@howling–fantods tagged me to post a few pics that describe me (taken from my phone) :) thank youu xx

1.This is an original illustration of Alice in wonderland (included in my edition of the book) and I’ve always identified with it… I used to spend hours just staring it and daydreaming and feeling trapped, bigger and bigger in a very small box… so yeah, this is the feel of my childhood and early teenage years.

2. The second pic shows the tree-lined section of a park I really love… it is near my university, and I spent a lot of time (and many dramatic thoughts and reflections and life choices) there this year.

3. When Graham is me :)) idk, this is probably the most recurrent thought in my mind during the day. Also, Graham is the love and light of my life, just saying.

4. A very stupid and trashy pink filter, the Smiths, my bed, marker pens in a Beatles’ cup … that’s very me.

5. Driving around with my best mate at night listening to music is probably my favourite thing in the world… and the drama of it… it’s all like in a movie and I love it (also, notice the 1975 playing on the stereo).

6. Just a cute picture I took on a train… it’s not beautiful at all, but it speaks to me in a very peculiar way and I feel like it summarizes my aesthetic.

7. I took this pic last summer during my tour of northern Europe and I think it has everything: the trip theme (which obsesses me) and the wanderlust, the nature, which is much more “wild” and “rough” there than where I live and I just love it so much more, it wouldn’t be bad to move there one day.

8. Just me at my responsibilities during the past few months (this is not a pic but hey, it’s funny).

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