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Were you a bit disappointed with how WIT Studio animated ONS? Like, they put so much effort into the animation details of Attack on Titan and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress but I didn't really see that level of effort in ONS. Either the pastel backgrounds felt off with the characters or the animation scenes had a lot of derp moments.

Yes, absolutely yes. The backgrounds by Studio Pablo were so good and the bulky animation just did not look good with them. Not to say all of the animation was bad, I’ve definitely seen worse, but boy were there moments…and then to watch Kabaneri so soon afterwards with it’s pretty and almost constant animation? It was kind of like salt in the wound lol. Attack on Titan as well. Though I’m not sure a comparison there is fair as they’ve likely been working on their baby for a very long time haha. But yes. I felt that the animation style for ONS was too different from the original manga artowork. The colors were to bulky and heavy handed in my opinion. The hair which Yamamoto does so well was just really not good either imo. But ya…don’t even get me started on those horrible Guren faces we had at times…*shivers in disgust*

Anunciado el equipo de producción del Anime ‘Yuru Camp△’

El Anime se estrenará en invierno del 2018 

La edición de agosto de la revista Manga Time Kirara Forward ha revelado al equipo de producción del próximo Anime para televisión adaptación del Manga Yuru Camp△ por Afro. El Anime se estrenará en invierno del 2018 en Japón (Enero del 2018).

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tbh i wouldn't mind tou//ken if it wasn't so ill-timed in the manga or had more build-up. ( random sex scene + baby , like um hello ??? ) i even shipped it a bit in the original manga until everything happened too fast and now seems like a predictable attempt at "romance". i'm surprised other tou//ken shippers aren't upset that the development of the two is far from what it deserved to be. :(

Same?? It could’ve been way better if  if they interacted more. I feel like the post-aogiri arc didn’t make their relationship strong enough to be romantic. The lack of buildup made the sex chapter feel meaningless and don’t give the ‘in the moment’ shit. Maybe if they had more time before the recent chapters and a stronger foundation was built. Also, Tou//ka hitting kan//eki earlier in Re was really bad. I still can’t believe this mf pushed Kan//eki’s past abuse for this to be ‘comedic relief’. 

They had a good friendship, but it didn’t have that development like other relationships Kan//eki had. Their relationship is so eh to me. I’m also not surprised tou//ken shippers r so caught up in the recent chapters. They been praising the fuck outta ishi//da. They’re so blinded by their ship being canon, a lot of them ignore the way too fast-paced development. There was potential but it was thrown out the window since he decided to establish it real quick. 

[2017 BTS FESTA] BTS as introduced by BTS!? 
Step 1. Bangtan profiles written by ‘us’ 2017 update.

Translator Notes:
Yoongi’s nickname, Goonzu Online, is an online game. 
Jimin’s nicknames ‘To Bloom’ (망개하리) and ‘Gums in Full Bloom’ [this is used when someone is smiling a lot, showing their gums] (잇몸망개) are a play on words. Originally both use 만개 (mangae; in full bloom), but they changed it to 망개 (manggae; a type of rice cake/mochi).

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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I don't know if you've discussed this before, but what are your views on Scarlet Johanson being cast as the lead in GitS? I know lots of people believe this to be white washing, but there are divided opinions.

I’m of the firm opinion that Hollywood making a Ghost in the Shell adaptation is iffy in the first place when the original manga is so intrinsically tied to Japanese history. The manga itself was a reflection and reaction to post-war Japan’s economic dependence on technology, and a lot of its power comes from the emotional nuance that the author threaded into its story as someone who grew up in that time period. One of the primary themes of the manga is how technology blends with Eastern philosophy. The fact that Hollywood decided to grab at the monumental task of adapting this franchise without understanding the weight of it offends me as a storyteller. Even then, I might have watched it if the cyberpunk aesthetic was pretty enough.

