Loki: [nods toward Tony and Steve] So what’s that about?

Bucky: Probably you.

Loki: I find your friend Anthony painfully attractive.

Bucky: [muttered] Take a number.

Loki: How do you know him?

Bucky: That’s none of your fuckin’ business.

Loki: You’re an angry little thing, aren’t ya?

Bucky: [raises dart towards Loki eye] You call me a lil’ thing again and I’ll put this fuckin’ dart right between your twinkling eyes.

Loki: ‘Nother tequila?

Bucky: Please.

no matter how long i’ve been playing or how high level i am or how rad my gear or how many healing potions i made in advance, it always comes down to frantically shoving apples into my gaping maw mid-battle

At some point I’m probably going to watch the new Beauty and the Beast before it leaves theaters, since my mom wants to go see it.

Will try my best to go in with no expectations….but so far, I’m not impressed by Emma Watson’s singing. >>;

I remember it now...

I just finished my rewatch of Eureka seveN after few years since last time. And I am a crying mess right now.

I remembered what I forgot through all those years. I was reblogging E7 related stuff on this blog for a long time now, but I didn’t feel anything. I was just mindlessly doing it out of habit.

But now I remember. How I felt as a 12 year old boy, who stumbled upon this show by pure coincidence. Ever since then I was mesmerised by it. I couldn’t wait till next episode. Nine pm, everyday. I remember the time when episode 50 aired. How sad it was to see that my favorite show, my favorite characters, my favorite world was gone. It felt like leaving something behind. Something really important to me.

Back then I thought that if Renton’s 14, then I still have 2 years to become as cool as him. This memory is so vivid it feels like it was yesterday. When I was a child, I didn’t know where lies the limit of human imagination. Eureka seveN felt real to me. I wasn’t looking at this show as a cartoon made by people. For me it was a real world. It was an experience. A journey.

This anime taught me a lot of things, With every year I gained, I was learning different things from it. I’m still amazed that even after 8 years, I can see new things in this show. New things I can learn from. This show taught me about family. About friendship. About love. That not everything in life works out. That to get something, to make something real, I can’t wait for it to happen. I have to do it myself.

About 4 years ago I think I forgot why I even liked this show. I thought I remembered it well. Well, I was wrong. Without realizing it, I forgot why I am so attached to it. But while I forgot a lot of things, it let me feel like I was watching it for the first time. I felt like a kid again. It felt like definitive end for my childhood, even though I’m 20 years old already.

But I remember it now…

I finally remember why I fell in love with Eureka seveN in the first place.  

anonymous asked:

Ooo u ship sambucky? Do you write fics for them? I've seen you do t'chucky headcannons and stuff I'm just wondering if u do full length stuff? Cause I love it

it’s funny because i’ve done more with sambucky than i have with t’chucky

i mean i’ve written some bullshit, and there’s more in my winterfalcon tag here and there

i wanna write like a five chapter angst fic but i keep making myself SUPER sad whenever i try to outline it


An update on Commission prices. 

Will Not draw:
Nsfw, Gore, robots/mecha, anything that’s considered Illegal, full body furries, scalies, 

Will Draw:
Original Characters, Furry headshots, fanart, 

Please Note
Any furry commission will be bust only and for now it is only furry. No scalies/dragons/etc. (They will be the same price as the bust prices for each category.)

Prices are per character and in USD. Payment is through PayPal only. If interested email me at: Foxpirate@hotmail.com
                                    Please include in the email:
-A short description of your character. If you have references that’s even better and I give you props/points/kudos. 
-What option you would like for your piece.
-Anything else you feel I need to know
-If you’re okay with me livesteaming/posting it and your name/tag so I can tag you.

