españoles para leer y practicar mi español porque estudio en la universidad y quiero completar una concentración minor en español. ¿Cuáles son tus libros favoritos en español?

C  O  R   R   U  P  C  I  Ó  N

The original tittle was ¨Corruptus¨ but it was and spanish so I´m going to keep it save. Oh my stars, this is the first time I translate ALL a chapter for my own, so don´t expect too much about my grammar or sense of time. Oh boy, this is a (now) a gift for the lovely @futagogo, for being extra nice with me! :3 
There is a cover por this fanfic, but I’m not going to submit it here; so I’ll put the plot here: ZEROVER + AU POCKET MORTYS + YAOI… that will be all…

“Let’s see. Jerry left Beth in her second pregnancy; Summer also left her to go with her father … and this Morty was left with his Rick since he was a few months old. Before that” a closer look at the screen  “Oh dear, before Beth was in a car accident due to her alcoholism, where she passed away.”

Rick (Storage Manager) carried an electronic cigarette in a hurry to his mouth and held the smoke until he could exhale naturally. He turned the screen and immediately began typing a couple more symbols. The guard just rolled his eyes in annoyance, the day was short, work was long and the timelines were endless. What if a Morty suffered a difficult life? There were hundreds of them.

“Then you say that the Rick of his dimension was intersected by the galactic police and threw this Morty into a dimension of giant killer bees in which he was 6 months until the honey collecting brigade found it. He arrived here wounded, hungry and without notion of date and time. Okay, I’ll need some information to register for the nursery and then give it up for adoption.

"He’s a grinning Morty, and I do not have your fucking time, nanny.” I have real work to do. So, do I leave him here, in the fuck, or shall I sell him to some alien accumulator?

Rick (guard) left his office to go to the ship where the victim was. Returning the door that led to the Mortys area was already open and Rick (Storage) was waiting paternally at the door with a blanket and a chocolate. The guard snorted in a mocking tone and almost tactlessly tossed the boy who almost stumbles had it not been for Storage.

“Have fun with this stupid thing.”

A look of rancor stuck in the back of the head of the guard at the moment of returning to his ship, although it was perfectly ignored. At that moment they were the only ones in the day care.

That new Morty and him.

“Are you fine?” Asked the elder while he placed the blanket and extended the chocolate, looked a few seconds to the child, but  he was far from looking like a gruesome Morty; It looked normal Like any other Morty without life destroyed or that have been lost for a lot of time with giant bees.

“Wow! T-Thank you Rick. I’m fine, it’s been a long time since anyone asked me that. "The little boy giggled nervously and sipped at the chocolate so he would not have to look at him in the face.

“What are you talking about”

"Oh, Rick, you’re so nice to me.” The older man just stared at him as he noticed Morty’s deep blush, “I mean, all the Ricks are, they’re amazing! But you’ve been the most attentive, oh geez, I-I think I’m beginning to feel something for you … c-could I hug you?

Storage was stunned. It was not easy to take care of the Mortys, especially when they had had strange experiences outside their timelines. They take a long time to take confidence in themselves; It’s an eternity for them to be able to believe in a Rick again. He himself had read the history of his dimension and it was terrible, he even bet that child came with a very strong trauma.

It was the first time he heard something like that; perhaps for pity he acceded to the request of the child and hugged him with a little disinterest, feeling the shyness of the child.

"Rick, I think everything’s going to be all right now.”

"Oh, it will be while you’re here.”

The weeks that followed were really hard, especially for Rick (Storage) in his attempt to protect the more recent Morty who he called Super Rick Fan Morty. It was tedious to discover the fanaticism that boy had towards his grandfather; His original Rick must have been an egocentric fan of himself (Super Fan Rick) and having thus bred the boy really affected him.

The point is that most of the Mortys out there hated the Ricks; And they beat the new to defend them. This had bordered him to live with the Mortys marginalized like Cup Morty, Pizza Morty or mermaid Reversed Morty; It was not bad but there was contempt.

In addition, he worry for moving away the boy from the guards and Ricks ¨interesested¨ in adopting him. For some reason, the rumor that a Ricks-like Morty was in the nursery gave everyone the impression that they could just hang out with him and then leave him there again. Fortunately and thanks in part to the Mortys (now jealous that the Ricks were looking for the new one and not them) no one misfortune had happened to him yet.

For Storage it was a bundle of nerves to have to pass close to him, because whenever he did he received compliments and pampering, at first it was excellent, but the fire of that Morty crossed the limits, was so energetic and full of energy that in a way, the only way out was to avoid it. It was there that he realized that he was doing the same to everyone else.

Marginalize him.

The garden center was not a place for a Morty as noble like him, he deserved the love of a Rick who took good care of him, someone who had that energy and in fact, it was inattentive what he had. No doubt the only important duty was to get him a foster grandfather but who would respect him properly?

