Hello, sorry this is not a drawing or update for the arc or anything, this is more an announcement that I think I should say and clarify why the blog haven’t got an update in a few days

No im not tired of fnaf or leaving the fandom or the au or anything, shuush

My semester is ending, next week is literally my last week of class, then examns, then Summer break. I got the bad luck that 3 of the big examns happen to be the same day at the sAME HOUR.

  • Full printed comic + original drawings
  • Picture of myself that is half photo half drawing along with original merch
  • The name of my Institute written in Art Decó/structure inspired  made on Illustrator + original drawing

Thoses 3, same hour, same day, different floors

The other 3 examns left are on different dates so Im not so stressed about them,one is draw two naked models the same day and the other is a digital drawing with a lot of details [textures, lighting, hour of the day]… and the last one… ehhhhhhh I dont know what the fuck are we doing, the teacher haven’t see shit(?).

Besides all of that, my Instiute moved out, like, this is the last year Im gonna be studying in the center building… and I still don’t know if I have to sign in the new place or the old to be studying next year, and some of my grades are not something that got me happy, so I’ve feeling pretty mediocre and just want to pass, Im very, very tired I just want to sleep early-ish and wake up late, instead of sleep late and wake up early.

After im out my Institute, I finish my examns, I will be free, and the blog will return to his flow again~

BTW, im always active on my main and sometimes I got a little time to draw something little there. I have to finish the arc here before keep going, I need time and mind to do it dont get angry because i upload thereeee;3; in case you like my art or something and wanna see more of my stuff. Is sonic related atm but… if you dont mind you are welcomed (?)

Once Im free, I finish the arc and get started on the video, also asks

TL:DR: I’m in my examn’s period, im busy AF, I’m active on @silverxcristal in case you wanna see my other stuff, Once im on summer break the blog will be active again


Commission for a little canadian fabric shop. The whole composition is based on the original tales. This work really exausted me, the worst part was balance colors and composition, but at least i’m satisfied. Some zoom on the single character may help you see better all the details :)