there was a color palette meme going around a while ago and i saved the palettes but never did anything with them? and then yesterday i rly wanted to work with pink and purple and, well. here we go 

so, here’s bernadette! if u dont know her she’s my grim reaper oc whom i love and cherish and absolutely love to draw so i rly dont know why i dont more often? also i remember how much i love working with limited palettes 


I’m selling some original paintings and drawings! I’m not doing so well money-wise and I’ve had a few of these little guys sitting around for a while. Most of them are between 5x5 in and 6x6 in. I’m going to make listings for them on my Etsy shop as soon as I get home, but I figured I’d throw up this post so if anybody wants to call dibs on one, they can.

I’m pricing these at $40 each.