What Rick would love a Morty like that?

Good luck, causality. The custodian of the playgroup school couldn’t define it. The weeks had been high on adoption and incredibly low in terms of new Mortys to offer. To some being of the multiverse it occurred to him that if they put several Mortys to fight each other would arm a mode.

So it was.

Each of the Ricks without a partner chose to have one or more Mortys, all those Mortys remainder who lay abandoned in the universe were picked up and give them home (to later put them to fight among themselves and display them as prizes). Everything was suspiciously good except for the fact that (SRF) Morty was still stranded.

This new device some Rick create was for read the status of each of the Mortys. It describes to the Ricks the background of the boys; If they had an aggressive childhood and psychophysical powers: perfect; If Beth had sent them to karate classes: even better! But if his parents split up and had been left with a lonely, drunken and selfish Rick … it left a lot to be desired, especially since that would surely bring a lot of traumas and that wasn´t something that the Ricks want to deal with.

The service horary were over, and Rick Storage was watching the TV next to his own Morty (Morty Rabbit sleeping in a box on the floor) and with (SRF) Morty lying on his lap.

This last said and repeated every so often that he was the luckiest Morty in the world since watch TV with his favorite Rick, but his tone of voice was loaded with too much sadness. There was nothing more in that place than impotence, there was nothing but disappointment.  

The weeks passed quietly, those greedy Ricks who manipulated more Mortys than they could take care of, were allowed to leave some in the nursery; And this had encouraged the solitary environment to which they had become accustomed. The manipulated Mortys were more docile and much easier to command, but they lacked originality for the most part; It was gloomy.

(SRF) Morty had become Rick Storage’s personal assistant, he helped him to accommodate the Mortys in their "rooms” upon arrival, sometimes he attended the reception by the excitement of seeing a different Rick enter the day care; And sometimes just swept the yard.

That was one of those days when they had a lot of work, apparently the game of Mortys had gotten out of control and many people were beginning to capture them not to fight, but for their own collection. There was no more space in the cubicles, since they had to be locked up in cells and there were dozens of Ricks waiting to visit their Mortys, but it was a huge job to recognize who was from whom.

At the end of the day, Storage and SRF were closing the reception, the taller one with an expression of being able to kill the devil in person and the boy with a half smile for Rick (which was bad, considering that he was always running around trying to make him laugh ).

“Good work today, Morty. Now I’ll go upstairs with my Rabbit, do you think you can mop here?

Because indeed, Rick Storage’s Morty Rabbit did not move a finger in the daycare, he always was the favorite one, the prince of the Mortys and SRF Morty the Cinderella.

“Of course, Rick” although he was exhausted he couldn’t deny anything to  his favorite Rick, who knows? he would probably be more tired than him “D-Don’t worry about that, tomorrow will be super clean just as you like”

"Until tomorrow, then” he took out a cigarette to low-stress and went to rest.

Morty put on an apron so he did not mess up his favorite blue shirt, and without further action, he did his job. He was about to return the mop and go to his cell with the others, but a sound stopped him. It was the bell at the entrance door;

He thought it was already closed.

“Hi?”  He yelled from the other side of the room, regaining his strength at the thought that maybe he was a good trainer Rick confused by visiting hours.

As the matter in fact, there wasn’t any answer but heavy steps went to the first room as he unbuttoned the apron.

“You can’t go into the store if is already closed, the visits are with in the morning and…”

It must have been a game. He had seen many Ricks, each one better than the previous, some robotic, some reptilian, but he had never seen anything like that. He was an extraordinary specimen for his eyes, his blue hair covered one eye, the other hardly noticed because of dark circles, his uniform was inked in black and his standing was the strangest he had ever seen. He looked like he would fall at any moment, but never do.

“I don’t … I don’t go out during the day, it’s not my thing”  His soft voice, a raspy whisper that shook Morty “I passed because I saw a light on, but if there is no service, I’ll leave out of here”

He turned around, almost ready to go, until the boy’s senseless shrieks stopped him in despair.

“Noonono, please, yes we do have service, if I attend you, please … stay”

Rick’s dark gaze rested for a moment on Morty and he looked straight at him, as if that would have burned him down. They both turned away for different reasons.

“What kind of Morty you want to visit? I need to go to an w-wake him up”  he asked now more uncomfortably as he took out his diary to check, but soon recalled that, had never seen that Rick before; There were no Mortys admitted recently that he would not have accommodated in cells and if that were not enough; he also didn’t know the name of that Rick.

He would have remembered it.

“I’m not coming to visit anyone. I come to borrow a Morty, I want him to clean my garage and the one I had with me was stolen by a Rick with a chip manipulator. Poor stupid Rick, that Morty was annoying”

“Wow, I don’t know if we can lend to the Mortys, if their Ricks knows, they will be very upset. But surely if you catch some Morty he will be happy to help you… it must be super fun to clean your garage.

