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Azurrin Week 2016 Day 5: Song


Fire Emblem OC/Fatesone Tarot Card Collab?

I thought about hosting something like that in deviantArt already but I’m not sure if enough people would join there so I thought I ask around here :) 

The Idea:

Everyone who joins picks a typical card of a tarot card set and draws their Fire Emblem OC/ Fatesona within a fitting theme. At the end we collect everyones cards and I thought about even printing them and sending them out to those people who join c: 

Example of a Tarot Card Set:

(Image taken from Google)

I would appreciate it if you reblog/share the idea and tell me if you would be interested so I know if I should host the idea or rather not o v o // I would love to do something like that >//< so I hope people are interested xD 


they’re not grouped super specifically but honestly i can’t believe i got this done///