“Hi, this is Elisa calling. I’m interested in your ad about the intentional community that focuses on meditation and dealing with environmental despair.

LISTEN to this heartbreaking voicemail→

Whether the future you imagine is terrifying, beautiful, or mundane, record your vision and become a part of FutureCoast’s archive before it’s too late!

It’s hard to know what youcan do to help stop climate change, I know. Sometimes I feel pretty helpless and discouraged. Working with other people who have empathy for the earth, for other species, and for the people who will inherit this planet after us has given me a way to do something… and it feels powerful

The truth is this: we need more help, and there’s something (something fun!) that you can do: will you become a part of FutureCoast? Volunteer to geocache a chronofact and help us get more people to rethink what’s possible for our future! Adventure is waiting for you…

Be brave and imagine yourself in the future. What do you see? Are there houses floating in the water, structures rising into the sky, or is there just… nothing? 

Climate change is a vast topic, and is difficult to grasp in a way that makes it truly matter on a personal level. FutureCoast invites you to see yourself in the future, perhaps on an ordinary day, doing something as simple as phoning a friend to discuss the weather. It’s a personal way to imagine how our world will be different 20, 50, 100 years down the line.

Share your vision and help us understand what climate change could mean for life here on earth. Head to futurevoices.net/create or call +1 (321) 7-FCOAST to leave a voicemail to the future.

In 2059, it’s an ordinary day in Paris… except that you just saw something magical: a vision of the city before it was overrun by fungus, viewed from beneath the Seine in an under-water submarine. And, to make things even more magical, the river water is “clean” – meaning you can see through it (doesn’t sound very clean, by today’s standards…).

“It’s just wonderful to see the old Paris the way it was.”

One voicemail from the future shines light on a changed Paris→

Did you know that April is Earth Month? Specifically, Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and YOU CAN DO SOMETHING to help raise climate change awareness (bonus: it’s fun!).

Here’s how: spend ten minutes exploring the FutureCoast project, then get creative and make a voicemail from the future. Your recording will become part of a collaborative authentic fiction exploring how our future may be affected by climate change.

Thanks friends, and please do help spread the word.


EARTH DAY is on Tuesday! 

FutureCoast is a playful (yet serious) way to open up dialog about climate change by asking folks to close their eyes and walk into the future, then leave a voicemail about what their future self is thinking, doing, or seeing.

What we really need TODAY: 

Pause for a minute and think: what are you passionate about, what do you love to do? Is it hiking with your dog, reading in the park, cooking with veggies from your garden…? Now, imagine: how will this favorite activity of yours be different in the future?

Grab your phone, call (321) 7-FCOAST, and leave a voicemail for a friend explaining what you’re up to in this future. What do you see? The subtleties (or dramatic changes) of the future are waiting for you to conjure!

Leaving a voicemail only takes a couple of minutes, and yet can transport you through space and time into a new frame of mind.

Happy Earth Day, all :)


A software glitch in future times is sending voicemails back to our time. They come from various possible futures, and are appearing around the world (quite mysteriously) as physical objects, which we call chronofacts.

Amazingly, we’ve figured out how to decode the objects, but only if they’re found (before they disappear back into another space/time dimension), photographed, and sent to us.

WE NEED HELP finding chronofacts! When we detect a chronofall, we tweet about it in the hopes of finding someone local to go track it down. FOLLOW FUTURECOAST and be part of this important mission!