"I don’t go out to people. It is not fun to clean the garage”

“Geez Rick, it’s difficult because although I would like to help you all the Mortys we have here have a manipulation chip, they will not listen to anyone other than their Ricks”

“I understand, I suppose I’ll have to explode my garage and build a clean one. Thank you for nothing, boy”

“No way, I’m sorry. I really want to help you, but I don’t know how!

Again the eldest turned, but this time ignoring the boy, took the handle and took a look at the floor of the place, Finally turned his attention to Morty and found him sobbing in silence as he clung to his apron (and the last memory he would have of that Rick).

"You cleaned up here?”

“Yes…” he said in a weakly voice, rubbing his eyes for the tiredness and small tears in his pout.

A moment of silence crept through the room, Morty was reassuring.

“Why don’t you come with me? Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen you have a chip… and you know how to mop”

“I-I can’t. No one Rick has ever loved me before. My favorite Rick tells me to don´t trust on the strangers Ricks” Morty looked at him in amazement and mistrust from head to toe "And it’s strange that you come here at night for a borrowed Morty”

"I don’t know what you’ve hear about the Ricks, it’s probably true, it’s not good to you to trust strangers. Anyway; I gotta go now because the garage is not going to implode itself.

"Wait! I want to go with you, no matter where you take me, no matter what you do to me, I just want a Rick who feels I own him… ”

The older man only raised his eyebrow in surprise; he thought that perhaps it had been a mistake to ask him; But there would always be a day care to return him when his patience was exhausted. He lifted his serious, disinterested face and moved away from the door.

“Let’s go, then, in a few hours more people will start to fill the streets and I don’t want be there when that happens.

After all the fatigue of the day and the unveiling of the moment his energy was recovered to 100% having to contain all his enthusiasm in a joyful shriek; All he got to take was his cap and his doll both of Rick. It was a miracle that the older man would have waited for him at the door, because he seemed to be in no mood.

And when Super Rick Fan Morty stepped outside the nursery after that whole time that seemed like an eternity, he knew he was not only free; he actually was tied to freedom.

Tied to that Rick.

Rick Zero.


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I saw your post about the difference between Latino and Hispanic and I saw that Brazil was in Hispanic but they're of Portuguese speaking origin not Spanish. Because I remember this time my friend from Brazil was acting as a non Latino character and joking around he said , "I actually am Latino I'm just not Hispanic"

you read it wrong 

AP Spanish Language & Culture

So prototumblinguist​ asked a question on their blog regarding the AP Spanish Exam. However, I thought it would be beneficial to make a separate detailed post about it here so that more people can find it. Prototumblinguist originally asked: Hey folks, I am in IB but I’m planning on taking the AP exam for Spanish. Do you have any tips so I can start getting ready now? 

There are three main portions of the exam, including: Listening/reading, spoken, and written. I’ll discuss each section in detail and talk about strategies under a read more because it will get lengthy!

Keep reading

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Your writing is great! I was wondering if you could recommend me your favourite short stories?? Have a nice day <3

Thank you! My Documents by Alejandro Zambra (originally written in Spanish as Mis documentos if you’d prefer to read it that way) is a compiled collection of short stories. It’s about the different lives of people with their own growths and struggles, from younger people to older. i think there’s 10 or 11 short stories total.

Gosh I read one that was recommended to me by somebody on here a few months ago, if anyone recognizes it please let me know? I believe it was written by a brown woman, and about a brown couple, and they were from India if my memory serves me correct. He writes for a job, or was working on research I think. There’s a power outage and for the first time the couple is forced to confront different issues and bring up different topics such as their old village, family, how the wife had a baby who ended up dying in labor or around that point, and their marriage is dying.  If anyone can identify it off of this info please let me know because it was an awesome read!

I wish I had more to recommend to you but I’ve been so so busy these past few months that I haven’t been able to get into short stories as I’d like! I do also wanna recommend (although not a short story but I feel like its worthwhile) The Other Side: El Otro Lado by Julia Alvarez. It has a collection of poems, many longer ones that i still feel like could do here. I’ve read a few and have yet to finish it but I like the themes and imagery a lot. x

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I'm the Chilean guy from some time... I wanted to ask you if i can translate "Ghosts" for a friend, because he really wants to read it but he doesn't understand english, and I would feel bad if i do it without your consent; probably it won't be as good as your writing but i would really like my friend to be able to read it :(

oh yes! feel free to!

I don’t mind people translating my work at all, the only thing is that if you post it anywhere just provide a link back to the OP story/me, also, if you give me a link I can put a thing up in the description of the original so other people can read it as well (in Spanish I presume? Which a lot of people might enjoy/find useful!)

