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Original and/or English versions of SHINee songs.

(Some were original songs that SMent bought afterwards, some were only demos, some were bought by both SMent and another company.)

Songs list: here

The Jellyfish Song
  • The Jellyfish Song
  • Ari
  • ari sings dumb things

idk ive always kinda wondered what clear’s jellyfish song would sound like with lyrics, but the original track “shape, memory, music” was a LITTLE TOO HARD for me to transcribe myself so i

 got inspired to write my own version of it i guess???

this is literally not anything like the original at all so more accurately, it’s a fansong based on the idea of the jellyfish song

haha yeah

A Fangirl Christmas
  • A Fangirl Christmas


The TARDIS wrapped up in a bow
The Samulet in a box
John’s mustache in my stocking
Would totally fucking rock

Sherlock under my tree
Along with Gallifrey
These are all of the things
I want to see on Christmas day


Just give me a fangirl christmas
It’s really not that hard
Just send me Misha Collins with a Happy Holidays card

Please Santa
I’ve been good all year
If I don’t count the gay fics I wrote 
I have nothing to fear

The Enterprise all wrapped up
Every season of Doctor Who
A ‘67 Chevy Impala
That looks like it’s brand new

I want the Avengers to assemble
Just for little old me
And wouldn’t it be pretty cool
If i had a mini Loki

Chorus (altered)

Just give me a fangirl christmas
It’s really not that hard
Just send me Misha Collins with a Happy Holidays card

Dear Santa
I’ve been so alone
Could you please send Mr. Cumberbatch 
Directly to my home?

There’s so much that us fans would like
There are so many fandoms
But the best present of all would be
If you could make my OTP canon 


Today I wrote and recorded a demo for an original song called Nocturnal Notions. It’s an acoustic lullaby and I’ve never done a song on the guitar before, so I’m happy with how it turned out! 


A playlist I made up of kbearluna’s songs entitled ‘Fair Love’ taken from one of their original songs.

Fair Love // Kaitlyn Alexander
E.T // Katy Perry

Toxic // Britney Spears
The Chain // Ingrid Michaelson
Tenerife Sea // Ed Sheeran
Riptide // Vance Joy
Not In That Way // Sam Smith
Please Don’t Say You Love Me // Gabrielle Aplin
How We Love // 
Ingrid Michaelson
Youth // Daughter
Show And Tell // Kaitlyn Alexander

  • Can't Breathe
  • totalspiffage

Can’t Breathe demo - Download

So I had this talk with someone one time about how I wasn’t angry enough about a certain person in my life who tends to be pretty toxic and this happened.

It’s still in demo stages but I might have it done and on my bandcamp by the end of winter break.

And then he moves in for a kiss. Not a little peck or a sexless smooch, but the kind of big wet kiss any high school boy would give to the person he adores. And you better believe Kurt kisses back just as hard. And after what feels like an eternity of kissing, during which a significant percentage of the audience is squeeing just as loud as their choked up voices will let them, they break the clinch. Blaine, sounding a little sheepish, tells Kurt, “We should practice.” Kurt, with joy in his eyes: “I thought we were.” When did Kurt get smooth like that? And then Blaine dives back in for more, and we leave them mid-kiss. And for anyone who thinks Blaine’s change of heart was too sudden – just look back at any Swallows performance that included both of them and you will see how very hard Blaine has been crushing on Kurt all this time, even if he didn’t want to admit it to himself.
—  LTG, Glee Recap, Television Without Pity
Big Bad Wolf
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • hummingjill

BIG BAD WOLF by hummingjill

darling, please stop crying
it’s not like it’s the first time he leaves you behind
darling, dry your tears
believe me you will smile again in coming days and weeks and years

i know it’s hard and deep inside you wonder
if it was always gonna be this way
cause even though he had the choice you wonder
if there ever was a chance that he would stay, he would stay

dreaming of the past will take you nowhere close to him
and every step you take is just a shadow of his sins
be strong my lady, you’re the huntress not the loot
you must look forward, you’re the big bad wolf

darling, it’s not your fault
and just like the oncoming storm you must let him roam
darling, smile again
his restless hearts may beat for you but there’s no place that could hold a wandering man

i know it’s hard and deep inside you wonder
when you look upon his other face
and though he never really left you wonder
if there could ever be someone to take his place, take his place

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