Once I receive a payment I will begin work on your piece. I do reserve the right to turn down anything I feel uncomfortable drawing. There are no refunds for artwork bought. If you are unhappy with it let me know and I will do my best to work with you. (I will only refund if I am unable to work on it) 

my deep dark descent into the pits of hell we know as addiction....

i don’t know who i am anymore–i am a fucking mess,
&& i can’t keep blaming it all on my dad’s death.
let’s be real–i was an embarrassing mess long before he even got sick,
but soon after it all became very obvious && that’s when i began to panic.
my addiction is bad && just keeps spiraling more && more out of control,
i shake my head in disgust && continue to load yet another fat bong bowl.
the scale read 92 pounds you have got to be fucking kidding me?!!?
why can’t i just get my shit together && back on the path i’m supposed to be?!
never would i have ever guessed,
i’d make sure to always budget for meth;
but i do for each && every payday,
i mean fucking seriously what do you think dad would say?!!?
there once ws a time my world revolved the other way,
&& my main priority in this life was being able to say:
i was a role model–a friend–&&so much more than just an aunt,
now the kids have stopped even trying to make plans with me because they know i’ll just say i can’t.
does that crush you && fucking kill you man cause it fucking should,
where do you think this road will lead you–definitely nowhere good.
how much farther down am i going to dig myself before i say it’s finally time to quit?
cause what if “rock bottom” isn’t something that even truly exists?
i’m miserable–angry–disgusting && always in pain,
happiness left me years ago && before much longer i’ll be declared clinically insane.
who made you hurt so badly you turned to this life to numb it all?
what happened to you that made you decide to make such a poor judgment call?
i don’t deny it one bit either–I know i am an addict && need help to get out,
i just don’t know how exactly to start or if i can even stand all that sober living is about.
what will my sister say && do when she finds everything out finally?!!?
i wonder if she even suspects anything is even out of the ordinary with me?
but what about my job–my cat–my home?!!?
i can’t lose it all because i have taken too many massive clouds to the dome.
i mean look how fucking backwards it is–i kept it all together while spinning like a top,
but risk losing absolutely everything by asking for help to finally actually stop.
the withdrawals aren’t even any part of quitting that i fear,
you just need a good couple days to sleep && eat until you are able to wake up with a head that is finally clear.
it’s my body’s inability to properly produce dopamine,
that i can’t physically take && it just makes me fiend,
that’s always where i’d struggle whenever i quit in the past,
because it can take weeks–months–even years until it’s normal so that’s why i always relapse.
quitting itself is a lonely–empty–dark time,
&& it takes all i have to even start to make the climb;
i get some days under my belt && am so very proud of myself,
but without dopamine nothing at all makes me happy so i then get defeated && ponder how i ever thought i could do this all myself.
knowing all it takes is just one of my humongous cloud hits,
just to be ecstatic && numb but right back hooked on the shit;
i’m weak when i’m fiending && just want to relax,
but to avoid any users around here is a pretty impossible task.
because i live alone, i don’t have much accountability i’m required to be held to,
&& honestly i’m such a control freak && independent that that’s how i want it to stay too;
if this will ever work you’d think i may need a sponsor or something,
someone i’m required to answer to when needed && also someone i can lean on for help when that demon comes a knocking.
cause it’s only a matter of time before it does–i’m familiar with the routine,
&& to be completely honest–quitting for good may be what i want but it’s just not for me!!
what’s done is done–can’t change the past,
&& i can’t lie either–most of the times we shared we had an absolute blast!!
so here’s to drugs && getting hitt on that shitt,
would much rather sleep for days–but i never get what i want so fuck it….
⭐★⭐★⭐★⭐★⭐★⭐★ ★⭐★
3/29/2017 1:08am CST

“People pretend too much

I’ve never met an one hundred percent honest person

I never will

I’m not even honest to myself

Why should others be to me?

I pretend too much

I hate it

But there’s not much I can do

I’m a different person with every different person

There is no real me

There is no such thing

As a “real me”

We pretend too much”


Was bored so here have a random trash doodles of my three fave OCs from dragon age
Kristherian Trevelyan (top right)
Elliona Cousland (bottom left)
Loreyna Hawke (bottom right)
If anyone wants to talk OC’s or dragon age related please chat me up my inbox is always open :)