I thought you all needed a cute strawberry hedgehog in your feed this afternoon! 🍓 “Tuttleina” is a painting I made as a Christmas gift for a couple of lovelies, Tasha and Brendan! 😘 I painted this in honor of their pet, Tuttles the hedgehog. 🖌🎨 She was such a cutie, I couldn’t resist making her a round little strawberry! 😀 

took  me  long  enough  to  get  to  this  but  pwetty  please  like  /  reblog  this  (  preferably  the  latter !   )  if  you  would  enjoy  interacting  with  a  fandomless  original  character  !        a  quick  explanation    of  this  lil  nasty  ;      issei  is  an  occult  club  member  with  a  curse  upon  him  that  means  he’s  doomed  to  die   +   return  again     /      he  searches  intently  for  a  way  to  break  it  !      oh,    and  his  favourite  food  is  tinned  peaches    !


sasaki haise in aprons ╰(▔∀▔)╯
(remake of this)

Pretty Face, Dark Soul.

Ahh finally my Human Bill Cipher is donee <3

Some ppl ask me to do it for their cosplay AHHH I’M SO HAPPY ;; 

Dipp puppet is Orrible.. It just has this weard… Glare…… Uhm………. Stay into your soul lil Dipper…………………………..