However, in my view, proceeding to cast Scarlett Johansson as the main character is nothing short of a disgrace. In the end, that is the reason why I am choosing to not watch the film. Now, hang onto your hat, anon, this is going to be a long ride under the cut:

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Osomatsusan and Tunogai (2017)

つのがい@sunxoxome Tunogai is a female manga artist(her portrait in her manga is a male) who published a comedy manga “こんなブラックジャックはイヤだ Konna Black Jack Wa Iyada (I Don’t Want to See Black Jack Like This)” in January.
she started posting a parody manga of the legendary manga artist, Osomu Tezuka on twitter in 2015, and her manga soon became popular and famous.

a few years ago, when she was between jobs and had nothing to do, a friend of her sent her a complete set of Tezuka’s masterpiece, Black Jack. that chenged her life.
she had never learned how to draw pictures before, and had never drawn manga, but quickly developed her talent.
and Tezuka’s daughter, CEO of Tezuka Productions, Rumiko Tezuka found her, and officially approved her as an artist of Tezuka’s paroby manga. what a success story!

Tunogai is also well known as a big fan of Osomatsusan, and drew the sextuplets in a Tezuka style in her manga. (she says, the most favorite character is their mother, Matsuyo, though)

Tezuka and Akatsuka (the original manga artist of Osomatsukun) respected each other as artists.
in some works of Tezuka, the sextuplets made cameo appearances.
so, no wonder that Osomatsusan appeared in a parody manga of Black Jack.

As long as Sasuke’s HAPPY

Listen up, you little shits,


does not, in any way, prove that Sakura makes Sasuke happy or that he’s happy whatsoever, after where the original manga left off.

This is a line that Karin says, in Gaiden and I constantly see SS shippers use. 

Please show me where the fuck Sasuke seems happy to be married to Sakura. The fact that he called her his wife does not count, that’s not a term of endearment and he’s never even there to be a husband.

Won’t kiss her, hug her, say he loves her, or bless her with that oh-so-romantic forehead poke. He looks dead inside, when he’s with her. I’m not seeing the fondness of even close friends, nothing. 

His reaction to her being sucked into another dimension by the enemy is weak and yet, he still freaks out over Naruto getting hurt.

He doesn’t look happy during what are supposed to be loving moments.

He literally looked happier on his fucking deathbed.

Sasuke’s “relationship” with Sakura does not make him happy. Please, pull your head out of your ass and see what’s so blatantly obvious. 


SKETCHY BEHAVIORS | Heather Benjamin (RH)

Through her dense and detailed packed line drawings to her more focused ink brush pieces, Rhode Island based artist Heather Benjamin’s work is visceral, cathartic, and autobiographical. It offers a completely unapologetic and unflinching look into an artists’ own struggles with life, body image, self confidence, and sexuality.  We find her and her art to be inspirational, honest and badass.

We recently ran into Heather at her booth at the LA Art Book Fair and caught up with her a few months later to ask about her art, her experiences at RISD, her influences, and her thoughts about her work and her life. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist.

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The sensational story of a ninja boy doesn’t let people calm down. 3 years have passed since the manga has finished and 1 month after anime but hot arguments in the Internet do not stop.

Strangely enough a stumbling block for fans are Pairings.
Recently fans of one of the most popular Pairings in Japan SasuSaku decided to release a newspaper about the wedding of their favorite characters.

They were followed by fans of SasuNaru who also agreed on a printed edition for their beloved couple. It will be a special newspaper of three weekly issues, where the details of the formation of SasuNaru as a married couple will be brought out.

A small alternative story tells about the events after 698 chapters, where Sasuke and Naruto together leave the village and for several years
search for traces of Kaguya.
Each part of the newspaper has its own heading associated with the history of pairing SNS. “Wind and fire,” “Sun and Moon,” “Yin and Yan.”

An epilogue of the story will be a small fanfiction application “Yours for an Hour” voiced earlier by seiyu Junko Takeuchi and Noriaki Sugiyama.

This will be presented as the reincarnation of their souls into the modern world, where, as Naruto promised in the original manga chapter 486, they will no longer be “dzhinchuuriki” and “Uchiha” and will be able to understand each other in the next life.

For an additional fee one can purchase sounded seiyu fanfiction on the disc.

 The authors agreed with Masashi Kishimoto on copyright and no claims on his part will follow.  

Planned release date - May 9, 2017

a source https://twitter.com/jworldtokyo