I’m sure your writing will be good! It’s a very nice thing you’re doing for your friend

500 Followers Linguistics Books Giveaway

So thank y’all for following me and coping with me and my italianess for all this time! all the tomatoes shitposts and italian shit i’ve talked about I’ve now reached 500 followers and i wanted to share with you some of the ebooks i’ve collected about linguistics. Many of them can be found even here on tumblr and I don’t own any of them. They’re mainly in English but some of them are in Italian, French or Spanish. Enjoy your reading!

  • A history of psycholinguistics
  • European Union - An empire in new clothes?
  • How languages are learned
  • Italian philosophy of language
  • Treatise on the origin of language
  • Language and identity
  • Language empires, linguistic imperialism and the future of global languages
  • The Cambridge history of the Romance languages vol.2
  • Polyglot, how I learn languages
  • Principles of language sustainability
  • Bugie, bugie virali e giornalismo (ITA)
  • Politique linguistique de la France (FRA)
  • La intoxicación lingüística (ESP)
  • Dejar de pensar  (ESP)
  • El supremacismo lingüístico  (ESP)

Happy Holidays! It’s a little late, but I hope you guys enjoy this bit of Sterek Christmas fluff. <3

Stiles finds him in a bookstore in Brooklyn, and it’s like not a day has passed since they last saw each other, even though it’s been almost two years now.

Stiles is riding the high of just having finished up his first semester of college, and has been wandering the unseasonably warm city trying to kill the couple days he’s got before his flight back home for Christmas. The last thing he expected to find inside this hole-in-the-wall place with a chalkboard sign at its entrance proclaiming that the “Soup of the Day” is “Walden Pond,” was Derek Hale.

Derek is folded into a high-backed armchair, hidden amongst the stacks, so completely absorbed in the book he’s reading that he doesn’t notice Stiles at first. Something by Roberto Bolano in its original Spanish. The showoff.

He’s dressed in a soft sweater and rumpled jeans, his hair a little longer than Stiles remembers it. His fingers linger over the page as he turns it, and then absently reach up to scratch against the grain of the stubble along his jaw before settling again in his lap, and Stiles swallows so hard he nearly chokes.

For a very long time, Stiles just stands there with a Chernow biography hanging limply in one hand, frozen and uncertain how to react.

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dance-dreamer  asked:

Hi, Can i have a Vampire Diaries and The Originals ship? I am 1.54 meters brown hair, dark eyes, pale skin. I am violinist, pianist, ballet dancer and also writer and painter, I love read classics, my favorite music is the classical, I can be introvert sometimes, other times I am extrovert, I can talk about multiple subject, I love the forest and my favorite historic time are the 20’s because the music and clothes. I speak Spanish (my native language) English and a little bit of Latin. Thanks!

Hey, I did both male and female hope that’s okay! x

Rebekah Mikaelson: The person who probably appreciates good music, dancing and art the most tbh. She’s more into the classics herself and really think she’d be both surprised and enamoured by someone who understood its worth. You might be on a different level for her than others since you share the same taste. 

Stefan Salvatore: Same as Rebekah. He is into music, not necessarily the modern one but he’d love going to concerts with you (if there is anything you’re both interested in). it’d make him smile immediately when he learns about your liking for the 20′s. would make him nostalgic and all. 

one of the reasons i want to be fluent in foreign languages is because i want to read foreign novels in the original way they were written

me: *reads neruda in spanish like a boss*
me: *reads dumas in french like a real parisienne*
me: *reads tolstoy in russian like a good ole comrade*

dO you even have an idea how beautiful that would be! reading the novels in their purest form like a cinnamon roll that is too pure and too good for this world

On the issue of Viktor’s Japanese

OKAY so I’ve been seeing a lot of argument over this particular topic, and one of the things that I noticed (as have others) is that in episode 2, Viktor’s phone has the language set to Russian.

And in episode 10, he has it set to Japanese.

(I’m so sorry I can’t remember where I saw the post that had the original idea with the screenshots aaahhhhhh)


i think the main constituency of the argument was at what point could he understand Japanese like at the GPF banquet for example.

But, based off the photos i assume he couldn’t when he first got to Hasetsu (either that or he wasn’t comfortable with it enough to the point where he was able to read/understand a lot) so basically Viktor not only learned Japanese (most likely for Yuuri and to be able to communicate with locals), he learned it in less than a year.

My mom taught herself Spanish in that amount of time but she practiced for at least three hours a day, seven days a week. That is a HUGE commitment to have made in addition to coaching Yuuri…

Unless… Yuuri was helping him.

The benefit of having a native speaker help you when trying to learn a new language is immense. Plus, imagine all the cute scenarios.

Yuuri pronouncing something for Viktor 15+ times and Viktor can’t get the hang of it because he’s too busy watching Yuuri’s lips.