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What is this Tokyo Ghoul Jail thing? And who is the white-haired kid with the purple eyes? I think i saw him in the manga panel once...

Tokyo Ghoul: Jail (東京喰種トーキョーグール Jail, Tōkyō Gūru Jail) is an adventure RPG video game for the PS Vita. The PS Vita adventure RPG will allow you to freely travel and explore Tokyo’s 23 wards. The RPG features a new protagonist designed by the original manga creator, Sui Ishida. Players can chat with characters and deepen their relationships with them which will also play a factor towards the ending of the game.

Rio (凛央, Rio) is the protagonist of the game Tokyo Ghoul: Jail. His voice actor is Ono Kensho (who also voices Hyakuya Mikaela, Slaine Troyard, Kuroko Tetsuya).  Rio shows to possess a Rinkaku kagune showing 2 tentacles protruding on his back.

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Lets be honest. The first pages of the "Road to Boruto" are just an insult to people who read the original manga. "Hinata the new age heroine who has managed to shake the world...". WTF. Looks like the manga doesn´t count anymore and all what counts is TL and the Boruto shit...

Yep, Kishitmoto basically erased everything that happened before chapter 700, I wonder what was the “shake the world” reference besides the fact she tripped on a rock… unless her tits became so fucking heavy she caused an earthquake while riding Nardo’s dick. 

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What do you think about the scene where Sasuke looks to Hinata and says: "Good Job" to Naruto? I REALLY HATED IT, how they can shit so much on Sasuke character? OMG when you think shit can't get bigger it gets...

You think I SAW that? 

No thank you. 

Btw I am not seeing anything pertaining to that movie, it was tailor-made to the NH/SSheeples. And yes, that includes said scene, which in any universe related to the original manga would never happen due to the single fact that Sasuke was never interested in women in his entire life. 

Boruto the movie spoilers

credit: mezzomarinaio

●  Sasuke’s first scenes are the ones we saw in the trailer.
● Kakashi looks like he looked in the original manga, not like he looked in the Gaiden.
● Sakura, Ino and Temari’s scenes are very cute.
● You get the feeling that Boruto feels like wanting to protect Sarada.
● Boruto seems to dote on his sister.
● Naruto has his Team 7 photo both in his home and in his office.
● Sasuke’s condition for accepting Boruto as an apprentice is if he can do the rasengan…? Sorry, this part lacked context.
● Sarada: “Papa, you are trying to make him train because you don’t know him, usually he doesn’t work very hard!”
● Sarada teases Sakura by telling her ‘You’re happy that papa finally came home after so long, aren’t you?’. Sakura blushes. Sarada then goes 'But I understand your feelings…’.
● Chuunin exam first part examiners: Shikamaru and Sai. Chuunin exam second part examiners: TenTen (and maybe Shino?). Chuunin exam third part examiner: Lee.
● Boruto stares at Sarada and blushes.

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