SCHOOL SERVICE!! Gakkou Sabisu Ni Iru - Ch.1 Pg 20 - The Deal

In order to avoid a heavier sentence, a defeated Kazuri has no choice but to accept the terms of her surrender. However, is this truly the end to her vengeance? Will this grievous display of arrogance cost her everything, or is this just the beginning of something more?

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A couple of people on reddit pointed out that Dragoneki looks similar to Kaneki’s drawing of a ghoul from chapter 1 of the original manga. Initially I thought the drawing was hinting at Eto’s Kakuja, but it does actually resemble Dragoneki as well.


Hi! It’s been a while.

As you can see, I’ve been working…but very, very slowly. It’s been a hard year for me mentally and my working pace has suffered as a result. The good news is that recently I’ve been recovering a lot, and because of that I’m finally able to progress with this comic. I hope to be done with it in November or December. Wish me luck (and let me know what you think of how it looks! Any words would be appreciated).