Yesterday I put up some new motivational photos on the wall. I really like how well the colours go together! Also, my plants have been growing a lot lately, especially the one to the right (my fave hihi). 

the photos i used are pictures I’ve found on tumblr (by @universi-tea, @studypetals, @olciagwiazdka, @itquiet, @allureing, @persistencetosuccess, @mathematicool and @lisa-lostinlit).  

have a great day!! <3 i believe in you!


Martin and Lisa are first to post!

These are original characters from our Paperman Project, which you can read about more on our blog–> http://bozukastudio.tumblr.com/paperman-project

The drawings are all relatively old at this point but I’m just gonna post what we had from the beginning and post more recent ones as we go. This has been in the works for almost 3 years so a lot of the concept art is pretty spaced out in skill level and design. ^^;


   Martin - Short ginger that’s built like a brickhouse with heat manipulation powers and pyrokinetics. He likes to tease but is really chill and has a good heart. Has been a travelling man for quite some time and has training from all over the world and is multilingual. Martin is the only one in the city who dresses up with a mask and has a secret identity as Nameless, and because George found that out by accident, he became his roommate to keep an eye on him ever since.

   Lisa - A fierce government agent that specializes in anomaly affairs. She is sultry and straightforward, but she’s got a bleeding heart. She’s relocated multiple times due to her job, but has moved into the city again recently, hoping this may be the last as she looks forward to her retirement. She wants to do her own thing and finally be able to spend the time she wants with her nephew, whom she mostly raised.

  • Me Making and OC:I just want this character to win at everything and be loved by everyone!
  • Me making an OC ever since I first finished LISA:What's the best way to have this character fail and ruin any chance they have of achieving their goals and getting what they want, disappointing, hurting, and possibly killing everyone they love and care about in the process, all the while having them be completely destroyed both physically and mentally?

Originally put this together to help a friend with a cosplay, but she encouraged me to post it online for everyone’s use, so here is a massive compilation of Lisa Lisa’s outfits.

Some notes: A few of the anime screencaps feature the “dramatic” alternate color schemes, most notably the green shirt and dress from the Hell Climb Pillar aftermath. Also, the outfit she wears to fight Kars was apparently underneath her Switzerland outfit the entire time… What the hell, Lisa Lisa?


They have taken my personal photos from my blogger and used them in their shop listing for this Liz Lisa dress.
In the top row are my original photos that I had uploaded to a post on my blogspot. At the bottom are photos and a screenshot taken directly from their listing. There are some slight lighting differences (and watermark differences), but I think it is fairly obvious that these are my original photos. In total, this taobao shop has taken 8 of my photos to be used for their own profit.

My original blog post for this Liz Lisa x My Melody 5th collab OP is here.
You can see the listing where they have taken 8 of my photos, plastered their freaking watermark ALL over them (and especially on my face???) here.

This is especially grating for me because I do not make money from blogging. I am not sponsored in any way, nor do I get any money from creating posts. I paid retail price (9936yen) (not including shipping which was an additional 3430yen) to get this dress to be able to take these pictures in the first place. I specifically woke up at 1:35am to even get it in my cart. Anyone else up and trying to get the dress at the same time will corroborate that it literally sold out in white in a matter of 2 minutes. What I’m trying to say is that this dress (and the resulting pictures) are in my possession through no small effort on my part, particularly monetarily, and there is this business that is completely unrelated to me using my images of this dress for their own profit and I get absolutely nothing in return. They did not ask my permission. They do not credit my blog with a simple link. No one tried to contact me to offer me compensation for my photos. They obviously think they are entitled to some sort of ownership of these photos based on the amount of watermarking they did, particularly on my most identifying factor - my FACE.
Here’s my bottom line: I had to pay money to create these photos and yet a completely unrelated business which I do not want to support is using 8 of my images to make money for themselves without my permission (or even knowledge prior to 1 hour ago) and that’s why I’m upset.
I would greatly appreciate it if people would not support this taobao shop who participates in shady and unethical business practices and has so little disrespect for bloggers. None of the images they used to promote this item are their original images so I’d really question what kind of dress you’d receive since they don’t seem confident enough to generate their own photos specific to their item.

If there is any way to report to this listing, would someone be willing to help me with that? I’m not familiar with taobao at all, and I somehow think that it’s probably not something taobao would even try to regulate, but on the chance that someone won’t mind helping me and knows how to go about it, I’d really appreciate it.

Also, if anyone knows about other instances where my personal images are being used for profit (not just on taobao but anywhere), I would love to be notified. I have not given any other person or business permission to use my images for their items!

Thank you <3

Edit 12/14/2014: I don’t know exactly when this happened but when I just happened to check back on the listing today, I noticed that my photos were taken down and replaced with a different set (not my photos). I’m glad they are no longer using my photos, but this makes no difference to me personally about my opinion of the shop and the fact that they HAD used my photos and watermarked the shit out of them, so I personally still will not support them. They have not reached out to apologize and I’m not sure why they decided to change the photoset, but I still have the screenshot and saved versions of the photos that they had uploaded previously so if there’s any doubt, I will provide more evidence.