When John is still at work and you think you are hungry

When John is not at home and you need a pen on the coffee table desperately

When it’s obvious that Mycroft has lost some weight

When you accidentally calls Lestrade “Greg” and Lestrade seems happy

When Molly refuses to give you some severed toes

The weather is so hot that you may have to take off your Belstaff coat

Why Dreamcatcher tattoos are just plain silly.

Since a lot of people are taking my last post about Dreamcatcher tattoos and going on tangents and trying to explain why it’s not silly. I’ll elaborate.
As an Irish Cherokee person with a Native American family and background and also as a tattoo artist, I think dreamcatcher tattoos are… Silly.

Dreamcatchers originated from Ojibwe and were made for children, toddlers and babies to help easy their minds at night. The story told to the children basically explains that it absorbs negative energy around you as you rest, filtering it out, only allowing good energy through the center hole while trapping all the bad in the web. And when the sun rises and touches the Catcher, it is cleansed so it may catch more the next night. The feathers dangle to entertain the babies and toddlers. But your told not to even touch the main web since it holds negativity. Now… When uncultured (mostly white) people get dreamcatchers tattooed on them, when a native sees it, they’re basically thinking
A)-That’s hilarious and silly because your basically tattooing the equivalent of a night light for babies on you while applying some super deep unfounded spiritual meaning to it.
And B)- Why would you want to tattoo something on your body that’s suppose to absorb negative energy?
And the part that gets offensive is when people say “Well it’s pretty so that’s why I got it.” When you know nothing of the culture or purpose of it before getting it tattooed on you. It’s just common cultural appropriation.
But hey, people (especially in 1st world countries) love appropriating cultures as long as something from said culture would make a “pretty tattoo” or an “awesome shirt” or because it “looks cool”. So I guess it’s not that big of a deal. Lol
Just throwing this out there for people incase they were curious.


{So I practiced digital coloring on Hima’s unofficial 2p!England and 2p! America sketches}
   {The colors look different and less vibrant on my computer, somehow… orz}

{Please check below the readmore for the original sketches and their source! (I’ll also include the rest of his unofficial 2p!Allies and information about that since 98% of the fandom seems not to know about them?)}

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Katja, old tattoo design vs new tattoo design.

She’s got two revolvers tattooed on her hips, and her stomach is covered in roses over top the snake Ouroboros which continues onto her back. There she has a raven and a large omega symbol. Her left arm has a flaming skull, her right arm has the stylized Red Hand, a symbol associated with a psionic gang. Below that (you can’t see it in any of the drawings, I am fail) is a scythe with a banner around it reading ‘The Small Gods’, another psionic gang. She has a large black 8 on the side of her neck, and an alien script above her left eyebrow. 

I still really need to design her chest tattoo.

Under the Sign - Chapter 8 - Escaped Doors Hate Getting Stoned
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Someone misplaced a door,” Welesz informed Nilsa over breakfast. “Again.”

Nilsa sighed and took out a kitchen towel. She began filling it with pebbles from a drawer.

Belly Fat: A Silly Warm Poem About Extra Weight

A Lovely House Guest
But a guest nonetheless.

For I can’t support its warm and roundness.
My legs are too weak, my knees start to creak.
My ankles, they’re wont to complain.
I see I look lovely,
so soft and so cuddly
But I cannot argue with pain.

So I tell my big belly to stay for a while.
I touch gently and sweetly I say with a smile,
“Thanks for the curves
and the womanly verse
I’ll see you again if I’m ever with child.

But the man in me wants his own style.”

So I marvel in the mirror at all the extra me
So strong and heavy and good
I warrant my wardrobe I’ll fit it again
And I buy some healthier food. 

So you will see me, perhaps at the gym
Running without any shame
Stretching and lifting and listening to 
The way that my body proclaims,

“I am still yours
And I am so pretty,
Lovely regardless of scale,
We’ll lose without losing
Always of our choosing
In comfort and kindness - no fail.
Slowly but surely, we’ll do what is best.

And say goodbye
to a lovely


#can we all take a moment to appreciate David’s acting here #because when you look at his mouth it’s like this tiny smile #so you think that everything’s normal or hunky dory #and the fact that his hands are in his pockets apparently emphasises that #but then you look at his eyes #and the eyes are serious #oh so serious #because this is a man who has lived through nine centuries of adventure #but also nine centuries of horror #and death #and loss #and grief #for the people he loved #and the people he tried to save but couldn’t#and yet he’s hiding it all behind this nearly blank and non-descript exterior #because he knows #he KNOWS #that he needs to move on from the Time War #and not just the Time War #but everything horrible and sad and tragic that ever happened to him #and he needs to be brave #brave for his friends #brave for his enemies #brave for the little people in peril whose voices call his name as a prayer into the dark #brave hearts Doctor #truly you are a great man #and even a good one